Use Facebook Ad Manager like a Pro in 2022

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    More than 10 million people advertise over 10 million times on Facebook. It’s simple to figure out the reason behind this when you study statistics: Facebook has about 2.7 billion users, and they use social media sites for over two hours per day.

    This is quite a bit of attention! It doesn’t matter who your customers are — age or gender, occupation, (almost) anything -you’ll get them to click through Facebook advertisements.

    What is Facebook Ads Manager?

    facebook ad manager
    Facebook ad account

    At first, Facebook Ads Manager may seem intimidating. However, do not be concerned as you dive beneath what you see. Facebook Ad Manager is an excellent tool that offers everything you require to improve your ads and run successful campaigns.

    6 Advantages of using Facebook Ad Manager

    Manage your ads from an integrated dashboard that is readily accessible to you.

    The dashboard lets you browse and organize ads and individuals in one place and helps your business to simplify the flow of work and assign responsibilities. As a result, it helps save time in production.

    You’ll have more control.

    As a business owner, you can assign logins for your employees depending on the requirements. Access levels can be managed using the program; you can assign pages and advertising accounts to employees without any security concerns on the homepage. If you have staff members who cease working for you and want to get rid of their access by single-clicking on your administrator account. This will monitor any changes they had made previously.

    Life and work balance is possible through the Facebook ad manager.

    The notifications for ads are linked with your workplace email address to make sure you are monitoring your business proposals. This feature allows you to contact your employees and clients simultaneously. Just a click away, you can assess the effectiveness of your advertisements, which helps you keep your work and personal life in balance. With this feature, you don’t have to add customers or your employees as friends on Facebook to grant access to your business page.

    It is easy to create business reports.

    Through Facebook ads manager, it’s now much easier to create dashboards or reports since they offer a variety of customized options that are easy to use.

    The flexibility of Multiple Features

    Advertisers can create multi-image ads that are parallel and text in different Ad sets that can be customized with custom settings. This feature was made possible by launching Facebook Ad sets within the Power Editor and Facebook Ad Manager.

    Collaboration between teams and business

    With the clarity and solid platform the tool provides, it’s now much easier to establish cooperation opportunities for your employees. In addition, the transparency level increases for your company since it offers a comprehensive view of the business’s operations and objectives.

    How to open a Facebook Ad Manager account

     Here’s how to create your Ad Manager account.

    Create a Facebook Business Page. It’s best to do this through a personal account, but you can alter permissions after the page is created.

    Create the account on your Facebook Business Manager account. Then, in the section called Accounts, click Add Accounts and click “Ad Accounts.”

    Select Create a New Ad Account.

    Make sure you name your account, choose your time zone, and select your currency.

    Invite your team members to join your new ad account. You can grant them limited access (like the possibility to create new ads, but not the control of the account’s settings) or complete control.

    Incorporate the payment method that you’ll use to pay for the advertisements.

    How to add your teammates set up on your Facebook Ads account

    If you would like your employees to manage and design Facebook ads, you’ll have to give they access to the Facebook Ads account and then give them the appropriate roles in advertising.

    • An “Analyst” can see only your performance on your ads. This role is ideal for those who need only Facebook advertisements’ information to generate reports.
    • The “Advertiser” can view, modify, and even create ads with the payment method associated with the account you have set up for advertising. This job is ideal for anyone who has to create ads but isn’t able to access the payment information (e.g., an independent marketer or affiliate agency).
    • An “Admin” can edit the payment information and also manage the roles in addition to everything that an “Analyst” and an “Advertiser” can accomplish. This is the role of those who have to oversee the ad account, such as the authorizations and billing, payment information and the ad spend limit.

    To add someone to your account:

    1. Facebook ad manager login
    2. Navigate to Ads Manager Settings.
    3. Under the Ad Account Roles, Choose Add People.
    4. Include the person you wish to allow access to by entering their email address or name. You are only allowed to grant access to ad accounts to those with personal Facebook accounts.
    5. Select the dropdown menu and select the person’s role; after that, click Confirm.

    How to use Facebook Ad Manager Dashboard 

    facebook ad manager
    Use Facebook Ad Manager like a Pro in 2022 3

    By using the Facebook Advertising Manager dashboard, you’ll have the ability to control all aspects of your Facebook advertising experience. There’s a lot of information! All the tools you need, such as menus, buttons, and menus, are available here.

    • Top Navigation Bar
    • Create Ad
    • In the final seven days
    • Reporting Table for all of your Facebook ads
    • Facebook Ads Filters
    • Stats Filters

    Facebook Ad Manager Reports

    1) Audience Insights

    Auditor Insights is an instrument that aggregates information about your target audience’s demographics, location, activity, and much more to let you know more about them.

    For instance, if you would like to learn more about the people who like your Facebook Page, head on to the ” People Connected to” column to the left side and choose Your Facebook Page. Audience Insights will display their demographics, their favorite pages, and their Geographical location, among other things.

    If you’d like to reach this group, click on the “green ” Design Ad” button to design an Ad specifically targeted to the people they are.

    2) Power Editor

    Power Editor is intended for those who wish to create a large number of Ads at once and also are in complete control of the manner in which they are served. The Power Editor can be located beneath ” Create & Manage” under the Facebook Ads menu.

    3) Pixels

    Facebook Pixel Facebook Pixel is an array of code lines that allow you to utilize the actions of visitors on your site to enhance Facebook ads. You can analyze the conversion rate on your site, adjust your marketing to increase conversions, and remarket to those visiting your site or complete specific actions on your site by putting the pixel code to your header on the site.

    To create a brand new Facebook Pixel and track conversions, you must go to ” Pixels” under ” Assets” within the Facebook Ads menu.

    Facebook ads, latest news

    1. New “Optimize Text per Person” Feature

    On June 20, 2021, Facebook Ad Manager rolled out a new feature to the process of setting up ads. It’s named “Optimize Text Per Person” This feature assists by allowing automated ad design and customization.

    2. Instagram reels ads are now available to everyone

    Reels let users upload short videos to separate feeds. They aren’t as long as they appear, but they’re likely to get the attention of users.

    In light of this, Facebook saw the Reels as an advertising opportunity. So, in April of 2021, Facebook began conducting tests with Reels to advertise in a few nations (including the US and Canada, the UK, France, and Canada).

    3. Cant Target Teens by Interests

    As of August 20, 2021, Facebook announced a new privacy update that limits ads that target teens.

    What exactly does this mean?

    Advertisers no longer have the ability to reach teenagers through their online activities and interests. This targeting option can now only be used for those who are older than 18 worldwide (over the age of 20 or 21 in certain countries).

    4. The 20% rule vanishes

    Facebook does not have to reject advertisements that contain more than 20 percent of advertisements. This means that you will have more creative options, and there are no extra tasks to complete when Facebook does not accept your ads.

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