Ecommerce Marketing Calendar for 2022

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    If you own an online company, you’ve heard the procedure: Having the right promotional calendar to promote your events for marketing and shopping is essential to meet your sales goals.

    The most successful brands organize their participation in sales and sales events ahead of time. So, we’ve put together the complete month-to-month ecommerce marketing calendar of events for shopping that you can find online.

    In addition, you will find all the significant dates of sales with all the essential sales dates Amazon sellers and online store owners as well. You will know precisely when and how you can delight your customers and increase your sales by 2022.

    January 2022

    With consumers looking for ways to spend their Christmas cash and redeem gift cards, January is among the most popular months for both sellers and shoppers alike. Sales after the holidays attract smart buyers with an appetite to indulge. It’s also an ideal opportunity to showcase your brand to potential customers.

    In addition, the majority of consumers are spending money on their resolutions for the new year. This month and Dry January are great occasions to support shoppers with your products in achieving their objectives just before Chocolate Cake Day arrives at the end of the month.

    Happy New Year signage
    New Year

    ecommerce marketing calendar for January:

    • 1st January – New Year’s Day
    • 6th January – National Shortbread Day
    • 17th January – Blue Monday
    • 25th January – Burns Night
    • 26th January – Australia Day
    • 27th January – Chocolate Cake Day

    February 2022

    With New Year resolutions being often abandoned, February offers many opportunities for dreamers, lovers, and sweet tooth cravings. From World Nutella Day to Valentine’s Day to Shrove Tuesday. It’s a great time to let your creative inclinations free this month by using promotions for your top-selling products to increase sales.

    ecommerce marketing calendar for February

    • 1st – 28th February – LGBT History Month
    • 4th – World Cancer Day
    • 5th – World Nutella Day
    • 6th – Yorkshire Pudding Day
    • 9th – National Pizza Day
    • 14th – Valentine’s Day
    • 17th – Random Act of Kindness Day
    • 20th – Love Your Pet Day

    March 2022

    As winter comes to an end and the cold winter months are to come, people are looking forward to the first day of summer with temperatures at the 20-degree mark. Why not take advantage of this jolly mood to celebrate International Women’s Day or Mother’s Day by sending out email-based campaigns that will bring your returning customers to your shop to buy for their loved family members? Also, with Saint Patrick’s Day around the next week, you could include some (green) hues in your advertisements. If that’s not enough to make things more interesting, What else can you do?

    ecommerce marketing calendar for March:

    • 1st March – Shrove Tuesday
    • 1st March – St David’s Day
    • 1st March – Pancake Day
    • 2nd March – Ash Wednesday
    • 3rd March – World Book Day
    • 8th March – International Women’s Day
    • 10th March – Popcorn Lovers Day
    • 13th March – BAFTA’s
    • 17th March – St Patrick’s Day
    • 20th March – First Day of Spring
    • 25th March – International Waffle Day
    • 27th March – Mother’s Day
    • 27th March is when BST begins

    April 2022

    In the midst of eating chocolate Easter eggs as well as other sweets in the days leading up to Christmas, you should be putting in your marketing campaigns for retailers. This April Fool’s Day is a perfect opportunity for both you and the brand(s) to showcase some discounts that appear too tempting to be real. If that’s not your thing, then you could promote your product as Easter presents to customers in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. April: Sorted.

    ecommerce marketing calendar for April

    • 1st April – April Fool’s Day
    • 3rd April – Ramadan Start
    • 10th April – Siblings Day
    • 11th April – National Pet Day
    • 15th April – Good Friday
    • 17th April – Easter Sunday
    • 18th April – Easter Monday
    • 19th April – Bicycle Day
    • 21st April – National Tea Day
    • 22nd April – Earth Day
    • 23rd April – St George’s Day

    May 2022

    As temperatures reach the 20-degree mark repeatedly, so why not celebrate returning summer vibes by celebrating that long-awaited World Cocktail Day? If drinking isn’t something you enjoy, then you can take your shoppers back to your kitchen by offering them shopping opportunities around World Baking Day or National Biscuit Day. World Baking or National Biscuit Day.

    ecommerce marketing calendar for May:

    • 1st – End of Ramadan
    • 2nd – Early May Bank Holiday
    • 4th – Star Wars Day
    • 11th – National Eat What You Want Day
    • 13th – World Cocktail Day
    • 16th May – International Day of Light
    • 17th May – World Baking Day
    • 20th May – World Bee Day
    • 29th May – National Biscuit Day
    • 31st May – Spring Bank Holiday

