Free Customer Feedback Software for 2022

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    Customer feedback is crucial in improving products and ensuring a great customer experience. However, it is not worth the effort to gather feedback if it doesn’t lead to improvements.

    It is essential to have a customer satisfaction stack. This will make it easy to collect feedback and organize everything so that nothing gets lost. Let’s look at the top customer feedback software.

    What is Customer Feedback Software?

    This software was designed to allow you to create and distribute customer surveys. These tools will enable you to gain valuable insight from customers about improving your product, service or identify unhappy customers.

    You can find customer feedback solutions that include many key features depending on your budget, goals, and needs.

    • Social network listening – Track online reviews, comments on social media, star ratings, and more.
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS – Find out how many of your customers are brand advocates and passives.
    • Multiple platform functionality – You can distribute surveys via multiple channels, including email, social media, and text messaging.
    • Sentiment analysis – Analyze customer sentiment using trends and patterns in textual data.

    12 Best Customer Feedback Software for Amazon sellers

    Feedback is not all created equal.

    Others target specific industries such as SaaS or e-commerce, or local businesses. While others concentrate on certain types of feedback, such as NPS scores or user-generated reviews, some are more general.

    The tools you choose will depend on what you want to measure, how big your business is, and what products or services you offer.

    To help you understand what to include in your customer feedback system, we’ve put together a list of the top customer feedback tools available. Each tool has its benefits.


    customer feedback

    Best for customer feedback management.

    While we might be biased,’s feedback management system is our top choice. SaaS companies can use our Feedback Management System to capture and analyze insights from all channels in their stack. It doesn’t matter who or where they stored it.

    Parlor can be integrated with all your business tools, including ticketing systems, CRM and engineering task management (think Jira), analytics platforms, and more. This allows your team to track the impact of all your efforts, prioritize feature requests and close the loop with customers after you’re done improving.

    The platform also allows you to conduct contextual user research. This enables you to uncover critical insights in real-time by engaging users who use your app. This allows you to analyze and compare data across different industries and segments.

    Key features:

    • Collect and organize feedback.
    • Get real-time insight.
    • Validate & prioritize requests.
    • Customers can close the loop.

    2: Typeform

    customer feedback

    Best for: User surveys.

    Typeform allows you to create forms, surveys, and questionnaires easily. It is an intuitive data collection tool that makes it simple to create forms, surveys, and questionnaires. This, according to the platform, will allow you to get more thoughtful answers and higher completion rates.

    You can use the platform to build templates or an interactive editor. There are built-in photo and video libraries and conditional logic that surface the appropriate follow-up questions. This creates a more conversational experience.

    Key features:

    Conversational form and survey builder

    Conditional logic

    Survey analytics

    Integrates with many business tools

    3: UserReport

    customer feedback

    Best for understanding customer behavior & preferences.

    UserReport is a Customer Feedback Software that revolves around two primary widgets, a survey widget as well as a feedback widget. It can be integrated into your website or mobile application and allows you to interact directly with customers, collect insights from visitors in real-time, and discover what your customers think is possible.

    Key features:

    Use widget-Track to survey user satisfaction and net promoter scores (NPS) and gain insight into audience demographics.

    Use the Feedback widget to collect feature requests, bug fixes, and insight into ways you can improve user experience. UserReport also allows you to ask users for feedback on feature requests. This makes it easier to prioritize those that will have the greatest impact.

    Publisher tools

    4: Canny

    customer feedback

    The best for feature request management

    Canny is a customer feedback software and feature requests that allows businesses to capture, analyze and prioritize feedback to plan and prioritize product launches and new features.

    This Customer Feedback Software allows you to collect feedback from multiple channels. It automatically organizes these insights into a list that can then be used to help inform your roadmap. Customers can post feedback on your app or website and vote for the changes they want. This makes it easier for brands and helps them prioritize features and fixes that are most important to customers.

    Canny is an excellent tool for collecting feedback, but the process of closing the loop with users can be tedious. Canny does not connect to any customer information through a CRM, so there is no way to know who is asking what.

    Key features:

    Ideation & collaboration

    Multichannel data capture

    Product road mapping

    Idea ranking, management, & prioritization

    5: Podium

    customer feedback

    For local businesses that manage reputation and customer experience.

    Podium is online reputation management and messaging platform that centralizes customer reviews from multiple online listing sites. It leverages customer feedback in order to drive growth and improve customer service.

