Ecommerce Content Curation: Ideas, Tools, Tips, Examples in 2022

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    definition of content curation

    What is content curation?

    Curation of content involves locating and capturing online content and presenting the top pieces in a structured manner. In contrast to the marketing of content, curation doesn’t require you to create your own content. Instead, you’re searching and sharing information produced by others that your target audience will enjoy and react to. Similar to other aspects of marketing curation of content adds value to your brand and builds long-lasting relationships with your clients.

    Content curation best practices for

    Once you’ve figured out the advantages of curating content and how much you need to share on your Twitter and Facebook channels, let’s review some of the most effective methods you can use to efficiently curate content and make it available to your followers.

    1. Know your audience

    Before you even start thinking about creating content, you must be aware of the people who will be your target audience.

    While you’re likely to have buyers’ personas to help you build your customers, it is possible to think about refining your profiles to be more social.

    After that, you can begin asking important questions throughout your curation of content, for example:

    • Does this content appeal to my target audience?
    • Does this content aid my readers or help my audience in some way?
    • Does this content align with the mission and values of our brand? What do we offer to our customers?
    • What can this content do to solve an issue of my target reader?

    2. Give credit where credit is due

    content curation
    content curation strategy

    Curated content is, by definition, content made by people other than you.

    You’ll need to ensure that these sources are properly acknowledged and properly tagged whenever you utilize their content.

    Although you do not want to be perceived as promoting a brand or product over yours, you must stay clear of plagiarism or theft.

    When you acknowledge your sources using tags or by using an @, you can steer clear of any negative accusations made against your business.

    3. Avoid off-topic content

    In content curation, particularly when you’re starting with your process curation, you’ll stumble across numerous intriguing posts that may not be relevant to your goal.

    While you’re sure to share informative and entertaining content, you must also be useful and instructive.

    If a blog post has a slight connection to your company’s products, services, or even industry, this may not be the best material to share.

    4. Add your captions and thoughts

    Although you don’t have to include yourself-written captions and copy to each posted curated content, it’s an excellent idea to periodically include original content in the post.

    As simple as a paragraph or two from your thoughts or using a quote could help you connect the post back to your brand’s image and keep it at the forefront of your audience’s minds.

    It can also make the content stand out on social media feeds.

    5. Select good sources

    When you curate content, you must ensure that all sources choose to use reliable and trustworthy.

    In the end, you do not want your customers to visit a website that leads them to a non-so trustworthy website.

    It could also harm your brand’s reputation when you choose to utilize sources that offer false details or have negative connotations.

    Always check the source you rely on and look around for other websites if they are not ones you’re aware of.

    automated content curation

    Content curation ideas for eCommerce businesses

    Large and small eCommerce companies and other businesses who sell online products leverage content curation for:

    • Enhance their authority
    • Resolve SEO tasks;
    • Optimize the content strategy as well as the spending.

    Let’s look at what formats you can apply to your newsletters, articles on social media, and content on your website.


    It was not expensive. Instead, it’ll produce positive outcomes. Brands are active in sharing and retweeting content which can be helpful to their followers. Examples include reviews, articles, opinions, or tutorials highlighting a particular item or service.

    Sometimes, a business can be referenced by famous people and other reliable media sources. However, the majority time, you’re targeted by your customers. Therefore, UGC or user-generated content (UGC) will be an essential element of any strategy for content if a business is looking to develop strong relationships with customers.

    Check out the below screenshots of the Fenty Beauty Instagram. The makeup brand often uploads videos made by the users and professionals who use the products and tags the account. The content is likely to attract attention even more than direct marketing and collaborations with bloggers since it’s an honest and unpaid endorsement. Additionally, users can learn the proper use of eyeliner or foundation and get ideas to create their experiments in beauty.

    2. Classic: digests

    First, it is one of the most effective designs for newsletters. In essence, they contain a range of discounts and other details. However, to demonstrate your customer service skills you should offer them more.

    Check out the image on the website of net-a-porter. They provide a reason why it might be beneficial to sign up for their newsletters via email and receive advice on style, news, and promotions. It sounds good, so I’ve decided to sign up. I can’t wait to begin receiving correspondence from them.

    I’m hoping to receive something similar to newsletters from reply. I receive digests from reply, which contain weekly collections of useful information, tips, and difficult problems for English learning. Preply cleverly organizes the existing content, killing 2 birds in one fell swoop. First, the service offers customers quality content that improves the site’s most important metrics. Without these messages, I’d never have found these articles. Someone (it could have been rosy herself) gave these to me in the most efficient method.

    3. Use quotes & stats

    content curation
    what is content curation marketing

    A brand is not just concerned about sales but also its image. Look at the images taken from Nike’s Instagram. Here are the concepts Nike promotes to motivate people and to help them believe in their abilities. Nike accomplishes this in a variety of ways, and among them is the sharing of the thoughts of famous individuals and well-known athletes. It can also be described as content that is curated.

    The next set of screenshots is of an Instagram page of salesforce. Their strategy for content is partly focused on bringing attention to some abysmal problems. For example, they presented important statistics on gender pay inequalities. They took the numbers from a trusted source to highlight their authority and establish. Users, in turn, obtained some valuable information while scrolling across their Instagram feed.

