Customer Intelligence: How To Use It To Increase Ecommerce Sales

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    “Gathering intelligence” might sound like something straight out of an espionage thriller However, marketers use it too, specifically, gathering information about customers (CI). Why? Because at the moment the customer is more influential than ever before. In a study by Dimensional Research, nearly 90% of those that read reviews on the internet claimed that their buying decisions were influenced by positive reviews 86% of respondents reported that negative reviews affected their decisions.

    Nowadays, consumers are more likely to research the true worth of products rather than being influenced by what a company declares. To be successful in this case, the most important thing to be proactive is being aware of your clients to identify and fix problems before they arise. The best way to do this is through customer intelligence.

    What is Customer Intelligence?

    It’s gathering and analyzing customer information to develop a deeper understanding of your clients. For example, there could be a great deal of data that they provide during various interactions with your business. With CI, it is possible to collect this data and extract valuable information to better understand customers’ behavior. This is then used to make informed decisions to improve your company’s performance.

    CI assists in the creation of personas of customers and establishing a relevant dialogue with them. If you communicate with your customers with the information you have gathered, it makes them feel appreciated as well as appreciated. This leads to an even stronger connection with your clients, which can lead to loyalty to your customers and long-lasting relationships which are crucial for any company to succeed in an environment of competition.

    The benefits of customer intelligence for your eCommerce

    It lets you know who your customers are, who he is, what he enjoys, and how he behaves in response to your promotions, all while recording all the things he does on your web store and via email.

    Keeps you informed with your competitors — and well ahead of those who do not use Customer Intelligence for their business.

    And guarantees that your ecommerce growth will be consistent and stable over the short, medium, and long term.

    How to get customer intelligence data

    Building lasting and lucrative customer relationships requires information. There are a variety of methods to gather customer intelligence details, such as:


    customer intelligence marketing

      They’re essential to help businesses to understand the customer journey. If you have any questions you’d like to pose to your customers, don’t offer them just questionnaires. Interviews let you evaluate how your customer’s body language is displayed and their moods when they talk about different aspects of your company. Furthermore, this method could be useful in revealing your client’s personality.


      customer intelligence strategy

      Market surveys are never out of fashion since they are focused on your current and intended customers. They can be utilized in various business areas, including distribution, sales, marketing, and customer service. Surveys can provide great customer data that can be extremely useful in filling the gaps. A few tools companies can utilize to collect customer information include the Customer Satisfaction Score and the Net Promoter Score.

      Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

      CRM is a type of database used to keep track of data. It is worth noting that data sets can be divided into different customer profile meetings, notes from meetings, and sales emails/calls. It allows businesses to know their client’s customer base and to understand specific and segmented marketing strategies.

      Customer Support

      It’s also referred to as its helpdesk tool for customer support. Some companies have ticket management systems for managing tickets. The customer support platform could be used to keep pertinent customer feedback data from social media or emails, phone calls, and live chat.

      Website behavioral data

      The analysis of your website’s data on behavior gives you a better way to understand your visitor’s needs. In addition, by analyzing this data, you identify the obstacles and the clutter that can hinder the conversion rates’ improvement.

      Generally, the data on website behavior is considered a gold mine as you can conduct numerous tests to assess the effectiveness of your online store to find out the traits and behaviors that are most suitable for your clients.

      Customer intelligence platforms for ecommerce

      1. SAS Customer Intelligence 360

      customer intelligence

      SAS visualizes your data collected, which includes keywords for sentiment analysis, by employing sophisticated tools such as word clouds and relevance estimates.

      SAS is a mighty analytics company with more than 40 years of expertise in the field of embedded customer analytics as well as multiple-channel marketing intelligence. In addition, the company is an expert in marketing planning and activating the customer journey. They have clients in more than 147 countries. They are present at over 83,000 government, corporate, and university campuses worldwide.

      SAS offers the ability to use an Open API which claims that it will be able to integrate with your existing technology. But, it does not mention particular integrations listed on their site. Customer assistance is available by phone and email, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base.

      2. Funnel

      customer intelligence

      The best for businesses that use eCommerce. lets you see the spending data to help you draw key insights for optimization to decrease ad expenditure. collects information from your top sources, including Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. It organizes it with Data connectors (freedom from CSV files!) to provide valuable customer insight. To put it simply, assists in bringing together data from various sources into one location to provide fresh data collected from these sources at least once every day. This way, you will have the most current information to help you make informed business choices. can also assist in displaying your spending and revenue data, so you can gain key insights about your campaign’s performance. Adding or removing platforms without altering your data model and transferring your data to any connected tool is possible. Also, it preserves raw data from the past so that it is possible to access and extract insights without having to start from starting from scratch. In the end, you don’t have to manually convert the data into insight. integrates with more than 500 plus marketing data platforms, including Google Analytics, Salesforce, Stripe, MailChimp, Facebook, and other similar applications.

      3. Zeotap

      customer intelligence

      Zeotap dashboard allows you to visualize your demographics and target audience to design more effective marketing messages.

      With Zeotap, it is possible to integrate your company’s first-party CRM data with high match rates and uncover customer insights. Zeotap features include the unification of customer data by merging the offline data of CRM with digital ones (digital identification numbers). This aids in profiling customers and a higher degree of segmentation that leads to more targeted marketing campaigns.

      Zeotap operates straight out of the box and integrates with Google Marketing Platform, Salesforce, Adobe, Facebook, and many other similar apps where the customer’s data is kept.

      How to use the data to increase sales of your eCommerce Store

      You know how to collect customer intelligence information, but this is only the beginning step in expanding your eCommerce. The next step is to do something about it. Therefore, here are a few strategies to utilize the information you collect to your advantage

      Creating personalization

      As you get to have a good understanding of your client and their preferences, you should make an effort to take care of your customers with respect. It’s a sign that you are concerned about your customers; what they enjoy will significantly impact them.

      According to Verndale’s The Solving For CX Survey, about 92 percent of marketers consider personalization an essential element of the customer’s experience.

      A few steps to personalize your services to the needs of clients are:

      • Incorporating your name and the client when messaging or emailing could really grab the attention of
      • The best product for the right person
      • Editing your ad copy in relation to a specific customer segment.
      • Price fluctuations for the goods

      Modifying the procedure according to a pain point

      The information you have gathered will also help you understand your customers’ needs. It could be in how your product is displayed, how you provide your customers with experience, or the quality of service you provide your customers.

      It also reveals the primary reason a customer would purchase your product. The reasons may not be the same, but when you look at the bigger picture, you can see the issues that create a problem for your prospective customer.

      Once you have identified what the issue is, you can adjust your site products, ads, or even your service to improve your eCommerce.

      Updating marketing strategies

      customer intelligence
      customer intelligence techniques

      So far, you’ve got a good idea of your customers’ needs and how to adapt your eCommerce to this. But don’t ignore marketing.

      The same problem is creating more effective ads-Copys banners, more effective banners, and more effective landing pages. Furthermore, as there is already your client information knowledge, you can determine the location where your potential customers are.

      Therefore, you can adjust your marketing based on area, likes, dislikes, devices, and more. To ensure the highest return for your client.

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