200+ Podcast Name Ideas for 2022

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    Thinking about Creative Podcast Name Ideas? Think Again: Many start-ups, entrepreneurs, and business owners dream of starting their podcast. They believe a podcast can take off just like the most well-known podcasts out there…but is it that easy? Or do you still need a strong podcast strategy? If you plan on starting a podcast, you need to start by building a strong foundation.

    A podcast name is like a book title – it’s catchy and memorable and helps introduce your show to listeners. It’s pretty important. But it’s also hard. An effective podcast name is one of the very first foundations of your podcast. To help you get started, I’ve put together some tips on how to come up with a podcast name.

    How to come up with a podcast name idea

    1. Make it short and sweet

    Sometimes, being clear and simple is the best option. Make sure you specify what it is so that viewers can immediately recognize it and don’t have to be unsure about the topic.

    Football Weekly, Making Beyonce and The Property Radio are fantastic examples of names for podcasts that are straight to the essence and are simple to remember. They also rank higher in search results since they utilize terms that potential listeners will seek out.

    Concisely and effectively, explaining your show’s quality, tone and style is the most crucial aspect to think about when selecting a name for your podcast. It is not the best time to be unclear or overly clever. Be relevant to the subject and avoid naming conventions that could confuse your audience and may require further explanation to get the point to the point.

    Beware It’s not always the case that a longer title is more effective. Pacific Content looked at over 650K show names and found that 75 percent of the names for podcasts contain fewer than 29 characters. Even though you could have the option of 225 characters, make sure you choose short names that have a greater impact.

    Pacific Content’s research has shown that most podcasts’ names are less than 29 characters.

    2. Use a play on words

    Certain podcasts employ popular phrases, puns, or play-on-words within their names. They are a great way to make an impact and make your podcast stand out in a crowd of potential listeners browsing through hundreds of other shows.

    The Moth, for example, isn’t just a production of insect life. The Moth’s mission is “to promote the art and craft of storytelling and to honor and celebrate the diversity and commonality of human experience.” 99percent invisible is a documentary about “all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about,” which is difficult to discern from its title.

    Although a creative name for a podcast might attract attention, you need to be cautious. It is possible that viewers aren’t able to grasp an abstract title. They could immediately turn off your show even if your clever title doesn’t connect to your niche or topic in any way.

    A simple method to test your creative name is to mention the name to a person and ask them to can guess what it’s about; if they’re unable to figure out the topic (even if they have seen your artwork), you should go with something that is more informative.

    3. Incorporate your brand’s name

    Podcast Name Idea
    200+ Podcast Name Ideas for 2022 3

    If your business or you already have a following before you begin the podcast, it’s usually easier to go with your name in the exact same way. This can help people connect your new podcast with the existing brand.

    For instance, the Tim Ferris Show or The Joe Rogan Experience capitalize on the fame of their creators. The names do not tell you much about the show, but if you’re a fan of their other content, you’ll likely enjoy their podcasts, too.

    Take a look at the number of podcasts listed in this section. The New & Noteworthy section uses brands that are already in use in their name.

    If you’re looking to add your name as a personal one, it is important to be creative here. In the past, you could add your name in the middle of the name of your show, for example, such as “Top Tier Marketing with John Doe.” However, Apple does not like names like that today. Therefore, your name must be an integral part of the name of your show, just like Tim Ferris and Joe Rogan do.

    4. Convey the tone

    One effective method to distinguish your show from others is incorporating your brand in your name. Use the right words, punctuation, or misspellings to communicate the appropriate tone to listeners.

    For instance, Wardrobe Crisis is a show that focuses on fashion and covers major issues such as ethics, sustainability, culture, activism, and the environment. The term “crisis” creates a more serious tone, which distinguishes it from other shows on fashion that are fun and light.

    On the 888-Barbara podcast, the show’s host Barbara Corcoran answers life, business, and relationship-related questions. The name of the podcast is the number that you can dial to ask your questions. It’s a clever method to give her authenticity and help promote her show.

    5. Consider the search-ability  

    Podcasts are an integral part of the world of digital media; therefore, how easily the show is found through keyword searches can affect the growth of its audience. A podcast’s “search-ability” of a podcast’s name is a reference to its SEO impact and whether or not it will be a result in response to a user’s search.

    A lot of directories for podcasts refer to a podcast’s title and author fields to determine whether or not your podcast is relevant to a searcher’s query. To increase the chance of your podcast appearing within these search results, you should consider adding the keywords that potential listeners might look for when searching for information on your subject.

    6. Think about the power of word-of-mouth.

    How many times have you had an acquaintance suggest a new podcast that you have to check out?

    The word-of-mouth recommendation is a major element of growing an audience organically, so it isn’t something to be overlooked. Consider how your listeners will promote your show to the networks. Consider if the name is hard to pronounce, uses unusual abbreviations or homophones.

