Why Chatbot Marketing Is the Next Big Thing for Ecommerce in 2022

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    Shopping online doesn’t have one path. As with the numerous ways to showcase your product, There are myriad ways to purchase online such as apps, emails, and social media. Unfortunately, this variety of options can confuse buyers if there’s no obvious way to contact companies.

    It’s “conversational commerce,” or buyers and businesses connecting via messaging applications. Businesses today have chatbots to quickly communicate with customers and address their issues across multiple platforms like Facebook and their websites. The 24/7 chatbots utilize AI to determine customers’ preferences and deliver a satisfying personalized shopping experience.

    How to set your business up for conversational commerce can be a bit confusing because bot technology is in the process of developing. To assist sellers, we’ve created this guide that will cover everything from the definition of what a chatbot can do to determining the ROI of your bot.

    building chatbot

    What is an eCommerce chatbot?

    An eCommerce Chatbot can be described as an artificial intelligence-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistant solution that online retailers can utilize to connect with customers at all stages of the journey.

    Chatbots in E-Commerce provide the ideal instrument to support “conversational commerce,” i.e., the use of chatbots (online chatbots, messaging voice assistants.) to offer customers a more enjoyable shopping experience. Conversational commerce offers the convenience and effectiveness of online shopping portals, and the personal service customers can expect in brick-and-mortar shops.

    The Benefits of Chatbots in E-commerce

    In online shopping, chatbots are changing the user experience with companies and replacing it with the experience they share with their friends. Because they’re built using AI and guided by a rule-based system, chatbots can learn and adapt to complicated business issues and provide quick solutions to queries from customers like humans do. Chatbots are beneficial for your online business are numerous; let’s dive into them.

    1. 24×7 Support

    Most customers expect companies to be open 24/7 and 7 days a week. While having support staff available 24/7 is a good (expensive) option, using chatbots, you can reduce this expense and still make sure your customers get the attention they deserve instantly by chatbots regardless of which time in the morning it’s. 24/7 assistance is an excellent method to ensure that customers are satisfied.

    2. Personalization

    Chatbots can also gather data on your visitors and then use it to provide better suggestions for products and product suggestions. Knowing what customers are looking for, their desires, and their needs can help you personalize your website’s pages and increase customer loyalty and affection. Chatbots may be able to notify customers when products are not in stock and recommend alternative products in line with their preferences.

    They can also assist customers by giving them information regarding their expected delivery time and date. For example, the retail giant H&M’s chatbot can ask customers about their preferences and suggest products that match. Personalization is paramount in the world of e-commerce, and chatbots can be an excellent way to create an enhanced, more meaningful connection.

    3. Reduced Costs

    Chatbots performing the majority (or likely most or possibly all) aspects of customer service functions can aid in saving a significant amount of money for customer support. Effective customer support via chatbots needs less human support and allows you to focus on more important areas of your online store, like the layout of your page or checkout. It is also possible to drastically reduce human error and deliver efficient customer service while consuming minimal expenses for resources.

    4. Product Guidance

    A lot of times, online shoppers become lost in the endless array of items. Chatbots can assist buyers in locating the item they’re looking for in an enormous catalog and immediately go onto the payment page or find out information about the current sales. In providing advice or answers to specific customer queries, chatbots can help customers and allow them to purchase items on the go. For instance, eBay’s ShopBot assists customers with their purchases, asks questions to help them determine their requirements, and provides advice similar to a real salesperson.

    5. Cart Recovery

    Contrary to popular opinion abandoning a cart can also be a source of income. Chatbots can remind customers of the items in the empty shopping cart and inquire if they are ready to move on to checkout or prefer to clear their cart. In most cases, these reminders prompt customers to look at their shopping carts and allow them to buy a few but not all products in their shopping cart.

    6 Tips for Building an Effective Chatbot for Ecommerce Script

    Your script is the crucial element of creating a successful chatbot. Here are some suggestions to ensure your script is in sync each time.

    Start with a welcome greeting

    chatbot conversations

    Make sure you simulate an actual conversation. It could seem odd if a real person approached you and began talking about a deal. Instead, start by saying “hello” and maybe an offering to help or some other soft opening.