    June 2022

    June. It’s a busy month when it pertains to our marketing calendar for retail. Wold Gin Day, National Beer Day, Father’s Day and the start of summer ought to provide marketers with enough inspiration to launch some social media-related campaigns. If you’re willing to participate with your customers for a whole month, Why not consider sponsoring your local pride organization to help build your image

    ecommerce marketing calendar
    International yoga day

    ecommerce marketing calendar for June:

    • 1st- Global Day of Parents
    • 1st June – 30th – Pride Month
    • 2nd Spring Bank Holiday
    • 3rd June – Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday
    • 11th June – World Gin Day
    • 19th June – Father’s Day
    • 21st June – International Day of Yoga
    • 21st June – Summer Solstice
    • 22nd – 26th June – Glastonbury Festival
    • 25th June – Midsummer’s Day

    July 2022

    While it may appear to be an insignificant month, you can make the most of this time to build up your supplies and make marketing plans for the coming school-related chaos. If you’re in July, you could keep your customers happy by making use of World Chocolate Day or the beginning of the school holiday to promote your sales promotions.

    ecommerce marketing calendar for July:

    • 4th July – American Independence Day
    • 7th July – World Chocolate Day
    • 17th July – World Emoji Day
    • 30th July – Islamic New Year
    • 30th July – International Day of Friendship
    • 31st July – National Avocado Day

    August 2022

    With everyone having a blast during the holidays, it’s not easy to draw your customers’ attention. The good news is that they are on the internet this month. However, you’ll need to get a bit more specific about the clients you’d like to target:

    Book Lovers Day, World Photo Day or National Dog Day attract a broad audience but with distinct interests. Don’t get too complicated; simply choose the right events that align with your company’s image.

    ecommerce marketing calendar for August:

    • 5th August – International Beer Day
    • 8th August – International Cat Day
    • 9th August – Book Lovers Day
    • 19th August – World Photography Day
    • 25th August – National Burger Day
    • 26th August – National Dog Day
    • 29th August – Summer Bank Holiday

    September 2022

    As most shoppers return from their holidays, their children must return to school. It’s a perfect opportunity to present some specials and price discounts to your customers. It’s the time of year when World Guacamole Day spices things up for those in the field of food (or have an innovative Marketing team).

    ecommerce marketing calendar for September:

    • 1st September – Autumn Begins
    • 5th September (differs by school)
    • 6th September – Labour Day (US)
    • 6th September – Read a Book Day
    • 12th September – National Chocolate Milkshake Day
    • 16th September – World Guacamole Day
    • 27th September – World Tourism Day

    October 2022

    October is a great month for sales dates for sellers on e-commerce. If you’re looking to boost the energy level of your customers, you can use International Coffee Day to attach some coffee samples with your orders. The same can be done for your customers who are vegetarian.

    In the last week of the month, Pumpkin Day, Halloween and other Halloween celebrations are two well-known occasions to provide discounts and sales for seasonal goods.

    white ceramic coffee cup on saucer
    International Coffee Day

    ecommerce marketing calendar for October:

    • 1st October – International Coffee Day
    • 1st October – World Vegetarian Day
    • 10th October – World Mental Health Day
    • 16th October – World Food Day
    • 22nd October – National Nut Day
    • 25th October – World Pasta Day
    • 26th October – National Pumpkin Day
    • 29th October – National Cat Day
    • 30th October BST closes
    • 31st October – Halloween

    November 2022

    It is the month that retailers adore and loathe the most. There is no other month that has been busier, thrilling, exhilarating, and stressful throughout the entire year. Check that you have your stock levels, inventory and sale plans are current. The week prior to Black Friday can be as busy as Black Friday itself. Even if you do not sell tech products, make sure your most popular items are discounted and advertised during Cyber Monday. These events aren’t designed to provide discounts.

    The key dates for November:

    • 1st – World Vegan Day
    • 5th – Guy Fawkes Night
    • 11th – Remembrance Day
    • 13th – Remembrance Sunday
    • 25th – Black Friday
    • 28th – Cyber Monday
    • 30th St Andrew’s Day

    December 2022

    You’ve probably achieved your sales targets. If you haven’t, don’t be concerned. Demand remains extremely high, as everyone is looking for presents for their loved family members. Make sure to advertise and reduce your most giftable items with a clear lead-time guarantee. To ensure that your customers know the day that they can make their purchases to arrive at the right time to celebrate Christmas.

    green sofa chair beside green christmas tree
    Christmas Day

    Dates that are important in December:

    • 4th December – National Cookie Day
    • 14th December – Christmas Jumper Day
    • 21st December – Winter Solstice
    • 25th December – Christmas Day
    • 26th December – Boxing Day
    • 28th December – Bank Holiday
    • 31st December – New Year’s Eve


    We have found out this 2022 eCommerce marketing calendar so that you plan and use these dates for marketing and, run a marketing campaign according to the calendar, and get maximum sales, I hope you like it

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