How To Get Discovered on Instagram Search in 2022

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    Since its launch in 2010, it has consolidated its standing in point-and-shoot sharing. Presently, Instagram is one of the most efficient ways for companies to reach their audience and connect with new audiences through optimizing for Instagram Explore. Instagram Explore feed.

    Utilize our knowledge to help you get your images and other content displayed in Instagram’s search engine.

    I’ll give you some ideas to make your profile appear on Instagram Search and Explore in this post. Explore feed.

    Why using Instagram Search is important?  

    instagram search
    Instagram Search is important

    The advantages of using Instagram’s Search and Explore for companies:

    • Make your brand more visible by being featured
    • Helps you to find the most appropriate hashtags for your business.
    • Help us discover posts that you can engage with
    • Look for influencers who you can work with

    How Instagram Search and Explore works

    First, let’s look at what you can search for and discover on Instagram. Click an icon that magnifies to open the Search and Explore tab.

    instagram search


    Just tap the search bar to begin the search. You can search for:

    • Top (i.e., all of the following)
    • People (i.e., other users on Instagram)
    • Tags (i.e., Hashtags)
    • Places (i.e., Location tags)

    Searching is possible on the Instagram website as well. There is only one difference: you cannot search for keywords using categories (e.g., hashtags or people) on the site. Another option is to include “@” or “#” before your keywords when looking for hashtags or people or hashtags.

    When you tap an account name in the results of a search, you’ll be taken to the user’s profile.

    If you click on a hashtag or a place tag, you’ll get images with the hashtag location tag. There will be nine most popular posts, and then all images starting with the most recent image.


    Under the Search bar, you will find the Explore area. This section lets you find articles you might enjoy about your Instagram activities as per Instagram.

    Let’s get started by taking an in-depth look at ways you can use the Instagram Search and Explore feature for your business.

    How to get discovered on Instagram search

    Optimize Your Name Field

    instagram search
    Optimize Your Name Field

    The first step in getting found in Instagram Search involves attempting to improve the search results for your Instagram name!

    Its “Name” field in your Instagram bio is searchable and fully customizable and is separate from the Instagram handle.

    If you include important keywords when you fill in the Name fields, the chance of appearing on the first page of results when someone seeks those keywords will be significantly greater!

    Optimize Your Bio

    Your bio should be optimized with keywords relevant to your brand and your business.

    You can also add clickable hashtags to your bio to increase the chances of showing up in the results of searches for your profile and when someone searches for the hashtag!

    Time your posts

    instagram search
    Time your posts

    To ensure your posts are optimized for Instagram search, it is best to post when your intended users are the most active (when they’re scrolling through Instagram and looking to find posts).

    That way, you stand more likelihood of your post being in the top position of the results if your audience is looking for videos and photos on Instagram.

    Add a Location Tag

    If you include a place tag to your blog posts and you have a greater likelihood of being found in the results of a search for that specific place.

    If users click on the Places tab on the Search page, your blog post might appear at the top of the list based on your blog post’s importance and time-to-date!

    You stand a greater chance of gaining more engagement, views, and possible followers from your posts by tagging a location.

    Additionally, every area has its area for viewing Instagram Stories that have been assigned to that location; you can press the Stories button on the right at the very top of the page to open the stories.

    Go live

    Go live

    Instagram has the most popular live video clips in the Search and Explore tab.

    Although, the idea of having your live video included in your Search and Explore tab might be more difficult than the other suggestions that we’ve discussed above. However, it’s worthwhile to try!

    The live video clips that are featured are those which are trending due to the volume of people watching, the engagement, and the proximity of the location of the user.

    How to use Instagram Search to engage your customers

    Hashtags with a brand name

    If you’ve created hashtags to promote your brand and urged your followers to utilize them, it’ll be beneficial to follow up and engage by sharing their posts or stories.

    The most popular ways to interact with those created by users are:

    • Liking it
    • Commenting on it
    • Re-posting it
    • Then, you can display it on a site

    You can also browse and interact via stories and posts with hashtags related to your brand.

    For instance, a café might want to look up hashtags like #freshcoffee coffeesmile and #instantcoffee.


    This method is better appropriate for local businesses like cafes and restaurants than online companies.

    If you’ve got the tag of your business’s location, I’d recommend that you frequently check to determine if your clients have shared photos or posts about their experience at your location. If they did, follow up and thank them or ask them if they had a good time at the restaurant, stay, or the experience.

    Search Instagram without an account

    Find a Specific Public Profile

    Have an Instagram user you’d like to locate? You can search and browse the public Instagram profile even without having an account if you are familiar with the person there and the Instagram username.

    Here’s the guide you will need:

    1. Start your preferred web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) on your smartphone.

    2. In the bar for searching, type the username followed by “Instagram” or username with the @ symbol.

    *Alternatively, you can type “,” then write the specific username followed by “/” at the end of the URL string.

    3. Click on the appropriate search result, and you will be directed to the user profile.

    4. If you visit your Instagram account, users can begin browsing the Instagram profile.

    (c)Cellular News

    Find a Random Public Profile

    If you wish to look up and browse Instagram profiles without having an account, you’ll require a mobile browser and some tricks or tools.

    Instagram Search via Hashtags

    If you’re at the very least a Twitter or Facebook account, you have a basic understanding of a hashtag. The term “hashtag” refers to a term used to describe a topic or label for a category preceded by the # symbol but not separated by spaces. Examples include #technology or #instagood. When you click on social media, it will take you to a curation of content that includes the hashtag, which revolves around the subject or subject it refers to. In summary, hashtags are an effective way of separating relevant types of content on social media.

    Hashtags can also be used if you are looking for a search on Instagram without having an account. They can help you find websites or profiles with similar content that interests you.

    Explore Instagram without having an account using hashtag search:

    1. Connect to your mobile device’s mobile web browser.

    2. Enter the hashtag followed by “Instagram” (e.g., #technology on Instagram) in the search box.

    3. Choose the correct result of your search (e.g. “#technology” on Instagram * Videos and Photos)

    4. Once you are on Instagram, search for posts once you are on the Instagram platform.

    5. Click on the article that is most appealing to you.

    6. To access the Instagram profile, the uploader is to click Instagram. Instagram username.

    The viewing restrictions mentioned earlier apply to this instance; however, the maximum number of clicks is a single video or image before the login prompt appears.

    How can you search multiple hashtags on Instagram?

    instagram search
    instagram hashtag search

    To search for multiple hashtags on Instagram, start by typing the first hashtag in the search bar, then press “enter.” When the results are displayed, then click the “tags” tab at the top of the page. This will display an overview of all the hashtags utilized in connection with the particular search. Next, enter the second hashtag, then click “enter.” The results will then be limited to posts that have both hashtags.


    In the final analysis, optimizing Instagram Search & Explore is based on the same guidelines used for social media marketing generally. For instance, writing pertinent descriptions, using hashtags, and investing in stunning images can be applied to all social platforms.

    The key takeaway here is that you need to think about your Instagram strategy the same way you approach SEO strategies for your website’s content.

    Be aware of the hashtags and keywords you choose to use

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