How Your Business Can Benefit from Facebook Stories in 2022

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    Facebook Stories allows you to make your business come to life with a full-screen format with the ability to include stickers, emojis, and many other inventive elements. In addition, the Fullscreen vertical ads are shown to users between the organic Facebook Stories.

    What are Facebook stories

    Facebook Stories allows users to post content (videos, photos, and even animated) that go away after 24 hours.

    Stories on Facebook from friends and Pages you follow appear on top of the news feed. This is true for both the Facebook web app and the Facebook application.

    How Facebook Stories work  

    Like Instagram Stories, the content posted in stories will be displayed on Facebook’s News Feed. To access a story, users need to tap the circle of friends in the upper left corner of the application.

    While watching a story, users can also respond with an immediate message.

    How to add content to Facebook Stories

    Step 1: Use a camera.

    To publish a story on Facebook, it is first necessary to connect to the camera. This can be done by clicking the camera icon in the Facebook mobile application.

    Step 2. Make your content

    facebook stories
    facebook stories app

    Facebook users can upload videos and photos to stories. When you’ve got the camera in view, you’ll be able to capture your video or take quick photos. You’ll also see a selection of filters and lenses available to enhance your content.

    To snap a picture, press the button at the center of the screen. To take a video, hold this button.

    It is also possible to upload pictures from your phone’s camera roll by clicking on the icon for albums. We’ve launched the Stories Creator to allow you to quickly make thumb-stopping stories for free. If you’re interested in designing personalized Stories images, We’d love to hear from you for you to try Stories Creator the chance!

    Step 3. Use Facebook Stories’ Creative Tools

    facebook stories
    Creative Tools

    Once you’ve taken a picture or video, you can utilize a variety of tools to enhance your Facebook story more interesting such as stickers or user tags, text hyperlinks, drawing tools, backgrounds, effects, and background.

    While Facebook Stories doesn’t offer quite the same options as Instagram Stories do, they’re lots you can accomplish.

    facebook stories

    For instance, you could utilize name stickers to highlight other accounts or even poll stickers to get your users’ opinions on your product.

    You can also use the “@ TAG” sticker to tag other users from a dropdown list as you type their account name, like on Instagram Stories!

    facebook stories

    And you can tap the magic wand icon in the bottom-left corner to access dozens of cool effects and animations.

    Once you’re happy with your design, you can add a custom link or CTA button to your stories.

    Step 4. Add Custom Links and Buttons to Facebook Stories

    If a custom link is added to the page, users can click “See more” to open the page in the Facebook browser, as links work in Instagram Stories.

    facebook stories
    how to use facebook stories

    Alternatively, you can add a CTA button to your stories, such as “Shop Now,” “Buy Now,” “Get Directions,” or “Learn More,” to drive your viewers’ to a specific page that is already linked on your Facebook account.

    Step 5. Share your Story        

    When you’re pleased with your post, the next step is to post it to the world via your Story. To share it, click on the arrow icon located in the middle of the screen, then choose “Your Story,” and then tap on the button to send it in the lower right-hand corner part of the screen. You can also share your Story with a select group of friends by direct message.

    When you’ve added an update to the Story you’ve created, it will display for 24 hours before it will disappear for good like Snapchat and Instagram Stories work. Photos and videos shared in the form of a Facebook Story won’t show up in the News Feed or on a user’s timeline by default; however, users can share with the News Feed and share to the News Feed if they’d like to.

    Step 6. Tracking Your Facebook Stories Analytics

    There are several ways to measure the success of your stories.

    The first step is to open one of your active stories and then tap the eye icon located in the lower left-hand corner. It will open an overview of the people who have viewed your Story.

    You can also view statistics about how your Stories are doing when you switch on the Instagram Stories’ Insights. To turn it on, go over to the page on your desktop and then click Insights on the top.

    On the right column, select Stories, and then select “Turn On.”

    When you go back to your Insights (which can be accessed through the Facebook mobile application), You’ll be able to view information on:

    • The publication date is when an administrator or editor on your page wrote the Story.
    • Story items: A small image of the Story your page appears to be.
    • Status When the Page’s Story situation is active, it means that an administrator or editor on your page wrote the Story in the past 24 hours, and it’s accessible to the public. When the Story’s status has closed, over 24 hours passed after the page’s Story was written, and it is no longer accessible to the general public.
    • Unique Story opens The number of readers who read your Story.
    • Forward Taps: the number of times a user taps to move to the next part of your narrative.
    • Inverse Taps: the number of times a person taps to get back to an earlier part of your narrative.
    • Forward Swipes: the number of times a person swipes to skip over to the next Story on their account.
    • The number of times a user exits their newsreader to go back on the News Feed.

    Monitoring these metrics is extremely crucial if you wish to understand what kind of content is most popular with your viewers. The more targeted your stories are and the more successful they’ll be.

    How to make Facebook stories

    For posting the Facebook Story from a business Page, you’ll need an administrator account or access to the editor. In contrast to Instagram, Facebook lets you publish Stories on your desktop. However, the features are more basic and permit you to experiment with text and images. To make your stories more engaging and get the most value from Facebook’s Story features, try posting directly from the Facebook application.

    Log in to the Facebook application (iOS or Google) and tap on your profile picture.

    Tap Create Story

    Choose a video or photo taken from the camera roll, or click your image of the camera to make a video of your own

    From here, you can play using Boomerang to create images that move forward and backward, as well as Music, make sweet Music for your stories. Adding additional flavor to your photos or videos is also possible using stickers, filters or text, doodling and text options, and even special effects.

