9 Best Ecommerce Shipping Software in 2022

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    If you’re planning to start an online store, you’ll need to use a shipping program to help you manage your orders and ensure they are delivered to the correct people at the appropriate time and the lowest cost. The most effective shipping software will allow you to evaluate rates between different shipping companies, assist you in determining the most appropriate shipping method for each order, create shipping label templates in large quantities and connect to your eCommerce platform.

    What is shipping software?

    • A shipping software program can help to connect your selling channels. It also provides the tools and support needed to create and manage your orders within the area and to create labels for transport. Beyond that, the software for shipping includes:
    • Optimization of shipping
    • Tracking the rate and route
    • Many other tools aid in the speedy delivery process without any difficulty

    What is eCommerce Shipping?

    An eCommerce shipment can be defined as any physical product, packed or not, given to a buyer. eCommerce shipments could comprise clothing and shoe books, food subscriptions, books, cosmetics, and other products available for purchase on the Internet. However, most shipments are delivered in plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, mailer bags, or custom subscription boxes.

    How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Shipping Platforms

    If you’re searching for an ecommerce shipping solution, You must ensure that it has all the necessary features. Ultimately, the main purpose is to make your process easier and more efficient for managing your business.

    Quick shipping
    ecommerce shipping software

    This means that you should search for characteristics such as:

    • Printing labels and the capability to print in batches
    • Integrations with platforms such as WooCommerce, Adobe Commerce, Shopify, and more.
    • Reduced shipping rates
    • A wide range of options for carriers
    • Return and tracking support
    • Ability to sync sales channels from one location
    • Quick shipping
    • International options
    • Great customer service

    Best shipping software for ecommerce

    1. ShipStation

    shipping software
    shipping and inventory management software

    ShipStation is among the best software solutions for shipping for small and mid-sized business owners.

    ShipStation provides a wide range of integrations with eCommerce companies, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and more. They also have integrations with most postal services and provide discounted USPS Priority & Express shipping rates.

    With ShipStation, you can create your custom labeling for shipping and packing in large quantities. The service also comes with a return label that you can attach to every shipment. Additionally, you have an account on included with the ShipStation service.

    2. ClickPost Shipping Platform For ECommerce

    shipping software
    shipping and logistics software

    ClickPost is among the fastest-growing shipping software and logistic platforms worldwide, operating across over 250 countries. It offers a complete shipping platform that can handle all shipping requirements for eCommerce, from storage and inventory management to delivery and pick-up, with the ability to manage order tracking only.

    Automatically assign your package’s most suitable and cheapest shipping option based on the most important shipping parameters.

    Manage and view all orders across various marketplaces and selling channels, such as Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, all from one dashboard.

    3. Shippo

    shipping software
    integrated shipping software

    Shippo is a fantastic option for small-sized business owners. However, if you do not have an abundance of orders yet, Shippo offers a free plan.

    Shippo’s free plans include enough features to get going. However, you pay for your purchases using shipping labels, which cost five cents each. If you opt for the Premier or Professional Plan, they will include shipping labels.

    Shippo is a good alternative if you’re planning to do lots of international shipping. They have several shipping companies worldwide. They also work directly with these companies to offer huge shipping discounts.

    4. ShipWell Shipping Platform

    shipping software
    online shipping software

    ShipWell is a platform for shipping and software aiming to connect shipping companies better with online retailers.

    With ShipWell, you can decide the number of orders that will be included within a shipment. In addition, customers can select one-off and bulk orders. Ship goods using air/ocean/land parcels, parcels, drayage, and FTL as well as LTL options.

    ShipWell will automatize a range of shipping workflows. Connect to all systems in place to maximize efficiency in operation and offer excellent tracking of shipments, including real-time tracking.

    5. Easyship

    shipping software
    e commerce shipping software

    Easyship offers an amazing discount on couriers for international shipping when you’re sending internationally. In addition, Easyship provides real-time shipping rates at the time of checkout. This way, you’ll be able to reduce shipping costs, especially when you order internationally.

    The Easyship shipping management tool is cloud-based. All your shipping information is accessible through their dashboard, which allows you to automate your shipping process by creating customized shipping policies. The tools can also create packing slips for you.


