9 eCommerce Podcasts for Amazon Sellers

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    eCommerce Podcasts
    9 eCommerce Podcasts for Amazon Sellers 5

    eCommerce Podcasts have become a regular part of our everyday lives. From those long road trips to visit family and friends, the treadmill at the gym, or the slow down of rush hour traffic, podcasts keep us tuned in, engaged, and feeling connected.

    Maybe you look forward to your first cup of coffee with your daily podcast, or perhaps you’re looking for educational content, or maybe you’re just browsing for entertainment value. Whatever way you slice it, podcasts have risen in popularity. With over 100 million Americans tuning into podcasts, it’s safe to say these audio bits of joy and conversation aren’t a fleeting content deliverable.

    Whether you are new to online business or a seasoned e-commerce expert, various podcasts can help you navigate your online journey.

    More specifically, if you’re an Amazon seller, there are a few solid podcasts that have popped up in the last few years. Many of these podcasts are geared towards the various challenges but also triumphs we as Amazon sellers face.

    We’ll outline 9 e-commerce podcats that you should be checking out.

    E-commerce Podcasts

    #1 The GaryVee Audio Experience

    Love or hate him; you can’t deny this man puts out content that has forever changed the way people think about e-commerce and content combined. With his no-bs approach and hints of comic relief, Gary Vee is a staple in the world of podcasts and a true must-listen if you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur.

    Alongside some heavy hitters in the industry, Gary provides real context to real people striving for excellence yet may be lacking a bit of that extra grit. He tells it like it is in both his experience in marketing and business.

    If you’re looking for motivation and real-time entrepreneurial business advice, this is the podcast for you.

    #2 Seller Sessions

    Founder and host Danny Macmillian shares a similar no-bs approach as Gary Vee. This content is a deep dive into all things e-commerce, business, and Amazon.

    Danny’s ingenuity in Amazon has made him a front-running leader in the Amazon space, and his podcast is no exception. He’s teamed up with two brilliant co-hosts Izabela Hamilton and Sharon Even.

    Both these women bring a refreshing perspective to the Amazon business world, and along with their guest speakers, they dig into what it takes to succeed on Amazon.

    Take a deep dive into product research and branding, source products with the best of the best, get detailed insights to impacts of tech, and find solutions to carve out better e-commerce business practices. 

    It wouldn’t be a list without Seller Sessions. The contributions this team has made to the Amazon community far outweigh the comments herein. It’s worth your time and energy to check out.

    eCommerce Podcasts
    9 eCommerce Podcasts for Amazon Sellers 6

    #3  EcommerceFuel

    Geared towards the more experienced e-commerce business owners, EcommerceFuel provides content at the seven-figure and higher level. High-level content for those looking for in-depth information and accredited research with various experts who’ve built top-performing e-commerce ventures.

    Discover the juicy tidbits of scaling an online business, and gain proven plans of action to take charge of your online biz. If you’re a fan of data and high-level POA’s, this podcast is right up your alley.

    #4  The Strategy Hour

    A badass female-hosted podcast, these two hosts are savvy businesswomen with knowledge in marketing, social media, money, and creative business strategies.

    The reason this podcast made fourth place is due to the diversity in the information it provides. It’s not fluffy, and it comes with some fantastic speakers sharing knowledge and insight and, of course, actionable takeaways to help you start and scale an e-comm business masterpiece.

    Topics covered range from scaling online enterprises, social media strategies, affiliate marketing, productivity, etc. A mixed bag of great content helps those just starting or those hustling along in the scaling phase.

    Amazon Specific eCommerce Podcasts

    #5 Prime Talk E-Commerce Podcast

    It’s the nitty-gritty podcasts that leave lasting impressions. Prime Talk E-Commerce Podcast by GETIDA’s founding member Yoni Mazor dives into the heart of the e-commerce entrepreneur. Yoni strives to push his guests to hear the why of their journey while also providing high-level, exciting information and content for Amazon sellers.

    Topics range from positioning your Amazon exit, scaling an Amazon business, to personal stories of resilience. Prime Talk is a well-rounded podcast for anyone in Amazon curious about how people “made it” or what they can do to better their business.

    eCommerce Podcasts
    9 eCommerce Podcasts for Amazon Sellers 7

    #6 AM/PM Podcast

    It wouldn’t be a fair breakdown of Amazon podcasts without Tim Jordan and his AM/PM Podcast. Tim’s passion for entrepreneurial life is tangible, and his keen interest in the Amazon landscape comes through in his podcast.

    One example is the podcast from late Feb 2021, where he and his guest speaker Chelsea Cohen openly discuss when to stay the course and when to change direction in the entrepreneurial e-commerce journey.

    Many podcasts tend to circulate the same content and experts, where Tim does a great job at having meaningful conversations that aren’t always so common. It’s the real deal of Amazon podcasts.

    #7 Amazing Exits Podcats

    Kellianne Fedio has an interesting story to share. A once practicing lawyer, Kellianne left her corporate job to become an entrepreneur, and she believes that was her calling.

    Her focus is helping Amazon sellers create sales-worthy businesses, and her podcast is aligned to the serious sellers looking for value.

    She and her co-host Paul Miller discuss how Amazon sellers can scale their business to the ultimate goal of a winning exit. Kellianne and Paul combined, offer a powerhouse of information in this home-run podcast.

    Topics they cover range from funding, scaling, profitability, and more. This is a nuts and bolts podcast of how to align your Amazon business with a robust exit strategy.

    #8 Wizards of Ecom

    The premise behind Wizards of Ecom (founded and hosted by Carlos Alvarez) is why it’s so valued on this list; sellers helping sellers. His podcast is an excellent window to the inner workings of how to structure an Amazon business and what it takes to scale.

    Areas that may interest you include launch strategies, content creation & marketing, diversifying sales channels, and more—all highly relevant and actionable information to all Amazon sellers at all stages. Highly recommended!

    eCommerce Podcasts
    9 eCommerce Podcasts for Amazon Sellers 8

    #9  Firing The Man

    Aside from the name’s creativity, Firing the Man is more than a well-crafted phrase strung together.

    Serial entrepreneurs Ken Wilson and David Schomer offer up both their highs and lows of their own e-commerce experience and provide detailed insight from the Amazon world and beyond.

    Some key areas that may interest Amazon sellers are Amazon listing optimization, how to sell physical products, PPC, and various tips and tricks surrounding productivity and what they call life hacks geared toward online entrepreneurs.

    Final Thoughts

    Podcasts offer a great variety of content for the e-commerce entrepreneur, from motivational speakers, life hacks, Amazon specifics, and the hustle and grind of entrepreneurial life. Dialing into a podcast and making it a part of your daily routine is a great way to relieve stress, learn and create an active mindset.

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