Etsy Shop Name Ideas: Best and Catchy names for 2022

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    Names for businesses are big business. Here’s a list of Best and Catchy Etsy Shop Name Ideas in 2022. There are whole businesses whose sole focus is helping entrepreneurs find the right name for their business. Naming a company isn’t just difficult due to the many possibilities. It’s also difficult because there is so much that can depend on the name. 

    In reality, 77% of customers purchase products on the basis of the brand’s name. A good name could have a huge influence on your business, and this is the same when choosing the name for your Etsy shop name. There are a few important aspects to take into consideration when you’re choosing the right brand name to use to name the name of your Etsy shop.

    Etsy shop name ideas

    Etsy Art Shop Names

    1. 4th gen artistic
    2. The abstract ink
    3. The graphic letters
    4. Master paintbrush
    5. A girl imagining
    6. Stitch and cut
    7. Artistic supply
    8. Art graphic area
    9. Brick wall artists
    10. The beautification
    11. Beautify blues
    12. The brainy canvas
    13. Rooster crafts
    14. The ceramic bunny
    15. Cousins and cotton
    16. Art glass dancing
    17. Dazzled creations
    18. Art claymation
    19. The pen invites
    20. Mindful warehouse
    21. The epic gallery
    22. Fly in your own supply
    23. The mind frames
    24. Free flying arts
    25. The custom goddess
    26. The glitter glides
    27. The animated ink
    28. Honey got inked
    29. High up heels
    30. Great art study
    31. Hot thrifty crafts
    32. Old print box

    Etsy sticker shop names

    1. The custom neon
    2. Big bucket stickers
    3. Print quest stickers
    4. Wax box stickers
    5. Good alpha stickers
    6. Prime step stickers
    7. The stick motion
    8. The sticking wonder
    9. Zip zap stickers
    10. City wave stickers
    11. Cold box stickers
    12. The sticker trail
    13. Sticking blossom
    14. Young star stickers
    15. The sticker uber
    16. Mad matt stickers
    17. The sticker berry
    18. Trippers stickers
    19. Super paste stickers
    20. Power rock stickers
    21. Max beat stickers
    22. Fusion cut stickers
    23. The sticker chrome
    24. Smart dot stickers
    25. The sticker 360
    26. The sticker loco
    27. The sticker bang
    28. The sticker triggers
    29. Proton flag sticker
    30. Bling line sticker

    Etsy crochet shop names

    1. Annie street yarn
    2. Likely to stitch
    3. The yarn beyond
    4. The blazing threads
    5. The needles hub
    6. Yarns by hook
    7. Crafting my wheel
    8. Creative crochet quest
    9. The crochet dreams
    10. Only custom threads
    11. Endless embroid
    12. The knot notion
    13. Artful thread hooks
    14. Gotta knit today
    15. Handy needle point
    16. The crochet living
    17. Hook n’ nook
    18. Criss cross hooks
    19. The needle tailoring
    20. Knitters frill hacks
    21. Life’s loopy threads
    22. Stitchin’ loven’
    23. Pinky dot knitters
    24. Quick stitchy hands
    25. Unrevealed stitching
    26. Stitchy thread works
    27. The sweet stitchery
    28. Small hook loops
    29. Great yarn scout
    30. The crafty interlocks

    Disney Etsy shop names

    1. The fantasy dust
    2. My pixie fairy
    3. The mouse stories
    4. The stuff of toy
    5. Princess of life
    6. Day dreaming fairy
    7. Hacking your day
    8. Wondering kingdom
    9. Dreams of wonderland
    10. The childreens heart
    11. Imagine story child
    12. The fairy queen
    13. The dreaming fairies
    14. The grown mouse
    15. Just playing pirates
    16. Childrens toy hacks
    17. The toy distractions
    18. The wandering family
    19. Creature adventures
    20. Fantacy life guru
    21. Fairy tale playing
    22. The family pirate
    23. The fairy power
    24. Wings and tale
    25. The playful mouse
    26. Fairy tale bunny
    27. The pluto power
    28. The urban duck
    29. Mickeys day dreams
    30. The goofy adventure

    Vintage Etsy shop names

    1. The checkered past
    2. New antiques barn
    3. Epic american era
    4. The past beginnings
    5. The discovered half
    6. All enduring antiques
    7. Country light miracles
    8. Antiques of the west
    9. Old modern market
    10. Revival discoveries
    11. The vintage peddlers
    12. Stone antiques homie
    13. Simply rustic appeal
    14. Times golden era
    15. The art of treasures
    16. Urban art antiques
    17. Afterlif antiqueology
    18. The antiques tower
    19. Antique pearl box
    20. Classic cultured flag
    21. Granny’s early picks
    22. First fairlook antiques
    23. Little oriental decor
    24. The fragile deluxe
    25. Best selling junk
    26. The precious purple
    27. Street station antiques
    28. The treasure dog
    29. Crown collect arts
    30. Cherry picked vintage

    How to choose the best ETSY shop name 

    1. Make it Reflect Your Business

    A very popular method of naming involves naming your business in a manner that communicates to customers what they can expect from your store. Take Just Bulbs in NYC. They sell, as you can guess, only bulbs. They don’t sell anything other than bulbs. It’s not just a good idea to refer to your business in this manner, and it will help you out from an SEO perspective.

    Try an Etsy Shop Name Directly Related to Your Products.

    Etsy shop name
    Shopify Business Name Generator

    If you’re a vendor in a niche and you’re not sure where, to begin with, your shop name, a great formula for Etsy store names is to concentrate on the item you intend to offer. To begin, you can try entering words into the Shopify Business Name Generator.

    Use Your Name or Someone Else’s.

    A lot of business owners choose to name their business in honor of their own personal names, others who are involved or close and dear to them, such as their pet or child.

    2. Make it Original

    Selecting your own unique Etsy store name is an absolute requirement. One reason is that Etsy doesn’t permit copies of names in the event that they’re modified just enough to qualify as unique. However, choosing a non-original business name could cause harm to your business in many ways.

    The process of registering a domain for an unoriginal name for your business is a challenge. If you own a website, however, you may not be capable of purchasing the domain name when your preferred name is not original. When the .com domain you’re interested in is already taken, however, you can usually overcome the problem by purchasing a different domain that is similar to .life, .org, .web, .ca, etc. However, this comes with certain disadvantages.

    3. Make it Memorable

    The importance of making your Etsy shop’s name memorable is essential for many reasons. It improves the chances of referrals as well as word-of-mouth advertising. A memorable name will also stay at the top of your tongue, making it much easier for customers to refer your business to friends and family.

    4. Make it Short and Sweet

    Word of mouth is vital for the growth of your company. If the people who have heard of your company’s name are unable to spell or pronounce it out, they may not discover it on the internet or recommend it to others.

    A simple name is ideal because Etsy and other social media have limitations on usernames, as explained in the following.

    • Etsy: Not greater than 20 characters in length
    • Twitter: Not greater than 15 characters.
    • Instagram: Not over 30 characters in length
    • Facebook: Not longer than 50 characters

    5. Make it SEO-Friendly

     Make it SEO-Friendly

    It is important to consider Etsy’s best practices for SEO in the choice of your business’s name’s relatively simple to accomplish because the best practices in naming that we have discussed earlier play into SEO. The ultimate goal is that your business appears in the top results for your services and products and also your company’s name. 

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