How to Select the Best Product for Reselling: Guide to Becoming a Ecommerce Reseller

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    Resellers play an important part in the retail industry and the wider economy, acting as the bridge between manufacturers and consumers. Resellers are on the market to earn an income. However, they also assist in merchandise distribution, provide storage, and understand customer preferences. Understanding the responsibilities and duties of a reseller will aid you in deciding whether this is the ideal career for you. In the article below, we’ll discuss the role of resellers, their responsibilities, and the benefits of their profession.

    What is a reseller?

    online reseller

    The term “reseller” refers to a company or an individual who buys products in huge quantities from wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors. Then, the reseller sells the products at prices usually lower than the suggested retail price suggested by the manufacturer. The reseller is not the one who produces the items they sell on their own. Instead, resellers buy products from suppliers and then sell the items at a higher cost to companies and individuals. 

    Resellers can purchase products wholesale and then offer them for sale, which means they earn greater profit margins than customers who buy retail. Resellers might also offer incentives that suppliers can’t offer, like lower prices and one-stop shopping, by creating an online shop that can meet multiple needs simultaneously. Resellers profit from economies of scale when they purchase bulk, making their services or products less expensive than other suppliers.

    In e-commerce, resellers seek items with the most attractive prices to offer these products through their websites for online stores, mobile apps, or E-commerce platforms. Many e-commerce companies are considered resellers since they’re not selling their products or products exclusively designed by their customers. In addition, mobile apps are becoming more well-known and effective in e-commerce. So, look over our post to discover why your online business should consider a mobile-friendly app.

    What are the benefits of being a Ecommerce reseller?

    Reselling has become a favored career choice, as evident by the growth of small and online shops that sell reselling. Here are a few reasons you should think about setting up a reselling company:

    An efficient, streamlined business process

    Once they’ve established a market, resellers can swiftly fulfill customer orders. It is possible to do this since they already have a list of trusted suppliers that can meet orders on very short notice. As a result, resellers can devote more time to finding new customers and searching for more profitable products to market and sell.


    Selling can be a flexible option for your career since it lets you pick from a range of products and manufacturers to sell. If you’re a smaller reseller that doesn’t have an extensive inventory, you may be able to swiftly switch between products to maximize profit and decrease risk should marketplace demand change.

    Fast expansion

    The flexibility and efficiency of reselling make it simple to grow the business quickly, particularly when using online sales and marketing channels. If you have a good awareness of the market and strong relations with suppliers, you could achieve the scale you want quickly and at a relatively inexpensive cost.

    Manufacturer Support

    Resellers usually have access to various support from manufacturers and producers of their products. Manufacturers and producers provide support in terms of marketing, technical and logistical assistance to support the activities of their retailers. They also offer training to help resellers learn about their products’ functions, features, and advantages. Manufacturers and producers also offer marketing channels that assist resellers in increasing their interaction with their customers.

    Five ideas and ecommerce business opportunities for resellers

    Reselling opens up numerous opportunities for potential business possibilities since there is no need to spend money on product development or manufacturing. This makes selling products at home a fantastic business idea that can be started as a side-job and expanded according to your needs.

    1. Dropshipping is a business

    It is possible to begin a dropshipping company that provides you with the opportunity to sell many different products without having to stock any inventory. With a dropshipping model for business, you only need to promote and sell the items. The dropshipping company handles everything related to products, including product development, warehouses, and tracking up to the delivery of your order.

    Dropshipping is a low-risk business strategy since it doesn’t require a purchase of inventory and the expenses associated with keeping the stock. Furthermore, the company will ship items for you, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics involved.

    2. Sneakers business

    reseller business

    Shoes cover a variety of styles, from athletic shoes and stylish heels to stylish sneakers and everything in-between. Of course, there is always a need for shoes, so you’ll be able to make your collection new by launching seasonal collections. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to launch your own shoe company.

    The New Jersey-based Shopify merchant Packer Shoes began as a tiny local custom shoe shop. However, the business has grown significantly from its humble beginnings in 1907 due to its omnichannel model. Packer Shoes sells more than just shoes, with their designs and other brands, such as sneakers of household names like Adidas.

    3. Vintage boutique

    The market for reselling used goods is massive: in the U.S. alone, there are over 220,000 shops that sell old items, resulting in annual revenues of approximately $17.6 billion. Therefore, a vintage store is an excellent opportunity to resell your goods to make the most of this business opportunity. There are many ways to take advantage of this opportunity.

    You can use the technical definition of items over 50 years old and younger than 100years or take ideas from trends from the past. COAL N Terry is the latter, offering a vintage collection of clothing.

    You can sell vintage clothes, antique furniture, or any other knick-knacks you come across. The most important thing to be successful in a vintage reselling company is knowing what buyers are searching for. For instance, Corningware from the past is highly sought-after by an exclusive buyers market.

