How to use “Find My iPhone” to track and lock your lost device

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    If you cannot locate the Apple device frequently, I’m certainly not making any judgments. Apple isn’t either. The iPhone features a useful feature known as Find My Network that can help locate your device if it is lost. Find I am a useful feature that helps you locate your phone if it goes missing. Find My feature also lets you keep track of other devices within and outside of Apple’s Apple ecosystem, making it a great present for people with too many things to remember.

    There are circumstances where you need to disable Find My iPhone. So let’s get into it.

    How to turn on find my iPhone  

    find my iphone
    how to add a phone to find my iphone

    This Find My feature helps you find your device when it’s lost. It doesn’t matter if you lost it on the go or even if you think it’s at home. Activating Find My iPhone means you can log in to Your Apple ID on a PC or tablet and pinpoint your iPhone on an interactive map.

    You can also utilize Find My for remote access to disable your iPhone to erase all data (if you believe it’s impossible to retrieve) or even play audio to guide users to the location.

    All you have to do to enable the feature is go to Settings. Then, tap your name on the top. After that, open Find My iPhone and ensure that that Find Your iPhone is turned on.

    It’s impossible to turn on this feature remotely. However, it should be turned on by default. However, it’s always better to be secure instead of regretting it (particularly in the case of an older device) and ensure that you turn it on when you receive your iPhone. It’s wise to be prepared for the worst-case scenario, but try to ensure you don’t have to use it.

    How to add a device to find my iPhone for Air Pods, Apple Watch, or Beats devices

    Assuming you have AirPods, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, or any Compatible Beats headphones connected to your iPhone, they will be automatically integrated into Find My when that phone is.

    This is in contrast to the notion that those devices are close to your iPhone, so monitoring the phone would mean tracking them. The devices have their unique entry into Find My. Find My system.

    They are all accessible in their own right; they could be each made to sound when the device has speakers — and they can be removed individually.

    How do I remove the device of Find My iPhone?

    The easiest method of doing this is using the computer using, which is also the simplest method to locate your iPhone.

    1. Sign in to your iCloud account via (may require authentication depending on the device you’re using to connect to it).

    2. Click on Find My iPhone.

    3. tap on “All Devices.”

    4. Select the device you would like to delete.

    5. Click on “Remove from Account.”

    6. It will ask you to confirm that you have removed the code and authenticate using your iCloud password. This will be a formal confirmation of the deletion.

    How to Find an Offline iPhone

    find my iphone
    sign into find my iphone

    If you launch Find My, you’ll see several options, regardless of whether you’re running iOS 15 or not. It will first inform you of the battery level; however, this isn’t anything to worry about.

    If Find My is working, it should provide you with directions. If it’s still inactive, then you have choices.

    Although it could seem ineffective, you should first click the Play sound button. It’s highly unlikely that this will work, especially if your iPhone appears offline. However, you’ll be shocked if you discover your phone this way. (We’ll look at the other options available on this screen soon. It is important to research different methods before you use these.)

    The most effective method to find your device is to prepare beforehand. To set your device, you’ll go through Settings, select your name, and click Search My, Find My iPhone, and Share My Place. This will send the location information that your smartphone has to Apple continuously when installing iOS 15 or when your battery is running low when you’re running an earlier version.

    This is the best chance of locating your device. However, it will not help when it’s moved to a different place or the function has been turned off.

    If you are using Google Maps on your phone, it is possible to track its location using the Google Maps Timeline.

    It’s also a good idea to contact your service provider for mobile. If you’ve got a serial number and International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, your service provider may be able to track its location.

    You could go back to the place you’ve been in the past and pray that you can locate your phone without needing additional technology. If not, you’ll need to keep your fingers crossed for when someone will find it. Notify When found could be enabled; in that case, it’s worth checking into Find My in case this occurs.

    Locating devices from close and far

    If you’ve misplaced your AirPods at work, Open the Find My app on your iPhone and search for them by using the app. If you’ve misplaced them while in London, start the Find My app on your iPhone and do the same thing.

    The problem is that the information the app provides will likely come from different places.

    Locally-lost devices show up since they’ve notified you of their location or are close enough to receive an invitation to make the sound. Devices lost in other cities in other countries may show up because they’re near the location of another Apple device.

    They’re virtually guaranteed to be close to the owner of Apple equipment, and you’re almost certainly right next to it since you’re staring at the application on your iPhone at the present moment.

    Find My network is the first indication of Apple’s upcoming ” AirTags” system. This system is said to work similarly to the Tile tracking system and is now integrated into the renowned Find My app.

    But, then, is each device you’ve added, there’ll be an occasion when you have to get rid of some or all. So you might have a long list, or perhaps you’ve already sold one of the devices.

    Find my iPhone on iCloud.

    If you have lost your iPhone or suspect it could get stolen from you, you may utilize iCloud using the web browser to find the device missing or protect your personal information.

    Set up iCloud

    1. To locate your devices within iCloud, go to
    2. Log in using your iCloud account.
    find my iphone
    how to add device to find my iphone

    Locate Device

    Check out the places of locations of iOS devices on maps.

    1. Navigate to
    2. Enter your Apple ID and password, then click Sign In.
    3. Select to show all Devices (top on-screen).
    4. Select the device that you would like to find.
    • If your device is online, The location of the device is displayed on the map.

    If it’s offline: You’ll be able to have a status display under the device name. Make sure to check for the notification when I find it option to get a message when it’s found.

    Use Lost Mode

    Securely lock your online iOS device and show a personalized message with the contact numbers. The device’s finder will be able to see the customized message and can dial the number.


    It is hoped that you won’t misplace an iPhone, get the MacBook lost, or forget you’ve given the iPad away to a loved one who isn’t happy with it.

    When you do, Find My device is an aid. If Apple’s introduction of third-party devices into its system isn’t enough to help, it will make a lot of people aware of the best way to utilize this wonderful Apple feature.

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