Fast-Track Your Instagram Following: 5 Key Strategies to Boost Your Reach

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    Having a wide reach on Instagram helps to grow your following organically. You need to have a great strategy in place to extend your reach effectively. Learn some key strategies to boost your reach on Instagram.

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    You Want A Bigger Instagram Reach

    Strategies To Boost Your Reach

    #1: Partner With Other Accounts

    #2: Align With Trending Content

    #3: Buy Instagram Followers Safely

    #4: Encourage Engagement With Questions

    #5: Run Instagram Ads (Sponsored Posts)

    Wrapping Up: Boost Your Reach 

    There are many measures to work on and track when your goal is to be successful on Instagram. This applies irrespective of whether you’re a brand, business, or individual user wanting a large following on Instagram.

    One of the most important measures to track is your reach. A bigger reach means more users are seeing your content and can potentially follow your account. There are many aspects to consider when wanting to extend your reach. 

    For example, even the content format you use for posting content can affect your reach. In 2022, Instagram Reels achieved a reach of 85.5% on accounts with between 10,000 and 50,000 followers.

    In this article, we’ll look at 5 key strategies to boost your reach on Instagram, which can ultimately fast-track the growth of your following.

    You Want A Bigger Instagram Reach

    Your Instagram “reach” refers to the total number of unique users that saw your posts during a certain time period. You can track your reach in respect of a specific post, your whole account, and even sponsored ads. A bigger reach percentage reflects that your content is performing well on Instagram.

    By extending your reach, more users will discover and see your content. If your content is popular, high quality, and engaging, users who view your content might be drawn to engage with and share your content. Even more beneficial is that these users may view your account. If they like what they see, they could push the “Follow” button.

    If you operate a business on Instagram, a wide reach means that you could potentially attract new customers. This means bigger returns and profits for your business. If you’re an influencer, a bigger reach means that you can connect with and influence a wider audience on Instagram.

    Strategies To Boost Your Reach

    There are many strategies to effectively boost your reach on Instagram. Here are 5 key strategies to help you fast-track your Instagram following: 

    1. Partner With Other Accounts 
    2. Align With Trending Content
    3. Buy Instagram Followers Safely
    4. Encourage Engagement With Questions
    5. Run Instagram Ads (Sponsored Posts)

    These strategies are tried and tested true strategies which have brought much success to many account holders on Instagram. They each offer unique ways to connect with your existing followers and to extend your reach to attract potential new followers. Let’s have a look at each of these strategies in more detail.

    #1: Partner With Other Accounts

    Partnering up with other accounts is a great way to extend your reach to attract new followers for your account. Ways in which you can partner with other accounts include doing shared Instagram Collab posts, giveaways, and collaborating with other brands. 

    Instagram accounts can share and collaborate in feed posts and Reels with Instagram Collab. This feature opens the door wide for brands and creators to extend their reach by engaging with each other’s followers. 

    Two users share the same post on each of their feeds or Reels, which means that all comments, likes, and views are shared too. Both account usernames will appear above the post in users’ feeds as a Collab post. Collaborating with an account in your same industry offers you great discoverability for potential new followers. 

    You can collaborate with other accounts by running giveaways. Giveaway hampers usually comprise products or services from all collaborators. All collaborators post the giveaway post on their accounts and call on users to follow each of the collaborators’ accounts and engage with the giveaway post. A giveaway offers you great exposure to a wide audience, and everyone loves a giveaway!

    Collaborate with other accounts in other ways, like doing an Instagram Live stream where you “invite a friend” to join you in the stream. The Live stream will feature both accounts alongside one another in the stream. This way, each account benefits by reaching the followers from both accounts who view the Live stream. 

    #2: Align With Trending Content

    You should stay aligned with trends on Instagram. This makes your account more discoverable as many users search for and view trending content on Instagram. Do your research as to what is trending on Instagram. 

    Trends can relate to content formats, topics, audio tracks, hashtags, and a whole lot more! Consider what users like. Read the latest articles and watch the most recent Youtube videos to see what’s trending. 

