10 Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Stores in 2022

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    WordPress hosting is frequently the choice of numerous companies looking to begin developing the online stores of their dreams. It is mainly due to the many plugins WordPress offers.

    It doesn’t matter if you know that or not selecting the correct eCommerce software for the WordPress website is essential for your business to increase the chances of increase in revenue and growth.

    We’ve narrowed the list to just 20 essential WordPress plugins to use on your eCommerce website from thousands of plugins available on WordPress.

    What is a WordPress plugin?

    The WordPress plugin is an application designed to “plug into” your WordPress website. Plugins can enhance existing functionality on your website, allowing you to design nearly any type of site you want, from eCommerce stores to portfolios to directory websites.

    Plugins can make minor or huge modifications to your website based on the features they provide. For instance, you could utilize a plugin to incorporate a WhatsApp sharing button on your site or build a multi-lingual website. If you own an online store, You could install a plugin to help with payment gateways or let customers make an appointment online.

    4 things to consider before choosing an eCommerce plugin for your site

    The following points will aid you in separating the good from the bad concerning WordPress eCommerce plugins:

    1. Latest version of the plugin 

    The latest WordPress Versions are released regularly, and this causes compatibility issues for plugin developers who cannot keep up.

    In general, good plugins are regularly up-to-date.

    It is crucial to ensure that your website is up-to-date with the most recent WordPress core version to avoid the possibility of compatibility issues damaging your website.

    2. Impact of a plugin on page speed. 

    The design of plugins isn’t always with low bandwidth (CPU usage); they can impact the speed of your site.

    Before you install a WordPress eCommerce plugin, make sure to look up publicly-published plugin reviews (then test it 3 times in a row, quickly).

    Apart from the ones available in The WordPress Plugin Directory and the WordPress Plugin Directory, a simple Google search using ” [Plugin Name] Review” could also be informative.

    3. Community existence.

    Most of the top WordPress plugins have enthusiastic followers who want to praise these powerful tools.

    They can be excellent sources for troubleshooting problems that aren’t fully covered in the plugin’s support documentation.

    There are a variety of ways to judge the level of the community surrounding WordPress eCommerce plugins:

    • Look at the number of downloads to measure a plugin’s popularity with time.
    • Utilize to search the WordPress Plugin Directory to locate the numbers mentioned above for every plugin you’re looking at. If the plugin isn’t included in this directory, it might only be available as premium (paid) software. If it’s not, it signals the plugin’s quality.
    • Do not rely on stats on popularity by themselves. Instead, read some reviews to learn more about the experience of actually utilizing the plugin.

    4. Backbends Support.

    Now and then, plugins fail, payment systems stop working, and caches do not cache.

    Check if the plugin’s support is sufficient for your needs, for example, the possibility of paying for access to additional personalized or timely assistance.

    Certain plugin developers can perform changes directly within WordPress and eliminate the middleman should you choose to transfer the fix you need to a web designer.

    Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

    To create the process of creating an online store for a WordPress website, you will require an eCommerce-related plugin. These plugins take care of the sale of items and connect to the merchant you choose to accept payments for your digital or physical products. Here are the best eCommerce plugins that work with WordPress:

    1. WooCommerce

    wordpress plugins
    wordpress plugins for ecommerce

    WooCommerce is an efficient WordPress eCommerce platform that is absolutely free. It’s the engine behind most online stores and provides flexibility and customization.

    They’ve made it simple for anyone to set up an eCommerce store in only two minutes (and in just a few mouse clicks!). This is the case regardless of whether you’re selling digital products or physical items.

    Key Features:

    • A myriad of themes and extensions make it simple to incorporate new functions in your online store. These include the ability to abandon art, inventory management and distribution of discount coupons, and more.
    • Physical products are supported and digital downloads
    • Simply control your stock or even give it to the store manager
    • Support built-in for well-known Payment gateways (plus you can include a variety of other payment options with extensions)
    • Automatically calculate tax along with shipping costs, taxes, and other costs
    • Great support, including documentation and knowledge base help desk and forums for community members

    The most significant drawback to WooCommerce is its ability to scale. If your store becomes larger, it will be necessary to switch to a managed host to expand the size of your WooCommerce store.

    In other words, it is among the most effective plugins available and is the most efficient way to launch your online store.

    2. Easy Digital Downloads

    wordpress plugins
    Easy Digital Downloads

    Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is an easy-to-use WordPress eCommerce plugin with all the features you require to sell your digital goods.

    Other eCommerce plugins allow you to sell digital goods through your WordPress store. However, they are also bundled with various features to sell physical items you’ll never require.