    As an example, let’s say I run a weight loss podcast titled “Fifteen Lbs. To go.” It’s informative and succinct; however, it could create problems with recommendations from word-of-mouth. “Did you say fifteen or fifty?”, “Is the number spelled out or just one-five?” and “Oh, it’s L-B-S, not the word pounds?” Are a few of the questions that can affect the ease for new listeners to eventually find my show.

    If you are thinking about ambiguity in your name for your podcast, you should make sure to minimize the distance between someone finding out that your program is on the air and how easy it will be to type it later. You do not want to lose out on engaging new listeners due to the fact that they don’t understand how to spell the name of your show.

    7. Say your podcast’s name out a loud-a lot 

    man in black crew neck t-shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses
    200+ Podcast Name Ideas for 2022 4

    Have you ever repeated an expression so many times in a row that at the end of the row, each word is like gibberish? The name of your podcast will be one of these words. Think about the intro to each episode as well as the call-to-action or the frequency you’ll mention the podcast into day-to-conversations throughout the day. All in all, you’ll be saying the name of your podcast several thousand times.

    While you narrow the selection of possibilities, speak every word loudly. Repeat it repeatedly, and then throw out those that you can’t consistently, clearly, and effectively deliver. Beware of slipping phrases that are difficult to speak off-the-cuff, ones that aren’t natural for you to say or are hard in the eyes of others who want to make it easier for them to follow.

    8. Take feedback from your networks

    After you’ve decided on your shortlist, now is the time to ask for opinions from your friends and family. Ask your family, friends, or colleagues to get their initial reactions and impressions. It’s easy to overlook obvious problems because you know what you want to communicate. If you take the time to consider others’ opinions and feedback, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of your work’s weaknesses or successes.

    Tips to come up with a unique podcast name idea

    Imagine one word or phrase that best describes your podcast

    One method to come up with concepts for names for your podcast is to consider the topic you would like to discuss and then think of the words that relate to it.

    If your podcast discusses the latest trends in parenting, you can use terms such as “parenting” or “family.” If the subject is fashion, you can employ “fashion” or “clothes.”

    Remember that the more precise you are, the more specific you will be.

    Another option is to start podcasts about going vegan. One of your words could be plant-based, or you might go into business with your best friends, ‘sisters,’ or.

    Do not use general terms or words in describing the podcast. For instance, don’t refer to your show “podcast” if your show is focused on parenting. It’s important for viewers to understand exactly what they’re in for from the beginning!

    Think about where you might be looking for podcasts.

    If people are having trouble finding your podcast on the internet due to the name, then it’s probably not a great one, however unique and innovative it might appear otherwise. If people search in the search engine for “parenting” but find other shows that are more popular than yours, the odds are good that they will not even go until they learn more about your podcast since their search failed right from the beginning.

    The key is to find the word that best describes your podcast.

    Certain podcast titles are exceptions, for example, the Moth and 99.9 Percent Invisible. Use your best judgment.

    Choose a name that is easy to spell and pronounce.

    Names for podcasts that are “gimmicky” or too creative could be negative.

    For instance, if you’re podcast discusses something that is serious, like suicide, and it’s called “The Suicide Lounge,” you could get a lot of people who are equally interested in the subject and also offended.

    If the name of your show is not appealing, people could be unable to appreciate the other things that you provide.

    It’s much more efficient to select names that clearly communicate what your show is about so that listeners are aware of the content they’re listening to instantly! One good illustration is the show “Serial,” inspired by the investigative journalism show which examines a single incident in detail.

    You are able to use your own name within the show’s title. Examples include such as The Joe Rogan Experience and the Michelle Obama podcast.

    Do not use profane language in your titles. This can result in your show not being endorsed by different directories for podcasts. Omar Zenhom ran into this issue when he launched his first podcast, People who are aware of their sh*. The launch of the podcast was delayed due to the title. The author ended up removing some of the alphabets. The show was later approved for the start, but “pod faded” after several months.

    Avoid using any names that are trademarked, copyrighted, or already in use by another show.

    It is essential to stay clear of making use of any trademarked copyrighted or used by a podcast or another business.

    However, this could result in confusion while listening to the podcast and categorizing it in the major podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify as well as Google Podcasts.

    In this regard, it could be best for your event to remove the names and use something completely new and distinctive instead. The only exception is when you’ve got permission from the owner of the trademark.

    The best method to find out whether your name idea has already registered as a trademark is to perform an instant trademark lookup on Google.

    You could also apply for a podcast name approval via an application on the iTunes Podcasts Connect portal and check for any conflicts.

    If you’re unsure about your concept, conduct some research on names similar to those you’re thinking of before you settle.

    It could also lead to legal troubles down the line. You can avoid the hassles by creating a unique brand name to promote your event.

    Make sure the name has not been used before on Apple Podcast and Spotify

    It’s simple to go to a podcast directory and search for your podcast’s possible name. If you come across the same name that is already being used, It is the perfect time to think of a new version of that name or create a new name entirely.

    Spotify will not consider your submission for a podcast even if there is already an existing show with the same name in its directory. Avoid the hassle of doing your own research.

