A Complete Ecommerce Copywriting Guide in 2022+ FREE Examples

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    Copywriting is the primary aspect of writing content. Copywriting is a method of writing that you are focused on creating content that will inspire your audience to take action. It requires using persuasive and easy-to-read words that the audience can easily identify with.

    If you manage your online shop, you know the importance of promoting your business through social media and other platforms to boost the visibility of your website by writing copy.

    Suppose you utilize sales letters and social media posts, advertisements, blog posts, and other types of content. In that case, you should arm yourself with some of the most useful SEO copywriting tips.

    learning copywriting

    What Is Copywriting?

    Copywriting is the art of creating persuasive promotional and marketing materials that entice individuals to take a particular course of action, like buying something or clicking an advertisement, making a donation to an organization, or booking an appointment.

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    They can also include written advertisements printed in print or on the internet. They may also include spoken material, like scripts for videos or commercials. The content in these materials is called “copy,” hence the term “copywriting.” It’s not obvious yet, but copywriting is everywhere.

    In reality, if you start by going through your mailer, there are plenty of obvious illustrations of the art of copywriting. For example, copywriting includes restaurant promotions catalogs, fundraising correspondence from charitable organizations, and sales letters for various goods and services.

    Source : awai

    However, the realm of copywriting isn’t limited to printed material. A lot of what you read online is copywriting, for example, most web pages, subscription-based free reports, or the emails you receive after signing up.

    What is eCommerce copywriting?

    Ecommerce copywriting is the process of writing promotional material to sell online. It’s about finding the right balance between enticing customers, promoting the product’s benefits, and ranking it high on Google. Examples of copywriting for e-commerce include product descriptions, landing page copy, and sales and marketing. It’s anything that you put on your website.

    Here’s a good illustration: this description of the product from Allbirds shows the product’s advantages in solving an issue and being entertaining and concise.

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    Why is eCommerce copywriting so important?

    Take a moment to think about this for a minute. What did you last purchase something on the internet without reading any descriptions of the product?

    Yes, I’m not the only one.

    When you’re ready to buy that item, What will keep your attention longer? An image of the item or a professionally written sales letter of the benefits you will get from it?

    Copywriting is the key to the power of online sales. Have you ever thought about how certain brands are more successful than others on search results? It all comes down to the words they’re using about themselves and how they’re saying them.

    • Increase conversions with your best selling points. 80% of viewers skim content while only 20 percent are reading. Copywriters with great skills can effectively communicate and strategically place the most compelling selling points to be easily read.
    • Today, most internet users have lower attention spans than goldfish. Effective copywriting instantly captivates readers, successfully maintains their interest, and maintains an unchanging branding voice throughout all media and can result in a 33 percent increase in sales.
    • Incorrect grammar on websites can scare 59% of internet users away. Engaging an experienced eCommerce copywriter will ensure that your English is perfect across all areas. This is the minimum requirement to be a genuine brand. So, get started now.

    Pages on your eCommerce site that need copywriting

    With these numbers to consider, let’s look through some of the pages of your ecommerce website that require a skilled copywriter. Because you can’t create a page of landing pages and declare it done, There are a lot of other places where you can implement these top techniques.

    1. Product pages.

    email copywriting

    The pages you have for your products are among the most crucial pages on your store’s website. They are where customers can know more about the item they’re interested in, and you can also use them to convince them of why they’ll need it. It’s usually the final page that people are presented with before the checkout page, so it’s important to provide them with a reason to make sure they follow through with their purchase.

    Including more than just a 2-sentence description of the product and the list of attributes is essential. Begin by writing about your distinctive selling point that your clients care about most. Next, highlight the benefits that your product can provide. Finally, find different ways to tell a compelling story about your product and highlight why customers would recommend it. Learn to master this art, and you’ll be able to create product descriptions that will sell themselves.

    As an example, take a look at this page on Jetson Match. Jetson Match chair by Duxiana. It’s a famous high-end item, and that’s why copywriting focuses on promoting the product’s history and importance (rather than displaying the specifications and dimensions).