    Key Features:

    • Simple to make use of, even for newbies as well as new business owners.
    • Many extensions are available that cover everything from marketing and payment gateways.
    • It is compatible with almost every theme; however, it also includes themes designed specifically for the plugin.
    • Excellent support via tutorials, forums, videos, and an IRC chatroom.

    3. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

    wordpress plugins

    Ideal to use for Sales through Facebook and Instagram

    Ecwid Shopping Cart is an efficient and user-friendly shopping cart that lets you market products via the WordPress site. You can market your products worldwide through more than 40 payment options for international customers with real-time shipping integration and support for more than 45 45languages.

    You can also easily sell your items via Facebook and Instagram because Ecwid automatically syncs the item’s customers, customers, orders, and inventory to both your WordPress and your social stores.

    To get a thorough comparison between WooCommerce and Ecwid take a look at the following video from EcommerceGold:

    4. WP Simple Pay

    wordpress plugins
    WP Simple Pay

    The WP SimplePay can be the most simple method to accept one-time or regular transactions on your WordPress website using the click of a button to buy instead of a complex payment cart.

    It’s great for selling one-off items, collecting payment for services, or accepting donations.

    WP Simple Pay has built-in support for credit card transactions, Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH debit payments, and many more. It also provides multiple languages and currencies.

    Key Features:

    • A simple collection of payments for newbies
    • Simple drag and drop form creator with customizable fields
    • Accept one-time payments as well as periodic payments, such as subscriptions, installment plans, or trial time periods
    • Coupon codes and discounts are available for sale.

    5. SendPulse Web Push

    wordpress plugins

    Ideal to use for Push notifications to retarget customers

    SendPulse Web Push is a WordPress plugin that allows you to include Push notifications as a channel for marketing on your website that sells e-commerce without needing to pay any charges.

    You can send out notifications to your customers via Chrome (desktop as well as Android), Safari (Mac OS X), and Firefox (desktop) for each of the HTTP as well as HTTPS websites. So even if a user happens to be not online, they’ll receive your notifications and be able to view the most current news on sales, order status, and other happenings when they return online.

    You can use individualization and segmentation to send specific messages based on various variables like the browser’s language and region, date of subscription, and more. You can also conduct A/B testing to discover the best notification strategies for your target audience.

    6. Yoast SEO

    wordpress plugins
    the best plugins for wordpress

    Previously named WordPress SEO, it was formerly known as WordPress Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is a well-known WordPress plugin that optimizes your site for search engines and increases your website’s visibility to the most important people.

    The plugin offers a wide range of features that go beyond adding meta tags that will assist you in improving your website’s SEO rank. If you’re new to SEO terminology, it may be difficult to adjust. Fortunately, their interface is very user-friendly and simple to utilize.

    7. eCommerce Product: Catalog Plugin for WordPress

    wordpress plugins
    eCommerce Product:

    The best choice for The creation of a catalog website for products

    The eCommerce Products Catalog, the plugin available for WordPress offers a variety of options to create a catalog website that contains 10 to tens of thousands of items. You can show products wherever on your website, modify them using WordPress Customizer or custom CSS, and arrange them into tags, categories, or catalogs. It is also possible to incorporate search capabilities to permit customers to search for products using keywords.

    It is also possible to display CTA buttons that encourage customers to request quotes instead of providing prices for certain items.

    8. BackupBuddy

    wordpress plugins
    wordpress plugins for security

    Security is vital for all businesses, particularly for eCommerce websites. The most secure method is to ensure that you have backups in case you lose all the data of your customers because of a hardware malfunction, as well as an attack against your host’s servers.

    Making a backup of your website is the first thing you take care of, and we suggest that you use BackupBuddy because it isn’t just reliable but also simple to configure and make backups of the functionality of your WordPress website.

    It is better to store your backups on offsite cloud-based storage to provide additional security. BackupBuddy offers ease of use to make things easy to set up.

    9. Easy Digital Downloads

    If your business is solely focused on selling digital products, Simple Digital Downloads is an excellent plugin that integrates well with WordPress eCommerce sites.

    It’s a simple plugin with a variety of extensions for various payment platforms, payment gateways, and services. Although they can be used with any WordPress theme Easy Digital Download also offers gorgeous themes designed exclusively for their plugin.

    10. TabWoo: Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

    wordpress plugins

    A product page on your website is among the most crucial sections of your site. This TabWoo plugin is able to improve your WooCommerce product page on your store by modifying, adding, and designing tabs for products. You can include as many tabs as you like and show any kind of content you like. Tabs can be either horizontal or vertical.

    It comes with ten stunning tab templates that have been pre-made, along with nine tab elements, including an editor’s gallery of photos and video maps, FAQs, custom tab icons, links, and more.

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