    Podcast names ideas

    Education-based podcast names ideas

    1. NextGenMedic
    2. Women in STEM
    3. Education Inequality in the United States
    4. School Matters
    5. Daring to Listen
    6. Real Talk With Real Dads
    7. Center for the Study of Race & Difference
    8. On the Issues
    9. Unqualified Professionals
    10. People of Medicine
    11. I’m Grown: Over 40 and Trying to Thrive
    12. Daring to Dream
    13. In-Depth
    14. EDU@5
    15. Leading From The Heart Podcast
    16. GALs of Education
    17. Behind The Headlines
    18. Leshancast
    19. C-SPAN Politics Hour
    20. Real Talk with Tanya Wright
    21. Beyond the Labcoat
    22. What Do You Want To Know?
    23. Teach Me To Code » Podcast

    Funny podcast name names ideas

    1. We’re All Idiots
    2. 2 In The Morning
    3. Life Of Zee
    4. No Name Podcast
    5. We Watch Movies
    6. J&M Show
    7. V.I.P
    8. 2K CASIANZ
    9. 2 Dudes 1 Couch
    10. A-Z with Anna and Z
    11. It’s Not That Serious
    12. Daily Dose Of Dylan
    13. Nonsense With Nat
    14. K&C Show
    15. Nederlands Dans Theater
    16. 2 J’Bips 1 Podcast
    17. L.O.W.
    18. 2 Girls 1 Mic
    19. 3 Guys 1 Mic
    20. No Offense Podcast
    21. What Should I Name This Podcast?
    22. Why Are You Like That?
    23. Rambling with Ray
    24. Un-Okay
    25. I’m Just Sayin’ Podcast
    26. Geeks of the Galaxy
    27. Talking with S

    Entrepreneur based podcast name ideas

    1. Launch Your Independently Speaking Business
    2. Zero to $1,000,000
    3. #AskAaronShow
    4. C.L.U.R.E
    5. Making it in Japan with Aina Takahashi
    6. #BeInspired Podcast
    7. Raja’s Podcast
    8. Your Business BONUS™
    9. Goalsbydre
    10. Life With Samiksha
    11. Talk With Temi
    12. Flyer Report
    13. In the Business of Success: How to Build a Business From Scratch
    14. Marketing Simplified
    15. TheBizKore
    16. On The Hook with J.R. Blackwell
    17. Unstoppable Success
    18. What’s Your Shine? with Aimee B
    19. #AskLoren
    21. Our History Our Story
    22. Hustlers Institute Podcast
    23. Kreativize
    24. #MentorMonday

    Spirituality based podcast name ideas

    1. I AM Podcast with Tiana
    2. Occult Oracles
    3. Yassine’s Podcast
    4. Vibrant Divine
    5. Daily Dose
    6. Sattva Wellness
    7. Native Hawaiian Spirituality Podcast
    8. Unboxed with Jess
    9. What’s the Wave Podcast
    10. TheRealDwight
    11. The Think Tank Podcast
    12. Unbound Podcast
    13. Talks 2015 – Arsha Bodha Center
    14. In The Light Podcast
    15. Wanderings & Wellness
    16. Healing with Kay
    17. Zanele Talks
    18. Oracle Angel
    19. Vibe High Podcast
    20. TheHighCosmo
    21. You’re Not Too Busy
    22. Your Soul Inspired
    23. Sabrina’s Inner Light Podcast
    24. Be Your Own Guru
    25. Magickal Moments

    Comedy podcast name ideas

    1. I’m Just Saying with Anthony Jeselnik
    2. All The Things Podcast
    3. It’s Not Called Being Single
    4. What’s Up Docs
    5. Un-Ambitious
    6. Baked Beans
    9. Kye Perry
    10. You Know What They Say
    11. The Talk Spot
    13. Quarantined Comedy with James and Ryan
    14. I Got Nothing
    15. Let’s Be Frank
    16. Dads In The House
    17. LameCast
    18. Talkin’ Sh!t with Tiffany
    19. 3rd Planet Podcast
    20. What We Know
    21. Pardon My English
    22. Under the Covers with Charlie
    23. 3 Guys In A Room
    24. On Everything Podcast
    25. 3rd Degree w/ J-Boogie

    Cultural podcast name ideas

    1. Caffeinated Creativity
    2. Vexed
    3. Iberia: La Música en el Mundo
    4. The Thinking Christian
    5. #BlackTwitter
    6. Dharma Bytes
    7. The Table Talk
    8. Taboo Topic
    9. Indigenous Health and Wealth
    10. Unmuted by Race Magazine
    11. #WeAreDiaspora
    12. Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century
    13. History Speaks
    14. Al-Mahdi Institute Podcast
    15. Stories from the Village
    16. Cincy Coffee Chats
    17. Talk of Shame
    18. Re-enchanting the UK
    19. United States of Indigenous
    20. Under the Influence of V
    21. Being Biracial in America
    22. Afri Talk
    23. Voices of the Past, Present, Future

    Free podcast name generators

    1. Welder
    3. Portent Podcast Name Generator
    4. SquadHelp
    5. Copywrite course

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