    2. Categories page

    Sometimes neglected, category pages offer a great opportunity to develop your writing skills.

    Due to your online store’s layout, your website’s design will determine whether you will have room on the top or the bottom of these pages to include at the very least a paragraph or two. So, in addition to being excellent for SEO, you could also make use of it to inform visitors why they’re in a good spot to buy these items.

    whatis copywriting

    Check out this sample from Kelty at the bottom of their page for backpacks for camping. They have cleverly highlighted certain keywords that potential customers might be searching for on their page and conclude with a promise of their brand that is a reference to what consumers are looking for on their website.

    3. About pages.

    About pages aren’t as much about selling a specific product more than they are about selling your lifestyle brand. So what differentiates you from other online stores you can come across on Amazon? What makes customers feel comfortable when they shop through your online business?

    If customers can feel a connection to the values and mission of your company and feel connected to your brand, they’ll be more likely to return to you for a purchase.

    Tips on how to use copywriting for your ecommerce website

    1. Point out what pain points your product can address bluntly.

    A large number of products are designed to serve a practical purpose. For example, sunscreens protect against sunburn, air conditioners reduce scorching heat, and so on. Any good service or product begins by identifying and highlighting the issue. That resonates with people who purchase them. This makes them feel some way.

    In a practical sense, it addressed the necessity for a mattress. In terms of emotional, it helped the customer overcome the hurdle and uncertainty when making a major purchase for a mattress with a free trial and return-free.

    Benefits sell; features don’t. Casper’s copy makes it easier for customers to concentrate on having the best sleep instead of purchasing a mattress. It also helped to make buying a mattress fashionable.

    2. Write in the active voice

    If copywriting in eCommerce were its posture, then it would be the voice passive.

    The passive voice gives the reader an “academic feel,” which could make the text dull and difficult to understand and also helps to prepare the reader for sleep. This is why companies use the active voice in eCommerce copywriting.

    Imagine the scenario if Nike decided to use a passive voice-based message in place of “Just do it.” That’s what you’d get. It’s not exactly refreshing, Is it?

    Your brand should also use an active voice in copywriting for your eCommerce.

    3. Create a scannable copy of the document.

    Do you make your e-commerce copy simple to comprehend?

    People are now extremely busy and only need the most important information quickly. So don’t be enticed to write a long, thorough copy. Only a few readers will take the time to read every word.

    Through practice, you’ll be able to learn how to keep your information concise and still include the details you need to convert potential customers into customers.

    The description of this product from Dollar Shave Club uses bullet lists to highlight the many advantages in a readable and easily scannable format.

    4. Concentrate on the FAQ page.

    When customers visit your site, there are always many questions in their minds. It is possible to answer customers’ most frequently asked questions about your product by creating an FAQ page for your website.

    Creating a helpful FAQ page on your website provides your customers with information about your business and decreases the number of calls your support team receives daily.

    The goal of the FAQ page is to address all questions of potential customers and then convert them into buyers. If done properly, the FAQ page can boost your site’s ranking in search engines such as Google. Here are some suggestions to create the most effective FAQ:

    Be precise, concise, and easy It is not recommended to write lengthy paragraphs in response to the questions. Instead, be concise and easy to let your audience absorb the information immediately. You may duplicate certain parts of your responses

     if you are asked the same questions repeatedly.

    Begin with the most frequent questions. The types of questions your customers have varied at times. Therefore, when preparing your FAQ, it is important to include the most frequently asked questions on the top.

    Update your page. Your FAQ page must be up-to-date and up-to-date. For instance, if you have recently altered your return or pricing policy, you must ensure that the FAQ page is updated.

    Sort the questions. If your list is longer than ten questions to be answered, it is possible to categorize them into distinct sections and provide clear and exact answers.

    6. Tell stories.

    Copywriting involves making use of your writing abilities and command of language to convince your customers to take action. If you’re a skilled storyteller, you must use simple language that anyone will be able to comprehend.

