Fighting with high cart abandonment? We have a solution.

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    Many ecommerce brands will say the biggest challenge they’ve been facing in the past couple of years is reducing cart abandonment.

    Baymard Institute found that the average cart abandonment rate is a staggering 69.57%. In other words: nearly three-quarters of ecommerce customers are going through the buyer’s journey and leaving before they finalize their purchases.

    An effective cart recovery campaign helps brands reduce abandonment rates by reminding customers that they still have items in their shopping cart. One of the ways you can do this is by sending an abandoned cart SMS to your prospective customers—which is one of the more likely ways you can get subscribers to open and act on your offer while adding a personal touch from your brand.

    What is SMS marketing?

    SMS marketing is the practice of sending promotional or transactional messages to engage with customers and increase sales. using text messages (SMS). 

    These messages are mostly meant to communicate time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to people who have consented to receive text messages from your business.

    How to start with SMS marketing? CartFox can help.

    Making your own system would be terribly time-consuming and complicated, and the use of CRMs is expensive. That’s why we invented CartFox – the SMS marketing solution that can help you get started with SMS marketing in just 90 seconds. 

    CartFox is built by e-commerce professionals to make SMS marketing as effective as possible and as affordable as possible. 

    We offer SMS templates that are proven to be successful and that you can send to millions of clients in a matter of minutes. 

    The text messages need to be relevant for your customers to return, that’s why all of our templates are translated into more than 20 languages. 

    1 Euro investment, 700 € revenue

    With over 200 clients all over the world, the average Return on investment (ROI) on CartFox is well over 1000%, with some clients reaching as high as 50.000% ROI.

    One of CartFox users, a fashion designer from Slovenia, decided to try out CartFox with a small investment of 10 €. After the first spent €, she couldn’t believe her eyes as she made 700 € profits. Another client is an online nutrition supplement store that made over 1000 € revenue with just 9,5 € investment, which means their return of investment was almost 11.000%.

    The CartFox users aren’t all huge online stores with 1000 employees – a big chunk are small businesses with up to 5 employees. CartFox tends to work for small and big stores alike.

    Pay only for the SMSs you send

    How can one launch an online store if everything is subscription based? Well, we’re making the pricing for CartFox easy on the pocket. There are absolutely no subscription fees to use CartFox – you pay only for the SMSes you send. 

    Incredibly easy to install and start using

    To install CartFox on your online store, all you need to do is install the plugin, connect it with the CartFox web app and you’re ready to send.

    Tips for max results 

    Companies of all sizes can benefit from CartFox. From big corporations to small businesses, CartFix allows you to target local audiences without breaking the bank.

    SMS messages can be as simple as a simple coupon or welcome text. These messages may offer special discounts or reward customers for signing up. They can also remind customers of upcoming appointments or reminders.

    It’s important to keep your messages short and to the point, as SMS messages are only 160 characters long.

    SMS marketing messages can be delivered to your entire list or to a targeted audience based on purchasing preferences or other behavioral data. For example, a retailer could send an SMS message to customers who have purchased or noted a preference for children’s clothing.

    What makes CartFox so unique?

    From the ground up, CartFox was built by a team of highly-skilled e-commerce experts that want to help other online stores by supplying them with a max profit solution platform to the currently highest revenue channel: SMS marketing.

    The whole system that CartFox was built on was to bring you as much revenue as possible for as little investment as possible. 

    That’s why CartFox focuses solely on the strategies that have been proven to be effective in real markets.

    cart abandonment

    Let the results speak for themselves. If you want to try out CartFox, we’re giving you free credit for the first 300 SMSs that you send.

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