8 expert tips you can’t miss about Amazon Seller Insurance

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    Amazon seller insurance is a crucial business matter that many people overlook. A solid insurance policy will ensure that your Amazon eCommerce business is protected for the future. You should be protected from the financial consequences of lawsuits against Amazon and third-party sellers for everything, including exploding weapons, fire-starting hair dryers, and even exploding weapons. We created the list of top YouTube videos that will guide you on amazon seller insurance.

    Amazon FBA Product Liability Insurance Explained – Amazon Seller Insurance

    Sharon Even – 8.03K subscribers – 1,265 views 

    Sharon Even is an Amazon seller, a brand builder, an amazon FBA coach, and a founder of the alpha community; she has been in the product business since she was 15 years old.

    This video will give you in-depth knowledge of what type of Insurance is needed for Amazon &eCommerce Business Owners to make sure you are covered, and your business is protected, also; if not living in the USA, how will you get Insurance, must watch if you have no idea about Amazon or eCommerce insurance.

    How To Get Amazon Product Liability Insurance For ALL Amazon Sellers

    Pat Harris – 43.8K subscribers – 673 views

    Pat Harris is an entrepreneur, himself an amazon seller, an amazon FBA mentor, you tuber, and a Consultant. In this video, Pat has described how to get Insurance, why you need it, he also discussed how you will get a US address if you are not from the US, and also will help you to provide a discount on your amazon Insurance

    Do I Need Insurance To Sell On Amazon (Amazon Insurance Requirements 2020)

    Christina Smith – 4.06K subscribers – 1,038 views

    She is Christinia, an amazon seller and a Youtuber, where she documented her online journey, how she failed, what she has used to succeed, tips, and tools.

    In this Amazon FBA tutorial, she is discussing the 2020 California Judgment around Insurance, whether you need product liability insurance and other Amazon-related things or not.

    How Amazon Sellers can Become Insured and Compliant with Amazon’s TOS

    Robert Nesteroff – 1.14K subscribers – 92 views

    In this video, Robert shows you exactly how to purchase an insurance policy that is compliant with Amazon’s terms of service (TOS). This is absolutely necessary for any seller anticipating to do more than $10k in sales in any given month. As an Amazon seller who exceeds $10,000 in sales in a given month, you are required to hold an insurance policy that meets specific standards.

    Amazon Seller Insurance Update 2021

    Cordelia Blake – 3.31K subscribers – 234 views

    She is Cordelia Blake, she and her team work with amazon sellers to pivot and grow their business, and they also work with companies that don’t sell on amazon that want to put their product there, and want to improve their business on Amazon.

    In this video, she has discussed the announcement that Amazon had made in August 2021, that they are making some changes to how they will handle sellers’ third-party insurance, so do watch it; it’s important.

    What Is Amazon Product Liability Insurance, And Why Do You Need It?

    Sourcing Monster – 2.73K subscribers – 341 views

    In this video, we will be talking about product liability insurance, what is it, and how it can protect your e-commerce business. HE will be discussing how vital e-commerce insurance is and how it can protect your business if something wrong happens. You will go over the requirements and policies that Amazon publishes.

    Product Liability & General Insurance EXPLAINED for AMAZON BUSINESSES the EXACT Insurance You Need

    Rosenbaum, Famularo&Segall P.C. – 4.79K subscribers – 635 views

    In this video, he is talking about product liability and general Insurance for your Amazon-based business. Number one, your terms of service require you to have Insurance. Number two, it is very, very affordable. Number three, you need indemnity, and you need someone else to cover defense costs if you should get sued.

    Amazon FBA Insurance Requirements with Ashlin Hadden

    FeedbackWhiz – 3.22K subscribers – 1,157 views

    FeedbackWhiz helps Amazon sellers monitor, manage, and automate emails, product reviews, orders, and feedback. Build professional emails templates with gifs, emojis, buttons, and attachments. A/B test subject lines and view open rate analytics. Send or exclude emails based on triggers such as refunds, shipment, delivery, feedback, and repeat buyers.

    So in this video, they discuss what type of Amazon insurance lawsuits you have dealt with, who needs Amazon product liability insurance, and why; what about Amazon product insurance for an item made in china for Amazon sellers. The price of amazon product liability insurance and how it varies & much more about Insurance


    It is not as difficult as you might think to get protection for your Amazon business. It will provide you and your company with essential security. It is a common occurrence for buyers to sue others for outrageous sums. This makes it a good idea to protect yourself from any possible situation that could lead you to lose your business.

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