    Example of Storytelling

    Make use of the Grammarly application to avoid common grammar errors that could cause your company to appear not professional online. Follow these guidelines for writing your content:

    Keep your sentences brief; if you want to increase your blog posts’ readability, refrain from lengthy sentences. Your sentences should be between 14 and 20 words. Also, get rid of unnecessary descriptions, independent clauses, and frequently used modifiers in your writing.

    Do not compose your writing in a passive voice. Writing with a passive voice makes it difficult for readers to understand what you’re saying. So, make sure you start with the word “noun” when writing your sentences to make them simple to comprehend.

    Maintain the tone. It is important to maintain a consistent writing style from start to end. Designate one person with the writing responsibility to ensure that your category pages are written in a consistent tone.

    Check for relevancy When you write your content, write in accordance with the headline. Your readers must find answers to the question you’ve posed in your headline.

    Make short sales messages. It is possible to try to write 1000 words or below. If you are required to write long sales letters, ensure that they’re engaging. Divide the content into various sub-headlines or even a table of contents that will help your readers scan or jump to the information they are looking for.

    Write for the target audience. If you are writing your sales pitch to be, focus on the target audience. This means you can utilize the word ‘you’ when writing. The copy should speak directly to your intended audience so that they are able to relate to the information.

    Be specific

    Another excellent piece of advice when writing advertisements is to write as precisely as you can.

    People appreciate the care for particulars and prefer to purchase from brands they believe in and trust to provide. So, using words that convey confidence and trust is the perfect strategy to boost conversions and click-through rates.

    To get a good illustration of how you can be specific, take a look at the highlighted parts of ads that focus on the key phrase “pet insurance Australia.”

    With promises of 50 % savings and 80 % coverage, setting annual limits, and allowing flexible payment options, the two firms have done an outstanding job of attracting pet owners (in contrast to the one which only defines the word and is a bit sloppy with technical details that aren’t capable of selling to potential buyers at the initial phase of awareness).

    Examples of copywriting examples.

    1. Lush

    direct response copywriting

    Lush is based on ethical products that do not cause harm to animals, and its products’ copy reflects this ethos.

    Contrary to many other retailers of cosmetics, Lush is very transparent regarding the ingredients in its products, describing the ingredients clearly and prominently on its website for each product.

    This assists in addressing customer concerns regarding ingredients. It also makes use of the natural ingredients in its products to create the basis for a USP.

    2. Ugmonk


    Ugmonk offers its own design that is quite expensive, which means the replica has a task to convey the distinctiveness of the product in addition to the quality and longevity.

    The origin of the item is the most important factor in this case, and the copy describes the process of design by highlighting the effort that went into the design and the quality of the materials that were used.

    3. Forever 21

    I’ve chosen this one due to its copywriting being excellent and the use of reviews in an extremely clever manner.

    It asks the basic inquiry, ‘why did you select this product answer?’ and then provides responses from customers who have previously purchased. It’s an excellent social proof tool and a fantastic method to use the reviews of customers.

    4. Loaf


    The loaf doesn’t rely too much on its text but makes use of short sentences and illustrations to get his point across. It’s casual and fun. It’s not too much.

    The tone of voice of the brand is in place. However, it also performs the work of selling the advantages of the product as well as providing important information about the delivery and removal.

    5. J Peterman Company

    Peterman Company

    J Peterman Company has a unique and entertaining design that is a narrative about the products it sells while highlighting the authenticity and quality of products like this watch.

    6. Modcloth


    Restricted copy of the Modcloth product here that sells an idea of the dress during an event instead of looking at the specifics.

    Modcloth lets its users talk to its customers and then asks customers to write a portion of the text for its products.

    It’s a good idea when the product is worthy of praise and makes good utilization of the power of social proof to persuade new customers to make the leap.

    7. Mr & Mrs. Smith

    Mr & Mrs. Smith

    Hotel site Mr. and Mrs. Smith is not only working hard to promote the room but also to provide the best experience.

    It’s very different from the cut and pastes content that you find on hotel websites; it appears that the copywriter actually worked there and is more authentic due to this.


    Follow the suggestions mentioned above to get started focusing on the people you would like to reach and then examine their reaction to your content to see if it generates sales and then tweak it periodically to get the maximum results.

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