Egrow Launches New Cloud Software for Amazon FBA Product Research

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    Egrow has launched their Fulfilled by Amazon FBA product research tool, offering powerful features that will help online entrepreneurs to identify the best FBA products to sell. The new program is designed to help people understand the many variables affecting the performance of FBA products across categories. This insight can then be used to make better decisions about the kinds of products they want to sell, when they want to sell them, and more. This marketplace data is in-depth, comprehensive, and updated daily, providing powerful and actionable intelligence.

    The tool allows people to search by category, sub-category or keyword, and refine the search according to multiple variables, including price range, number of reviews, or number of sellers. Individuals can then rank the results by Best Seller Rating, Price, Reviews, Sales, Revenue and more in order to interpret the data. The software provides detailed sales information including historical trends and projected sales estimates.

    Amazon FBA Product Research

    The Live Amazon Scanner allows users to see products being sold in real time, using keyword scanning to pull data from Amazon. Users can even save searches and track products, to watch their performance over a longer term before making decisions. The easy and intuitive tool gives people ready access to detailed data gathered from 90 day histories of millions of products.

    Individuals can register now to try the product for free, getting access to 50% of products, with up to 5 tracked keywords and products, 20 live searches per day, and 7 days of product history. This sample gives people a proof-of-concept, demonstrating what the full product is capable of.

    A spokesperson for explained, “We are thrilled to be able to launch this new tool, which will help Amazon sellers to better understand the marketplace they are working within, and make informed decisions about what products and pricepoints to offer, as well as discovering opportunities to branch into new areas. We have built this tool with users in mind, and those who sign up now will receive all new features in future versions for free, while the price with each new version will increase. As such, there will never be a better time to get the tool than right now.”

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