10 Best Practice for a Perfect Ecommerce Customer Service

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    Being able to provide customer service in e-commerce is not an easy task. According to research conducted by Harvard Business Review, the customer service department was among the most affected functions of a company because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This conclusion was derived from an analysis of more than 1 million calls to customer service, which revealed a significant rise in discontent and anxiety, with service representatives finding it difficult to effectively respond.

    In today’s “Customer-first” era offering a great customer service experience is vital for all e-commerce companies in all shapes, sizes, and types. This is backed up by research showing that customer support is the top element determining a customer’s confidence in an organization. It’s not just that, for approximately 95 % of customers, customer service is the most important factor in their loyalty to brands, and an astounding 89 % of customers will be more inclined to purchase another purchase after having good satisfaction with customer support.

    What is eCommerce Customer Service?

    Customer service for eCommerce is offering assistance to customers who shop online, from helping them make better buying choices to solving issues and providing a seamless customer experience through many contact points.

    If your customers on your website are having issues when they complete the purchase or require post-sales help, the customer service representatives can provide prompt assistance. Customer service for ecommerce will assist you with the following issues:

    Customer service issues include problems when you are finishing the checkout process, inability to add products to the basket, coupons that are not valid or coupons, etc.

    Questions are frequently asked about product returns, refunds, and delivery.

    The requirement of providing an identical experience across various communication channels

    The benefits of having a great eCommerce customer service

    The best customer support for eCommerce isn’t just beneficial for shoppers who shop online. It’s also beneficial for businesses selling e-commerce, too. Here’s how:

    Retaining loyal customers. If online shoppers feel valued their customer loyalty grows. PwC’s report on customer satisfaction discovered that companies with superior customer service draw clients who will more often sign up for newsletters, sign up for promotions, and to make repeated purchases. It’s a tangible financial benefit that could boost your profits.

    Helps attract more customers. Good news spreads fast. The more frequently your customers have a pleasant experience and are satisfied, the more likely they will share the good news about it and refer potential customers to your business online, creating additional value for your business.

    Enhancing conversion rates. E-commerce conversion rates are an important metric and can be difficult to improve. Customer service that good can prospective buyers get over the line and help them move to the most important metric for conversion, sales.

    10 Best practice for ecommerce customer service

    We will go over each of the strategies we have mentioned above:

    1. Maintain Consistent Customer Service

    ecommerce customer service

    Ensuring consistent customer service that exceeds the total customer experience cost of constructing an eCommerce website is a major aspect that an eCommerce company must focus on when creating an eCommerce website for its intended customers. Even if the customers’ expectations do not meet the expectations of the user experience, There is a high chance of failure as an eCommerce company.

    If a client is initially satisfied with your business, It is reasonable to expect that same level of service in subsequent interactions. Thus, you must ensure that your customer service is consistent.

    Customers expect the same quality of service across all the communication channels your business uses. This is because they do not want to be with no information about the result of the conversation. Customer service should also be highest during crucial and urgent occasions, like a sale. Remember that you’ll lose the sale immediately if your customer care isn’t on par when selling something.

    Customer service is vital to decrease the response time of your customers. Additionally, you will gain more insight into your customers’ preferences and purchasing journeys. As a result, you can ensure guaranteed sales. Furthermore, the initial contact resolution will be higher with constant customer support.

    2. Automate Your Customer Service Process

    Customer service for online retailers can be challenging since agents are faced with many problems with support, constant pressure, deadlines, and challenging customers.

    This is precisely where an automated customer care procedure comes in and allows you to rise above the routine, tedious manual tasks. Using a chatbot for Shopify, for example, can free up time by taking charge of simple queries so your team members can resolve more complicated issues that require a human touch. A workflow that is automated makes the lives of everyone easier- customer service agents, managers, and customers.

    3. Meet customers on their terms

    In the world of eCommerce, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Customers expect a customized method that is tailored to them as individuals. Companies must be in constant contact with their clients via customer service. This means that they will have a greater knowledge of their customers and build lasting, long-lasting relationships with them.

    To thrive in the modern marketplace, ensure that you meet your customers’ ever-evolving expectations and preferences. For example, some customers prefer receiving help over the phone, while others prefer live chat and regular email communications. Additionally, some customers like using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for communication.

    But, you need to satisfy your clients according to their preferences. It is, therefore, vital to creating an approach to customer service that is compatible with your business. It’s the aim to surpass and exceed the expectations of your customers.