    Some trends on Instagram in 2023 include:

    • Using Reels as a content format
    • Content regarding environmental, important, or charitable causes
    • Dancing and dance challenges that remain popular on Instagram and TikTok 
    • Hashtags like #love and #instagood
    • Authentic and relatable content like no-makeup selfies
    • Instagram Shopping posts are gaining momentum
    • Posts about yoga, food, and animals

    These Instagram accounts can help you find out what are the latest trends each week:

    • @myanichol for their weekly Reel on trending audio tracks
    • @whatstrending for viral celeb and digital news and trends
    • @creators for their weekly trend roundup

    #3: Buy Instagram Followers Safely

    You can extend your reach and grow your following if you buy cheap Instagram followers from a professional service provider. When you buy Instagram followers, quick delivery is important, and you should only buy quality Instagram followers derived from real active Instagram accounts. 

    Your account appears more popular when you buy active Instagram followers, which gives your account a boost for prioritization by the algorithm. This extends your reach and attracts more organic followers.

    Only buy real Instagram followers from a reputable and trusted service provider. We recommend that you buy real active Instagram followers from this link: With Skweezer, you can buy Instagram followers fast, which are safely delivered to your account to boost the organic growth of your following. The followers they provide are from high-quality and active Instagram accounts.      

    instagram following

    #4: Encourage Engagement With Questions

    Attract potential followers to your account by increasing your content’s engagement rate. When your posts receive a lot of engagement, it becomes more visible on Instagram. The algorithm promotes your content to more users as content that they may be interested in. 

    If these users find your content valuable, they may be inclined to follow your account. Encourage engagement in your posts through questions. Ask intriguing questions in your captions and ask users to respond with their answers, comments, and opinions on the topic. 

    Instagram Stories are great for engaging with users through questions. Stories offer interactive features like emoji sliders, polls, and stickers for users to respond to your questions. When responding to comments on your posts, respond with another question. This keeps the conversation going and brings more engagement on your post. 

    #5: Run Instagram Ads (Sponsored Posts)

    When scrolling through your Instagram news feed, you will see sponsored posts appearing in between posts from the accounts which you actually follow. The “Sponsored” label appears above the post. Sponsored ads are posts that account holders have paid to have promoted to users who may potentially find the content interesting or valuable.   

    instagram following

    If you have some extra cash to spend on advertising, then you should consider running sponsored ads to promote your account and content on Instagram. Instagram sponsored ads are great for extending your reach, as they could potentially reach 849.3 million users! [no follow] When your sponsored ads appear in users’ news feeds or Stories, you reach a wider audience who may engage with your content and follow your account.

    Sponsored ads are not intrusive and are pretty simple to run yourself from the Instagram app. Create a new ad with the META Ads Manager or promote existing content on your account. 

    You can manage your ads and track their performance within the Instagram app itself. Here are the basic steps [no follow] to boost your existing content on Instagram without needing a Facebook connection:

    1. Your account must be a public account, preferably set on business mode.
    2. Set a budget. There’s no set budget for ads as it varies depending on the duration, target audience, time of the year, competitiveness in your industry, and the objectives you choose for your ads. 
    3. Decide on the content format for your ad, like a Carousel ad. Pick a well-performing post to promote and ensure that your post includes a call-to-action to encourage users to engage with your account when they see the sponsored ad.
    4. On your profile, go to the post you’d like to boost, and below the post’s image, tap the “Boost Post” button.
    5. You are then prompted to complete the criteria for your ad like audience, budget, and duration.
    6. Once you’ve completed the details, select “Next”, then tap “Boost” post under Review.
    7. Your ad will be reviewed by Instagram to check compliance with ad policies.
    8. After review and approval, your ad will begin running on Instagram. 

    Wrapping Up: Boost Your Reach 

    Use the strategies we’ve discussed above to boost your reach on Instagram. Collaborating with other accounts, running sponsored ads, and even proceeding to buy followers can all help you to ultimately grow your following organically.

    You can’t just sit back and post content randomly. If your account is not highly discoverable nor visible on Instagram, you will struggle to grow your following any larger than what it is. It does take a bit of creativity, effort, and time on your part, but it will be worth it. Instagram success is within your reach!

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