    • More than 250 courier services are offered
    • Creates customs and tax documents for you.
    • Free trial of 30 days is available
    • Free plans available

    6. Aftership eCommerce : shipping platform for eCommerce business

    shipping software
    9 Best Ecommerce Shipping Software in 2022 12

    If you’re looking to resolve e-commerce issues with tracking orders, it is a good idea to think about the AfterShip service. It’s a shipping platform and software renowned around the globe for offering incredible tracking and shipping capabilities for customers and companies that sell online. It can also be utilized by using the AfterShip mobile application.

    Access the AfterShip customized tracking page that lets online businesses make a tracking site that reflects their distinctive brand’s identity through logos, vibrant graphics, feeds from social media, and more.

    AfterShip integrates with the major selling channels and more than 600 carriers.

    7. Ordoro

    shipping software
    shipping software companies

    It’s a cloud-based eCommerce shipping platform that offers advanced reporting and analytics that assist you in streamlining your eCommerce processes across different sales channels. In addition, the standard plan includes lower costs for shipping, automation regulations, and barcode scanners, and there is no fulfillment of cost for prime.

    The user interface of Ordoro is a little more complex than its counterparts. It is a bit more involved in onboarding and learning and onboarding, but once you get used to the system’s functionality, it will leave you amazed by its capabilities. It is organized and well-organized however, it takes time before you are ready to use it regularly.

    8. ShipEngine

    shipping software
    shipping software companies

    ShipEngine offers an API that will help you automate the delivery and fulfillment of your orders. ShipEngine’s shipping APIs let users evaluate the current shipping rates from over 30 carriers and integrate. In addition, their API allows you to monitor your delivery and merchandise.

    ShipEngine API ShipEngine API also allows you to verify your addresses worldwide. This reduces the number of errors in the details of the client. ShipStation is a cloud-based software that provides users with a user interface who require one. ShipEngine provides an API that connects with your current technology.

    9. ShipWorks: Best for Selling on Marketplaces

    shipping software
    shipping software companies

    If you’re an enterprise-level eCommerce firm dealing with lots of marketplace selling, ShipWorks can be your ideal shipping program. Pricing plans vary between $25 and $199 per month and include a 30-day trial free of charge; plans differ in relation to the number of shipments you’ll need to be able to send each month, which ranges in size from 300 to infinite.

    ShipWorks integrates with over 80 marketplaces, shopping carts, and order management platforms. This is the biggest number of channels that are compatible with all of them. This is why it’s an ideal choice for companies that sell on multiple marketplaces. You’ll be able to connect every channel you’re using with ShipWorks. This helps consolidate all your management of orders into one place and allows you to import orders from all your channels.

    Things to consider before purchasing e-commerce shipping software?

    While many of the benefits and features of shipping software are the same, there are still some distinctions. So, select the right software that best meets the specific needs of your business.

    Shipping volume

    Think about your shipping volume in a month. Then, evaluate the cost of each solution by the amount of shipping volume it can handle over the course of a month. It can help you narrow down the most suitable software for your budget, and it will not appear to be an expense for your company.


    Find out if the software works within the area(s) that your company requires. It’s all about your customers; therefore, you need to select the software that is able to serve your customers. In the absence of that, there’s no need to pick it.


    Take into consideration your company’s needs and expectations of your customers and profit margins to select the best shipping software to provide features that complement these characteristics. Options like tracking, printing shipping labels, and email notifications are standard in all shipping software. However, you can avail of sophisticated features such as dropshipping, inventory management, and so on if your company requires them.

    The most important thing is to select the program with useful features for your company, nothing less or more.

    Ease of use

    The software that you choose for shipping is one that can be easily used by all members of your team, regardless of their technical expertise. It should have clear and easy-to-read displays that include all the details on the status of your orders, shipping fulfillment, inventory, and so on. It should allow you to access all the necessary information at a glance.

    Additionally, it should permit integration with other tools that your team utilizes to improve productivity and avoid switching between multiple tools.

    Customer service

    Customer service
    9 Best Ecommerce Shipping Software in 2022 13

    Support for customers plays an essential part as problems can come up anytime. So, you should choose shipping software with excellent support via various methods like phone chat, calls chat, emails, and more. In addition, it should have a simple information base that can answer the most frequently asked questions so that users can assist themselves.

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