18 Astounding Examples of Beautiful Ecommerce Website

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    An eCommerce-based business requires many more things than developing regular blogs or websites. Your online store needs to appear and feel like an actual brick-and-mortar shop, with everything neatly laid out to provide easy access to customers. Your shop must offer the best shopping experience possible to stay ahead of your competition.

    Customers today want online shopping that is quick, simple, and free of any friction. So what can design do to create that kind of experience and make it more memorable and memorable?

    18 websites have masterfully mastered eCommerce web design and have created user experiences that are perfectly suited to the demands of their clients, brands, and customers.

    What is an ecommerce website?

    Like a traditional retail store, e-commerce sites permit businesses and customers to trade and buy from each other through a specified platform. However, the primary difference between e-commerce and physical commerce is the transactions on e-commerce are conducted entirely on the internet rather than in a brick-and-mortar place.

    Types of ecommerce websites

    The range of online commerce is huge; however, the kinds of websites that host electronic transactions could be categorized by the individuals involved.

    • Business-to-consumer (B2C): Probably the most well-known to anyone, the B2C website facilitates the exchange of products and services between a company and the consumer, like purchasing a T-shirt at your preferred online store.
    • Business-to-business (B2B): A B2B platform allows digital transactions among two firms. If you have a business that sells T-shirts, for instance, you may purchase the T-shirts from an online wholesaler.
    • Business-to-administration (B2A): A B2A site facilitates electronic exchanges between an organization and a public institution, like the website of a company that designed your city’s web portal, for instance.
    • C2C: Consumer to consumer (C2C): A C2C site, usually referred to for its marketplace function, facilitates the exchange of goods between two or more customers. Examples include sites like Etsy or eBay.
    • C2B: Consumer to Business (C2B): On C2B sites, people offer their services or goods to companies. It could be a freelancing SEO expert who collaborates with companies within a particular sector or an influencer who is paid to promote a company’s products.
    • Consumer-to-administration (C2A): Similar to B2A, this site allows a consumer to provide information, goods, or services to public administration and governmental organizations–think of paying a parking ticket on your city’s web portal.

    Best Ecommerce website example

    1. Black Star Pastry

    ecommerce website
    ecommerce website examples

    Black Star Pastry‘s online store is a lively and playful web design from the logo to typography to icons. The majority of the elements have rounded corners. Simple illustrations accompany each menu item.

    Best Design Elements:

    • Menu items for cards. This online store is a game on its homepage, displaying various cards as menu items instead of the standard grid layout or navigation bar. To browse through the various cards, customers may drag their cursor to either left or right or use the arrows in the lower right-hand corner of the site.
    • Movable elements. The text and images on the Locations page and About page can be manipulated, creating a unique experience for the site.
    • Illustration-like images of products. This eCommerce website’s product images are digital illustrations with the highest contrast and saturation, which makes them stand out against the black and white background.

    2. Bliss

    ecommerce website
    ecommerce website designs

    The site Bliss’s website Bliss was developed by BigCommerce and was named one of the platform’s Top Overall Design Finalists in 2020. The utilization of bright colors generates an energetic and fun atmosphere. By simply interacting with their website, you’ll feel relaxed and energetic. Imagine what you’ll feel after you’ve tried one of their products for skin care.

    3. Onfleet

    ecommerce website
    create a n ecommerce website

    Onfleet is a clean and elegant style. There are plenty of demonstrations and examples showing how the software for tracking and managing deliveries functions. A bonus is that the micro animations provide a stunning visual harmony.

    4. Revelry

    ecommerce website
    create an ecommerce website

    The world of e-tailoring is now available for wedding planning. Revelry provides swatches, free samples for delivery, and in-home trial-ons for the whole bridal wedding party. Their website is as innovative as the business they run. The navigation of categories is simple to navigate through, with sections that include samples, ways to try dresses at home, the colors, and an inspirational page for people who are just beginning to think about their wedding. They help their customers identify the category, style, fabric, color, and style they are looking for.

    The design, the use of images, and font choices create a website that is vibrant and interesting. They take engagement with customers one step further by introducing accessibility features. When you click on the small stick in the lower left corner side of their screen, users choose a profile to modify the site according to their specific needs. The options include seizure safes and prompts for the visually impaired, keyboard navigation, and many more.

    5. Bon Bon Bon

    ecommerce website
    building an ecommerce website

    Established in Detroit, Bon Bon Bon offers artisanal chocolates. They’re not afraid in their use of colors, and their boldness is rewarded. Their site design is a powerful expression of their imagination and effectively captures the spirit of their business. From the home page to the shopping cart page, engaging with their site is enjoyable.

    6. Framer

    There’s no reason to be confused about the process of this software. The well-produced videos throughout cover everything. The term static isn’t the case for this site, making the Farmer website highly entertaining and informative.

    7. Chubbies

    ecommerce website
    examples of ecommerce website

    Like many other designs in our selection, Chubbies is also not shy about embracing color. In the end, if your products are so vibrant as the shorts they’re selling, it’s silly not to showcase your real colors. They also use the clever, clever copy. On their homepage, they list things they believe, such as the weekend, “that ‘short shorts’ is a redundancy,” and the final product. In the end, it’s a fantastic illustration of how copywriting and images can convey a brand’s core values.