    4. Meet your e-commerce customers on the channels they prefer

    Customers today have certain expectations regarding communications. Consumers who are online want to be able to connect with their favorite brands through email, social media, real-time messaging, offline support channels, as well as phone calls.

    However, keeping track of the multitude of platforms can prove to be a major obstacle and affect the speed of response of your team.

    For instance, here’s how we can integrate Twitter into the Groove inbox to provide Our service to customers:

    ecommerce customer service
    how to improve customer service in ecommerce

    Instead of forcing an agent to stop doing what they’re doing and instead check their social media daily (or every hour), channel all your communications into your inbox using integrations.

    The same basic process can be applied to Facebook:

    ecommerce customer service
    10 Best Practice for a Perfect Ecommerce Customer Service 6

    What about live chat and telephone support? Absolutely. Both of them should be incorporated into your central help desk software. This includes any other channels of communication you know your customers are interested in and are using:

    Suppose you are attentive to your customers’ conversations regardless of whether they occur within your inbox or via other channels. In that case, you can better cater to your customers’ needs.

    5. Provide real-time support via Live Chat

    Certain tools aid in helping commerce companies grow more quickly. Chatbots, live chat, and co-browsing are among the many tools available. Particularly, chatbots and live chat can play a significant role in providing excellent customer service.

    According to Econsultancy that 79% of customers prefer live chat due to the speed and convenience it provides compared to other options. Live chat is a great option for businesses because it can cut costs by reducing the time of interactions with customers and thus boost sales and increase conversion rate.

    A great customer service experience is achievable by using the live chat application and tools for live engagement, which can increase the satisfaction of customers.

    A live chat feature can improve the satisfaction of customers by reducing the average time for response. In addition, if you can answer customers’ queries and questions immediately, customers are more likely to stay on your site without buying.

    6. Improve your response time  

    The internet is about speed and ease. People who shop online expect rapid responses and quick responses. As per Statista, 12 percent of Americans identify their biggest complaint about services provided by the company as “lack of speed.”

    The ability to let customers contact your customer support team via different channels isn’t enough. The key to having a productive team is to find the right combination of speed and ease.

    Suppose you can provide customers with the same level of quality within a short amount of time and across various channels. In that case, you’re well on your way to a complete multichannel customer service plan.

    7. Offer in-app support for mobile users

    ecommerce customer service

    The statistics on online shopping reveal that 79 % of smartphone users have purchased something on the internet using their smartphones within the last six months. In addition, nearly 40 % of online transactions during the holiday season are completed using a smartphone.

    It is clear If you run an online store, you must be able to take into account mobile shoppers and think about mobile shopping. If you’re in the process of doing so, you’re not considering those who could be your customers.

    Support options for customers in your apps for business are crucial. 80 % of customers used their mobile phones in the physical store to read reviews of products or compare prices or locate alternative locations for stores.

    Chatbots can be very beneficial in providing support in-app for mobile users. It can increase the value of support, whether you utilize the chatbot on WooCommerce or Shopify, or another eCommerce platform.

    8. Easy shipping, return, and payments

    Free shipping attracts all customers; therefore, any online business must strive to offer no shipping charges as it is possible. The creation of a dedicated shipping site is also helpful, as it allows customers to keep track of their orders whenever they want. It should also be clear how to process returns, how long it will take, and what method they will use to receive the refund, whether it’s cash or store credit or some other method.

    For payment options, the more choices, the more convenient – Credit/Debit Card Pay on Delivery EMI, Discount Coupons, and more. These tools can help make it easier and faster for customers to purchase a product and then close the sale.

    9. Leverage social media

    ecommerce customer service

    Social media is a powerful tool to draw potential customers and make deals based on their interests and likes. Additionally, keeping track of birthdays and birthdays or sending out gift cards or discounts to show appreciation can help establish customer loyalty.

    10. Optimize, measure and repeat

    The customer service process is not fixed in stone. Companies must be proactive in solving customer issues and constantly improve processes by analyzing information.

    Analyzing your team’s performance by channel, analyzing the busiest hours, and keeping track of the latest trends among your customers are only a few aspects you can improve by monitoring and enhancing outcomes.

    Implementing a system to monitor performance can provide a basis for future decisions that are the initial step toward customer service success.

    3 Best ecommerce customer service software

    1. Zendesk: Best customer service tool for larger e-commerce businesses
    2. Gorgias: Best integration with other  e-commerce platforms
    3. Avochato: Best for live chat support

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