    This Customer Feedback Software is only for local businesses with up to 10,000 locations. It provides a central interface for customers and reviews as well as tracking business analytics.

    Podium includes a built-in messaging function, online chat, and the ability to collect payment from customers.

    Key features:

    Chat live & video


    A central platform to manage reviews and requests

    6: Qualaroo

    customer feedback

    Ideal for: Actionable, super-specific feedback

    Qualaroo allows customers to gather contextual and qualitative insights through pop-up questionnaires and surveys. These are designed to capture 10x the insights than an email survey.

    Nudges is a proprietary insight-capture tool that allows you to ask the right questions at just the right time. It also comes with a set of pre-made templates, so you don’t need to create new in-app, link, or web surveys each time you want to gather feedback from customers. Qualaroo’s AI-enabled sentiment analytics feature powered by IBM Watson detects emotion in open-ended survey responses and determines intent.

    Key features:

    Website, app, and product feedback

    UX feedback

    Targeting, nudges, and sentiment analysis

    7: Bazaarvoice

    customer feedback

    Best for: Scaling your UGC strategy.

    Bazaarvoice, a Customer Feedback Software , is designed for online retailers. It allows you to collect ratings and reviews from customers as well as answer questions through the built-in portal Bazaarvoice Connections.

    Key features:

    Get actionable insights using customer reviews and social media posts

    Product performance can be improved with visual feedback and customer insight.

    Displaying reviews from real customers can drive organic search traffic to Google.

    Use UGC content as a marketing tool.

    Manage and launch social commerce campaigns

    8: Feedbackify

    customer feedback

    Ideal for: Collecting real-time, private user feedback.

    Feedbackify allows users to create custom feedback forms with a drag-and-drop editor. Feedbackify is unique because anonymous site visitors can give feedback immediately. This customer feedback software can increase response rates and protect consumers’ privacy.

    Key Features

    Drag-and-drop editor

    Real-time reporting

    Customer privacy protected

    9: TrustPilot

    customer feedback

    Best for: Reputation & review management.

    TrustPilot is best known for its reviews, but it also offers a paid review management service. This allows organizations to leverage consumer feedback to increase conversions and improve their brand reputation.

    You can use the platform’s widgets to collect and publish reviews on your website and feed search engine customer responses. This will help you increase your visibility in paid and organic searches.

    Key features:

    Social sharing

    Google Seller Rating Support

    Embeddable widgets

    Reminders for automated reviews


    10: Hotjar

    customer feedback

    Best for: Visualizing consumer behavior

    Hotjar is most well-known for its visual behavior tracking tools, such as heatmaps, scrolls maps, clicks scrolls, and scrolls. These are extremely useful in helping companies fill in the gaps between customers’ statements and actual actions.

    This is great for understanding the “why” or pinpointing areas where it may be worthwhile to deploy a survey or questionnaire in order to find the source of friction.

    Key features:

    Visualizations of user behavior

    Tracking conversion funnels

    Analyze of form


    11: Usersnap

    customer feedback

    Best for: Capturing customer feedback for web-based services & products.

    Usersnap, a bug-tracking platform and customer feedback platform aim to assist CX, tech support, and product teams in solving customers’ most pressing problems.

    This customer feedback software is ideal for SaaS or e-commerce. It also includes an issue-tracking solution that allows users to track and prioritize issues from one dashboard.

    Key features:

    Solution for tracking issues

    Bug tracking browser extension

    User screenshots in-browser

    In-platform collaboration/communication feature for troubleshooting issues with colleagues/responding to customers

    Integrates with over 30 tools, such as Zendesk and Trello.

    12: GetSatisfaction

    customer feedback

    Best for: Community Management

    GetSatisfaction, a platform for customer engagement is designed to capture ideas and create sales opportunities. It also scales customer support by making it easier to connect with customers wherever they are, be it on Facebook, their website, mobile app, or Google search.

    You can also request customer input and have them vote for their favorite ideas. Get Satisfaction allows you to add a widget to any page to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to collect insights from your customers. The widget offers four options for users who click it: ask a question, report a problem, give praise or share an idea.

    Key features:

    Capture feedback

    Campaign monitoring

    Event management & content creation


    Feedback analytics


    It is important to collect customer feedback from as many channels as possible in order to improve your products, services, or experiences. However, it is equally important to consolidate this feedback into one source of truth.

    You’ll be better equipped to respond to customer needs, prioritize requests accurately, and close the loop after you have released the latest update.

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