    How to check your Facebook Story views         

    After you’ve created Your Facebook Story, the next thing you’ll need to do is look over the views you’ve received on your Facebook Story views.

    To accomplish this, you’ll have to:

    • Click on the Facebook Story you want to share.
    • Choose the eye icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.
    • Next, you can check out the list of people who have viewed your Story.
    • If you’d like to look at it further, you can turn on Story Insights by clicking Page, after which you can select Insights, after which click Stories.

    These comprise:

    • Unique opens a total number of people who have seen at least one of your stories that are active within the last 28 days. Data is updated every day.
    • Engagements that you’ve done in your Stories over the last 28 days. This includes replies, reactions, sticker swipe-ups, profiles, shares, and taps.
    • Story published your firm’s overall quantity of Stories that were published through your appointed Facebook administrators in the past 28 days. This does not include active stories.
    • Gender and age: With enough viewers, you will be able to see how your audience changes by gender and age.
    facebook stories
    • Locality: The cities and countries that your audience is currently where they are currently. Similar to age and gender, it won’t be displayed if your viewers aren’t enough.

    If you have funds in your budget to advertise, You can make campaigns that use Stories. The Ads Manager feature on Facebook lets you keep track of the number of people who take an action you want to take, i.e., whether they make a purchase.

    Five ways Facebook stories can increase business engagement

    1. Go Beyond Promotion

    Be aware that a successful social media strategy requires more than simply advertising your company’s image. You must look beyond the promotion aspect and actively engage your customers. People might like to learn more about your offerings, promotions, discounts, or offers. But, you can also get them involved by helping them understand the brand name on a personal scale.

    It is possible to create Stories that can aid in connecting with your customers. For instance, you could make Stories to announce the release of new services or products. You can also create Stories to highlight your accomplishments or to celebrate significant milestones. You can also share pictures or videos from your impressive team members and provide your viewers with an inside look at the culture of your business.

    2. Publish Branded Content

    facebook stories
    Branded Content

    Facebook Stories offer many effects and filters that can enhance your stories and make them more interesting and captivating. They can be used when creating your Stories or when editing your posts prior to posting to Facebook. You can apply filters by clicking the effects icon on the left-hand side of your display. The possibilities are endless to create more enjoyable stories by including stickers or changing the font.

    When you use these elements, be sure that they match your brand’s image. Make use of filters, fonts, colors, themes, and colors that are appropriate and align with your company’s image. For instance, UberFacts developed by Kris Sanchez, is an app/web service that gives random facts. The information is thoroughly researched, taken from reliable sources, and then published via Facebook Stories. As you’ll see from this screenshot, the Story uses a variety of fun stickers on each post. This makes them even more attractive and interesting.

    3. Build unique content

    While you may share the content of your Instagram Stories on Facebook, be sure to not use the same content across both platforms. Each platform is different and comes with distinct features and benefits. Certain people who are part of your group might be following you on all the platforms. Therefore, publishing identical content on two platforms could be a bit off-putting.

    It is better to develop a unique marketing strategy by utilizing custom-made content and dependent on the platform that your intended users are on. For instance, ModCloth is a highly regarded American retail store online. The brand is well-known for its retro-styled clothing for women. They utilize Facebook’s brand new Stories feature to benefit from the feature. ModCloth creates original content that talks about their latest collections of clothing.

    You can check out their Halloween-themed content. They uniquely present their latest collections.

    4. Create memorable content

    A positive customer experience can go an extended way in increasing the retention and loyalty of customers. Therefore, you must create Stories that offer a positive experience for your viewers. What could be better than video content to create a lasting impression on your target audience? If done properly, they can make an unforgettable impression and enrich an experience for your viewers.

    Facebook Stories allows you to create outstanding videos, test your strategy for marketing, and even announce an event. You can also highlight your speakers or notable guests at your event in pictures and videos. Collaborative Stories are extremely effective and powerful too. Work with influencers on social media or experts in the field and upload these photos or videos in your Story. If done properly, collaboration Stories can dramatically boost your brand’s reach. If done properly, the collaborative stories can dramatically expand your brand’s visibility.

    5. Add urgency

    The content posted on Facebook Stories is short-lived – it’s only there for 24 hours. Although some may think that Stories aren’t able to improve their advertising strategies, this is exactly what makes Facebook Stories fascinating. With Stories on Facebook Stories, it is possible to create the impression of urgency and increase people’s fear of not being able to miss the next big thing (#FOMO). Your followers follow your brand’s social media pages as they are eager to keep informed about new offerings or products.

    When you create urgency using the use of time-sensitive content, you can attract people’s attention. You can make Stories that offer limited-time discounts or special offers. You can also host giveaways or competitions to draw your customers’ attention and allow them to be the winner.

    Facebook stories length

    Facebook Stories will feature advertisements that play for at least 15 seconds the entire time. Videos with a duration of more than fifteen seconds are divided into separate story cards. Facebook will show one, three, two, or three cards at a time before offering viewers the option to click “Keep Watching to watch the remaining part of the video. The number of cards shown before prompting viewers to click to keep watching is adapted to the needs of each user.


    • Text: 125 characters
    • File Type: MP4, MOV or GIF
    • Ratio: 9:16
    • Resolution: At least 1080 x 1080 pixels      


    For businesses who’ve struggled to grow organic exposure and engage their customers on Facebook is the time to take advantage of the potential of Facebook stories. This guide will teach you the fundamentals and the best practices for using this feature. And now is the time to start putting in the work.

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