    8. Yotti

    ecommerce website
    design an ecommerce website

    Yotti is, in my opinion, among the most impressive eCommerce websites to showcase human-centered design. We’ve all experienced that the gift buying process can be challenging, but Yotti solves the issue. Instead of listing the categories of products, it asks, “Who are you buying this gift for?” There’s no reason not to follow the same pattern of thinking. Take a look.

    9. Zeuss

    ecommerce website
    building ecommerce website

    Zeuss sells custom hair loss, weight loss, and skin treatments. The eCommerce website uses a split-screen interface on its landing page, with photographs of models of high quality that show the products.

    Best Design Elements:

    • Simple Navigation. Users can quickly find the information they require with minimal distracting elements and sections devoted to particular products and customers.
    • Scrolling in the horizontal direction. Each page has an array of horizontal and vertical scrolling. This is done by using the scroll button to indicate the scrolling and demonstrating to Zeuss the product’s benefits.
    • Switch headings. They allow Zeuss to create an orderly structure and ensure that the site is well-structured. In addition, visitors can expand the sections for more details.

    Key Takeaways:

    Make use of a split-screen layout if you’re promoting a couple of important products to swiftly direct users to the appropriate websites.

    10. Crossrope

    ecommerce website
    ecommerce website hosting

    Crossrope aims to expose the general public to pleasurable fitness and exercise. But, according to the group at Crossrope, they’re trying to market more than ropes to jump on. Instead, they are trying to bring their audience to an experience that will assist them in attaining their fitness targets. This is why the inclusion of videos on their homepage performs extremely well. In addition to making users feel videos more interesting and interesting, it also lets them show their visitors how their product performs.

    11. Lookback

    ecommerce website

    A refreshing and happy design makes people feel comfortable. The typography selection adds a positive vibe. The site also has a great product video to help users get to know the product on the homepage. All of it works as a great welcome mat.

    12. Make Architects

    ecommerce website
    Make Architects

    Make Architects offers interior and architectural design services worldwide. Although we cannot classify this as a typical online store, the company does sell its products effectively through its attractive web style.

    It utilizes an image-heavy layout showing the design team and past projects on the home page. In addition to the images, Make Architects writes its values and a short background to draw attention to its users.

    Best Design Elements:

    • Background videos that are displayed on the homepage. They are captivating and can add a sense of movement to the user interface, which makes any eCommerce site stand out from the start.
    • Large images. High-quality, large-sized images of completed projects draw the eye and give a clear design without zooming in.
    • Step-by-step process. Make Architects displays the entire process of developing a project with sketches, videos, photographs, and detailed descriptions, allowing visitors to be completely immersed in the company’s journey.

    Key Takeaways:

    Display your project’s or products’ behind-the-scenes processes to enhance transparency, improve the brand’s image, and establish confidence.

    13. Crate & Barrel

    ecommerce website
    Crate & Barrel

    Crate & Barrelsells household essentials and homeware, including kitchen and furniture appliances, lighting, and decor. It was established in 1962. an eCommerce company is known for providing modern, sophisticated and top-quality homeware.

    This company’s eCommerce platform reflects its brand, using a simple and elegant interface. To assist users in navigating the store, it uses an enormous menu and displays categories on the homepage to ensure users can find the right items.

    14. Azteca Soccer

    ecommerce website
    Azteca Soccer

    Azteca Soccer’s look is unique. Instead of aiming for a store-like online experience, they decided to provide their customers with a more personal experience. One method by which they’ve done this is through photographs of lifestyle rather than simply pictures of the product.

    15. Cruisemaster

    ecommerce website

    Although the design of Cruisemaster’s website is more crowded than many of the websites we have reviewed in our list, it’s still useful. They chose to go with more of an informative style. The pages for their products use elements such as boxes and banners to highlight the many benefits the products they sell.

    16. Larq

    ecommerce website

    Larq encourages clients to participate in the Bottle Movement and purchase their recyclable, self-cleaning water bottles and pitchers. They accomplish this with an online site that’s simple to navigate by making use of the navigation bar located high up on their site. There’s also a popular current section on the home page. The layout is sleek and visually appealing, with stunning and clean images of their products.

    The site is made more enjoyable by animated images on the site, such as floating bottles and moving clouds, and helpful technological explanations. You can even use an interactive calculator for plastic waste.

    17. Offerman Wood Shop

    ecommerce website
    Offerman Wood Shop

    Make use of large images to show the largest objects (Image credit Offerman Wood Shop)

    The woodworking shop of actor Nick Offerman, Offerman Wood Shop(opens in a new tab), offers custom-sized furniture pieces. The site’s design is complemented by bold full-page images that grab your interest. These pictures also allow potential buyers to look at pieces like cabinets and shelves within the context of their home, which is a crucial factor when selling expensive furniture pieces. Offerman Wood Shop was built with WooCommerce extensions.

    18. Burrow

    ecommerce website

    Their team from Burrow offers an entirely new way of designing furniture by offering modular pieces. Their website promises a unique experience. The site has been designed to be streamlined by using the top navigation bar and large sections of the landing page that allow users to search for certain types of items or compare different products. It is easy for users to locate the items they are looking for, make modifications, and place orders with the smallest of clicks. Instead of asking you to look up information, they use their homepage to display videos, which lets you see their value from the beginning.

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