    Create the Main Menu

    Offer this option in the middle of the process to allow customers to quickly discover what they are looking for and let them return to the menu when they want to. Make use of a gallery view with pictures and links to your site’s basic information.

    Make use of personalized text tags whenever possible

    If you can utilize a merge tag to add the customer’s name or any other personalizations, it will make your voice appear more authentic. Be cautious, however, as too much personalization can be perceived as fake.

    Consider yourself as the user

    While designing the flow of conversation for your bot, think of it as the flow chart with a range of choices that lead to more possibilities. If they tell you this, you’ll say this. Then on and so forth. Keep track of the ultimate goal, which is to close order or encourage you to sign up. Make sure each route leads to a specific end-point or another action, for example, signing up or talking with someone life.

    Include a Buy Now option

    If you aim to boost sales, then using a purchase button makes it easier for your customers to make a purchase. It is essential to make it easy for them to buy directly from a Facebook messenger.

    Option to unsubscribe

    Offer users the option to unsubscribe from communications using an unsubscribe button or wording like “stop.” Provide the instructions at the beginning of the email.

    How to set up a Chabot for Ecommerce

    • Select the platform you wish to use. I’ve selected Manychat as an example.
    • Log into their site by using your Facebook login credentials.
    • Let the chatbot software have access to Facebook pages.
    • Give a brief description of your business and the goals you have set for it.

    It’s now time to begin creating the chatbot’s contents, which include broadcasts (like an email blast) and flow of conversation; this is a bit complicated, but you’ll need to do it once.

    On Manychat, select “Automation” to see your options for different flow types or sequences.

    website chatbot

    The process of creating a chatbot for online shopping is as simple as creating scripts that engage customers, inform them, and assist your customers.

    You can begin making edits to these messages, like the welcome message, which should include your branding information and an inviting greeting.

    Why Chatbot Marketing Is the Next Big Thing for Ecommerce in 2022 7

    Now is the time to design a flow that simulates real-time conversations with your customers and allows them to engage through your company.

    The most effective option for creating flows using Manychat is the Flow Builder. It’s available after you have opened and named the flow.

    You can remain in the Basic Builder mode or select “Go To Flow Builder” in the upper right-hand corner.

    This will provide you with an illustration of your conversation’s flow which is extremely useful for ensuring that you aren’t missing any important details.

    Continue to add dynamic steps to mimic the conversation you’d like to guide your guests through.

    How to Build E-commerce Chatbot Flows

    • Add Trigger
    • Add Text

    The conversation is just beginning! Upload photos or galleries of your choice. You can select “User Input” in the Manychat Pro version to give customers the option of choosing among various options to respond to you.

    Look over those logs, and plan discussions based on the most frequent questions customers or potential customers ask.

    The best AI chatbot for ecommerce companies

    1) ProProfs ChatBot


    The best choice for taking leads, streamlining the prospecting process for sales, and improving customer support by providing immediate answers to customer questions.

    ProProfs ChatBot can simultaneously help your company streamline customer support marketing, sales, and customer support initiatives. The tool can help you collect leads and engage them in a conversation that is human-seeking information and answering frequently asked questions. Knowing how to code to set up and install the chatbot software is not necessary.


    • Design interactions that incorporate branching logic.
    • Develop your chatbot’s workflow using drag and drop capabilities.
    • Chatbot templates have been designed to help users up and to run.
    • Send chats to the appropriate department by using the chatbot.

    2) Tidio


    Tidio is The best choice for creating chatbots that are custom-designed without programming.

    It’s clear from the start that it stands out from its peers by providing the ability to build your chatbots with no programming knowledge. There are a lot of templates and a simple drag-and-drop tool, making the creation of chatbots simple, like walking in the park. In addition, Chatbots can be pre-built with automated responses to instantly respond to customer queries.

    Chatbots can be utilized to increase your upselling strategies. Chatbots automatically suggest products and offer a customized discounts that will turn potential customers into real ones. It is also possible to allow your customer to make an order through your chatbot.

    3) Botsify


    The best choice for creating an intelligent chatbot can be used in educational or corporate environments.

    Botsify is an easy-to-create chatbot tool that does not require programming expertise. Chatbots can be developed to advanced levels to assist customers, education sales, and HR departments. It includes chatbot training, storytelling, chat forms, and chatbot-related training.

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