How to Find Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon [updated 2022]

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    Ecommerce has grown exponentially since the introduction of the internet Ecommerce has become a popular alternative to traditional shopping. All of this began when Jeff Bezos introduced Amazon to us. Amazon is synonymous with eCommerce. It is a great online shop, and it is well-known for its personalization feature. According to an Internet Retailer study, Amazon is responsible for 43% of online sales in the US. This alone should be enough to convince you to sell on Amazon.

    To build a successful business on Amazon, you need to find a profitable product first. In this article, we will explain the process to find profitable products to sell on Amazon using 10 simple steps with the help of product research software.

    Top software to find profitable products

    The key to success on Amazon is simple – sell a product that is in high demand, available at cheap rates, and has low competition. Amazon’s catalog has millions of products to look through, and you need a well-researched strategy to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. Given that the data consists of millions of products with tens of millions of attributes, you would require a proven product research tool.

    There are various tools to conduct product research on Amazon. Here’s the list of top Amazon product research tools:

    Helium 10 

    Helium 10 offers everything an Amazon seller, whether a beginner or expert seller, needs to increase product rank revenue and profit margins. Helium 10 is the one-stop solution for all your needs. Helium10 offers the following features to find profitable products to sell on Amazon:

    • Keyword research
    • Product research
    • Listings optimization
    • Competitor analysis
    • SEO
    • Amazon PPC management
    • Inventory management
    • Product validation
    • Fraud protection
    • Refunds
    • Landing pages
    • Sales analytics
    • Email automation
    • Listings hijacking protection
    Profitable Products
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    SellerApp is another eCommerce analytics tool that provides Amazon sellers insight derived from their data using powerful tools and reports. This software helps them optimize their sales and increase their revenue. Sellers can fully leverage and take full advantage of digital data through this E-Commerce solution. You can aggregate their data and gain valuable insights that you can use to improve products and services. SellerApp offers the following features to find profitable products to sell on Amazon:

    • PPC analyzer
    • Profit dashboard 
    • Keyword Research
    • Product Keyword
    • Product Research
    • Product Idea
    • Listing Quality
    • Managed Services

    Apart from the software, they also provide expert advice and proven strategies that will help you to grow your sales on Amazon.


    AMZScout is primarily a product research tool. It allows you to set parameters and search the Amazon database for product ideas. Next, you analyze competitor keywords and research keywords to create your own successful store. AMZScout is a tool that makes it easy to find winning products and reach profitability on Amazon within a matter of months.

    It begins by explaining how to make your business profitable. It helps you identify high-profit products and optimize your listings to increase sales.

    IO Scout

    IO Scout is a sales tool that allows Amazon sellers to identify the best product ideas to invest in. It is a powerful research tool that offers many useful features. Whether you are new to Amazon selling or an experienced seller, the IO Scout can help you get ahead.

    Its primary goal is to find the best products with the highest margins and lowest competition. The intuitive design of IO Scout offers the following features to find profitable products to sell on Amazon :

    • Listing Builder
    • Sales estimator
    • Product finder
    • Keyword tracker


    This tool helps you to show where you should exactly put the best keyword and image to drive the sales traffic, its interface is very simple, and it will provide you the data that will show you how your business is doing. It includes the following features to find profitable products to sell on Amazon :

    • Product Research- Its software suite of product research helps you find the right products on amazon.
    • Listing Optimization- These tools help you craft listings designed to attract clicks and conversions.
    • Business Metrics– This tool helps you to show how healthy your business is and areas you can improve on.
    • Monitoring & Alerts- ZonGuru will help you stay alert on critical changes to your products.
    • Customer Engagement- To keep customers returning, you need to keep them engaged. These tools make sure you are always connected to your customers.
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    AMZBase is a free tool that can be used to assist you in your search for products to sell on Amazon. It allows sellers to quickly obtain their ASIN No. and title, and description of any listing on Amazon. It also gives you immediate access to Alixpress, eBay, and google search engines; it also calculates FBA fees to estimate a rough profit. It’s an all-in-one tool that helps sellers to find profitable products to sell on Amazon:

    • Search products on Google
    • Source the related product on Alibaba
    • Check listing information on other B2C online retailing websites such as AliExpress and eBay
    • Pick certain words from your screen and search them immediately


    Keepa is a tool best known for tracking every Amazon item’s history, including its price and sales rank. This extension can be installed on Chrome to automatically load the information on every Amazon item page. This information is located below the product photos on a listing page.