    4. Advanced: an abstract or guide

    In addition, certain e-commerce sites provide customers with more than just products but also deep knowledge of their subject through writing blog posts of high quality.

    An excellent example could be fa fetch and its fashion feed. In the image below, you can see many curated items which definitely require a deep analysis of huge data volumes. In this instance, content makers perform the most difficult work: research the history of their brand’s name collections, size grids, etc., so that we can get the form of an abstract or guide that contains every important information together in one location.

    Ecommerce content curation examples

    1. Fetch

    content curation
    examples of content curation

    Online retailer fetch creates content for its social media accounts. Through the Facebook page, they’ll also share photos of other users’ photographs of their pets. By curating content, they’ve been able to increase their following to more than 6,500 users on Instagram. Curated content is combined with their own customized images to bring some variety into the collection. In addition, curated content lets you publish more content regularly. If you blog at least once a day, it can increase to hundreds or even thousands, particularly in the niche of pets.

    2. Homesense

    content curation

    HomeSense is a well-known Canadian home decor brand that creates content for the Pinterest account. On Pinterest, each pinner is required to curate their content, as the mere sharing of your own content can lead to an account ban for spam. Brands such as HomeSense create content that is consistent with their brand. The posts in the photo below contain an amalgamation of their content as well as curated content. But, the design of the posts is all identical to each other, making it an ideal example of content curation to follow.

    3. Sujan Patel

    content curation
    Sujan Patel

    Entrepreneur sujan Patel is an example of a Twitter fan who takes care of curating his feed. He utilizes tools for content curation such as quuuu to locate and schedule content. You’ll find a range of pertinent articles about SEO, marketing, and business in his feeds, sourced from diverse brands. Since he owns his own company and has a blog, he shares content from his businesses too. However, he adds edited content to ensure that his feed is always updated with new information.

    8 tools for curation of content and software

    The best tools for content marketers to use to be successful in curation.

    1. Hootsuite

    We’re not going to blow our own horns; however, not only does Hootsuite assist you in planning to schedule, plan and review your content curated by you, but it also helps locate the right content.

    Hootsuite streams allow you to keep track of topics, keywords, or accounts and check the most recent content that is posted. You can comment or share content directly in the stream to speed up the curation of content. There is nothing that can be easier than this.

    2. Google news alerts

    An oldie but a goodie. You can type any topic name or topic in google”alerts” and receive an email when there’s a news related to it.

    Google alerts to monitor mentions of your business’s name, or ( cheekily) your competitors. Also, you can keep track of news related to your field using terms like “social media marketing.”

    3. Talkwalker

    content curation

    Talkwalker is a social listening app that increases it to eleven. In addition to indexing social networks, Talkwalker gets deep into the matter with more than 150 million resources. Forums, blogs, websites, postings, product reviews, and other content buried within obscure web pages — can name it, and Talkwalker will discover it.

    One of the greatest advantages is that they offer a Hootsuite application, which means you can create amazing content from your Hootsuite dashboard. Explore and share content from the top publishers to original posts by users.

    4. Curate by content

    Another effective tool to discover content, curated by content, discovers the best content for you to share on all of your channels.

    The app offers a wide range of flexibility, including changing the call-to-action URLs, as well as the option to upload custom images to ensure that content is consistent with the brand.

    5. Hootsuite syndicator

    Hey there, it’s yet another Hootsuite service. Syndicator allows you to keep track of RSS feeds and share content within Hootsuite. You can also look back at what you’ve shared in the past, so you don’t have to be concerned regarding duplicate material.

    And, did you remember google alerts? They can be pulled into syndicators, too.

    6. Contentgems

    Content gems is a straightforward and straightforward tool to keep track of topics and find new content. Its strength lies in it’s its simplicity: fewer distractions mean more focus on the content.

    The best part is that content gets completely free to use, and you can make use of it using a free Hootsuite account. Anyone will benefit from content curated automation for everyone, from entrepreneurs with side hustles all the way to fortune 500.

    7. Filter8

    Like content gems, filter8 is available for free along with a complimentary Hootsuite account. Filter8 finds content according to topics you select; however, the most interesting feature is the ability to filter results based on popularity. This lets you discover top-quality content or sort results by the least popular to uncover obscure gems that will make you stand out as well.

    In default, filter8 shares posts you choose in a magazine-style compiled format. However, you don’t need to utilize it in this manner. It can be used to find new content, then copy the URL, and schedule it through Hootsuite, just like your previous pieces.

    8. Trendspotter

    Not last, trendspotter. There are two options: a free trendspotter application and the trendspotter professional version.

    content curation
    content curation services

    As you would imagine, the pro version has a few extra features, such as being able to track different languages for brands across the world and discover what they refer to as “pre-viral content.” sometimes, I prefer to imagine myself as pre-viral.

    An important feature is the capability to view other posts that have been published by the brand or an influencer directly from the main page. This could dramatically reduce the time spent finding information.


    Content curation is a fantastic way to enrich the feeds on your social networks as well as enhance your content. The top brands regularly curate their content to ensure that their social media channels remain active. There are a variety of tools for the curation of content where you can discover great content to share. Additionally, you can showcase your own content that you want to curate. If you run an entrepreneur-type company, curation of content can be a cost-effective method that lets you grow your business, increase your following, and drive sales.

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