Find My Device: Find your Lost or Stolen Device in Minutes

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    Find My Device: Find your Lost or Stolen Device in Minutes

    In the past, around a decade the loss of a smartphone wasn’t an issue. If your phone was lost and you lost it, you’d lose some files as well as some contacts that were saved on the device. You can then get the information from different sources. But, we’re in 2019, in which losing your phone is now a significant issue. If you lose your phone, that you’ll lose everything.

    It’s because we depend on our smartphones for nearly every aspect of our daily lives. From personal messages to professional documents, all the essential items of our lives are stored within our mobiles. We simply cannot ever afford the loss of this amazing device that we’ve been dependent on for so long.

    Fortunately, so you own an Android device, there is an option called Google Find My Device which helps you find and lock your device in the event that your device gets lost. If you’re concerned about the information on your phone and data, you ought to consider setting this feature to your device for wet days.

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    How Find My Device works

    Find My Device is included on the majority of Android phones and is automatically enabled in the event that you’ve connected an Google(tm) accounts to the phone. It’s possible to use this feature in order to find your mobile using the vibrate or finding the location of your phone. You can also utilize Find My Device to lock or erase your phone remotely in order to safeguard your personal data.

    Are you unsure if Find My Device is turned on and functioning? If you’re creating your new device or you’re making plans for the worst, we’ll teach you how to do it.

    How to Use Google Find My Device

    After you’ve created Find My Device, you can access it anytime you lose your tablet or phone.

    Every time you utilize Find My Device, you’ll be alerted to the device you’re tracking. If you receive this message and you haven’t yet used the feature before, it’s best changing your password, and also enable the two-step authentication for your Google account, if you haven’t previously done so.

    Start by opening a browser tab, then go to and log into your Google account.

    find my device
    android find my device

    If it isn’t able to locate your device and you’ve got it in your possession be sure that you’ve followed all of the steps above in a correct manner.

    Find My Device will attempt to find your phone or tablet, or smartwatch. If location services are active, Find My Device will show its whereabouts. If it’s functioning it will show the map, with an arrow that is dropped on the device’s position.

    On the left of the screen, you’ll find tabs for each device that’s been linked to the Google account. Below each tab is the model number of your device as well as the date and time at which it was last found and the network it’s connected to, as well as the remaining battery duration.

    After you have Find My Device up and up and running, you can perform one of three actions:

    Play sound Make your Android play a sound even when it’s set to silent.

    Secure Device It is possible to disable your device remotely if you suspect it’s been either stolen or lost. If you want, you can add a message as well as an address to the lock screen in the event that somebody finds it and wishes take it back.

    Remove Device If you aren’t sure if that you’ll be able to get it back it’s possible to erase it to ensure that no one is able to access your information. It’s like a factory reset on your device, however in the event that your phone is not connected it won’t be capable of wiping it until it is connected.

    How to lock your Android phone remotely  

    When Find My Device shows that your phone is in a remote location or you suspect it’s been stolen, it’s best to lock it as soon as possible to ensure that no one can access your personal data or utilizing the data stored on your phone. Here’s how:

    • Open the Find My Device app on another device or go to
    • Log into the Google account you have created.
    • Select Secure Device.

    It will lock your phone. You may also create an individual message that others are able to contact you should they discover the phone.

    How to remotely erase data from your Android phone

    find my device
    find my device by google

    If you’re worried that you’ll be unable to access the phone you have, then you may erase your personal data remotely. This should be your last resortsince it will erase all data you haven’t recently backup. If you’re willing to make the move Here’s how to go about it:

    • Open the Find My Device app on another device or go to
    • Log into Google to sign in with Google account.
    • Select Erase Device.

    How to disable Find My Device on your Android

    Locate My Device is a great device if you have lost or misplace your mobile. If you’d like to keep your location private It’s simple to remove the feature by following these steps:

    • Open Settings.
    • Tap on Security.
    • Click Find My Device and turn the switch to off.

    To prevent the device’s location from being shared, be required to switch off the tracking of your location:

    • Open Settings.
    • Tap on Location.
    • Switch it off.

    Some Alternative apps of find my device

    If you are unable to find a native method to locate your phone, you may utilize third-party mobile tracking apps to complete the task.

    Life360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker

    find my device
    Find My Device: Find your Lost or Stolen Device in Minutes 5

    Designed for families, this free application allows you to know where the members of your household are, by tracking their mobile phones. In this way, when one person loses their smartphone, other members can locate it.


    If you’re worried about your lost device being stolen, Cerberus might be the perfect phone tracking application for you. It comes with a wide range of security options that allow you to access your stolen or lost device remotely. It can set off alarms, erase the information, lock the device, and even capture photographs from the camera on your front to track any thieves. This is a family-friendly app that offers several options for both adults and children. Prices start at $5-$6 per month to track one device, and increases until $50 for 10 devices.

    Where’s My Droid

    What’s My Phone is a totally free application (with the option of paying) for locating your phone. It allows you to find your phone with the help of a sound that it makes, taking photos of your surroundings, locating the your location on GPS, creating the password and wiping your phone’s data in the last instance. It is important to note that many of these features are accessible to paid users So you’ll need pay a bit of money to make the most of this application.

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