    4. Consignment

    Like the options offered by the vintage boutique, you could also start a consignment store. Consignment shops offer high-end or high-end used items, not all of which are vintage or antique. Some products are more modern.

    Love That Bag, etc. For instance, Love That Bag is an example of a Shopify retailer which operates an online consignment store. Although they sell designer bags at a price that is less than the cost of a brand new one, they are more expensive than the bags you’ll find in an antique shop.

    5. Subscription box

    Subscription boxes gained popularity when companies like Birchbox made their debut on the e-commerce market. It’s a flexible model of business which is ideal for being a reseller. You can create various items and then pack the items into one box.

    If you are looking to start your own subscription-based business, start by identifying the market you want to target and search for products that meet the needs and wants of your customers. Next, you can put the items in themed boxes and launch each week, each quarter, month, or whatever time frame you’d like to reach.

    How to become a reseller  

    The instructions to be a reseller

    1. Source stock  

    Find products you can sell. It is possible to search for items you already own or get from family and friends. If you can access inexpensive bulk goods, think about selling these items. Choose the items you would like to sell, whether it’s furniture, clothing, antique products, technology, or other equipment. It is possible to identify an area that you can easily access which isn’t crowded.

    2. Identify your sales channels

    Once you’ve got your stock and you have a plan, you will be able to get your message in front of the right people. One of the most efficient ways to begin is by using an internet-based marketplace. They typically come with pre-designed tools to display and advertise your items. They also integrate payment systems that ensure that your transactions are safe and properly documented. You can create an account on any one of these sites and start selling your products.

    3. Register the business  

    It is possible to register your business for a license to operate. When you register, you will need to specify where your business is located or where it is registered. Registration of a company can protect you from fraud and encourage customers to view the company as legitimate. It also helps you prepare for obtaining a Resale License.

    4. Get your resale license

    How to Select the Best Product for Reselling: Guide to Becoming a Ecommerce Reseller 5

    A resale license is an authorization from the state where you reside to sell products without paying sales tax on items it buys for sale. Customers still have to pay sales tax on the items they purchase from you, and you can send the tax back to the state regularly. 

    Some marketplaces will handle these for you, which could be another reason to start using an account. Also, a resale license gives you access to businesses that sell bulk items through auctions to retailers. For example, a clothes store could sell huge amounts of unsold or returned items to resellers. by obtaining a license, you’ll be able to use the clothes and turn them into profits.

    Five platforms where you can resell

    1. Amazon

    Amazon is, without doubt, a trusted and trusted website that draws over 20.6 million users every month. Selling on Amazon instantly creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence with your buyers. Additionally, such a large number of people visiting your site means your products will be more likely to be looked at.

    Any seller who sells everything will be able to run a business through Amazon. It’s just a matter of ensuring that your price is sufficiently competitive to stand out without losing a large portion of your profit margins. If you’re a small-scale business owner, it may be more difficult since some sellers sell in large amounts, making pricing extremely competitive.

    2. Bonanza

    This company, based in Seattle, is a relatively new player in the world of E-commerce However, it’s doing exceptionally well. With over 100,000 sellers and more than 35 million products, Bonanza is a large and active community of online stores. In 2016 it was named one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by

    Bonanza will suit sellers who want that they wish to market online. Additionally, the charges for selling through the platform (called the Final Offer Value) are reasonable compared to other platforms.

    3. Chairish

    reseller online

    As the name implies, Chairish is specially designed to sell home furnishings and artwork. All you have to do is take the furniture, make a list with a description and title and finally determine the price.

    When you put your items up for sale on Chairish, the curators examine them to ensure they are in line with their specifications. They will then go over the photos you have provided and create the products available for sale. Chairish is also in charge of the logistics for shipping, and there’s no need to fret about the shipping of large furniture pieces. You are also able to choose your own method of shipping depending on what you prefer.

    4. Craigslist

    The online selling platform has no fees for listing or selling and is ideally for merchants and local sellers who would prefer to manage their business on their own. In addition, it is a great alternative for selling products that are bulky or expensive to ship, for example, furniture.

    Certain users prefer Craigslist because they get to meet the buyers they’re selling to, which means there’s an element of social interaction. Additionally, you can receive cash-in-hand and don’t need to pay for costs for shipping or network charges. However, if you’re worried about being scammed or don’t want to be personally involved in transactions, Craigslist could not work the right choice for you.

    5. eBay

    With over 250 million users and 170 million customers, eBay is one of the world’s biggest and most diverse online marketplaces. It was established in 1995. marketplace may be regarded as an auction website; however, the “Buy it now” option allows you to sell your items immediately for a fixed price.

    There’s practically nothing you can’t offer on eBay, such as electronics, books, furniture, jewelry, and essential oils. Like Amazon its size, eBay’s size ensures that you are always at the possibility of being confused within the crowd.

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