    Keepa offers data about Amazon items’ sales rank, price history (new offer price and used offer price), Amazon offer price, and total number, as well as information on the top-selling and highest-ranked sellers. Keepa’s Google Chrome extension can be used to:

    • Determine average sales ranks
    • Assess price history and stability
    • You can update the price of products that you have posted for sale
    • Consider your risk profile with regard to other offers in the listings

    Jungle Scout

    Jungle scout is an all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. Jungle Scout can be used in markets throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Some Jungle Scout features are only available for the US market. Jungle Scout features help sellers find profitable products to sell on Amazon:

    • Chrome Extension 
    • Keyword Scout
    • Product Tracker
    • Rank Tracker
    • Opportunity Finder
    • Listing Builder
    • Product Database
    • Review Automation
    • Supplier Database
    • Sales Analytics
    • Academy
    • Inventory Manager
    • Alerts
    • Promotions
    • Category Trends


    Sonar Amazon tool for sellers and researchers to optimize product listings to reach relevant & large no. of targeted audiences by using keywords that people are searching for. Sonar Amazon keyword research gives sellers and researchers first-hand information that helps them identify hot products in real-time and provides insight into customer interest in Amazon products.

    Sonar only looks at Amazon data. It doesn’t use data from Google or other search engines because customer search behavior is different. Sonar will only suggest keywords that are relevant to Amazon’s A9 search engine. Sonar offers the following features to find profitable products to sell on Amazon:

    • Sonar – Keyword Optimization
    • Keyword Index Checker
    • Sonar reverse ASIN Search
    • Sonar Keyword Search
    • Keyword results
    • Frequent words
    • Relevant products
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    A step-by-step guide to finding profitable products

    High demand

    Look for products with at least 300 monthly sales. This means 10 sales per day, which is a great benchmark.

    Low competition 

    You want products that are unique and not being sold by many people. This will help you get to the top of your rankings.

    Low to Medium reviews 

    Customer feedback plays a major role in Amazon’s search algorithm. It will be difficult to find the top products within a niche if they all have thousands of reviews. You should look for niches in which the top sellers have less than 300 reviews.

    Weighing less than 5 lbs

    Heavy items are more expensive to ship and store. This is particularly important if you are importing products from China. To reduce shipping costs, choose lightweight products. Lower expenses translate into higher profit margins.

    Avoid Oversized and heavy items

    Bigger items will cost you more to ship and store. If you want to reduce your costs, choose smaller items.

    Prices between $15 and $70

    You want to sell products at a price that is affordable but not too high so that customers are scared. The sweet spot is typically between $10 and $70.

    Profit more than 30%

    Look out for products you can sell for 30% of the price it would cost to source from a wholesaler.

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    Avoid Seasonal Products

    There are some that sell only in a particular season for a month or 3 months; avoid these type of product because after its season went there is no demand for that product, and that type of product we don’t want

    Check for the supply of product

    After choosing the products, check for the supply of that product is it available in your market locally or in this Internet age there is no limit, just go to and type the product you want, and you got the list of suppliers, and you could easily get that product at a good price.


    You now have all the information you need to compile a list of possible product ideas. We’ll help you navigate the rest of this process once you have compiled that list.

    We are thrilled that you have decided to start your journey towards starting an eCommerce company. Amazon private label selling can be extremely profitable, but it is not a quick way to make a fortune. This is a long-term endeavor that requires persistence and hard work. Those who persevere and are patient with their research will find success and profit.

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