Amazon Wedding Registry: Ultimate Guide for 2022

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    An Amazon wedding registry lets couples sign up for almost anything; at a minimum, you can find it on Therefore, it’s not surprising that Amazon wedding registry sites are extremely well-liked.

    Fortunately, searching for the Amazon registry isn’t too tricky. Like most internet-based companies can do, Amazon makes finding and using wedding registry websites a breeze. We’ll show you how.

    What is a Amazon wedding registry?

    In various cultures, it is customary that wedding guests bring a present for the groom and bride to the wedding ceremony. It’s not uncommon for the gift to be beneficial to the couple while they begin their new life together. Amazon wedding registry is an opportunity to manage the process, both for the couple and guests. 

    The registry can be described as a product offered, typically by a retailer, allowing couples to create an inventory of items that they can efficiently distribute to guests. The guests will be able to know what the couple requires (or want) as well as whether or not they’ve already bought it by someone else.

    Amazon is the largest (by) internet-based retailer that offers the registry service, which comes with many great options that we’ll be exploring in this article.

    How does an Amazon Wedding Registry work?

    Once you’ve got your registry in place (which we’ll discuss in a future post), You can then look around Amazon and add items to your registry from the pages of the products. If you’re interested in an item not listed on Amazon, however, you can add it to your registry using an extension called the Amazon Assistant extensions.

    When your registry is set, family members, friends, and party guests can browse through your registry to purchase the items you’ve requested. Suppose guests purchase the item through Amazon by using your registry. In that case, your registry will be updated by marking the item in the registry as “Purchased,” thus avoiding the purchase from being duplicated. This means you don’t need to fret about buying 13 toasters!

    Why anyone should use Amazon wedding registry?

    Apart from the benefits we’ve described, there is plenty of amazing Amazon registry features you can look into on this page. I’ll also mention some of my favorite features:

    • You can get a once-off discounted rate of 20 percent for anything remaining on the registry after you’ve had your wedding. This is a huge discount. It is possible to add items you are aware that your guests won’t buy to take advantage of the discount of 20.
    • With Amazon, it is possible to have the entire range of products “all in one place.” This could save you lots of effort and time.
    • Additionally, the majority of people have an Amazon Prime account. This means that this is simpler for you and for your guests to use it.
    • Sometimes, guests aren’t able to attend the wedding but wish to give a presentation. In this case, Amazon is likely the least-cost method to make this happen.

    How to create a wedding register on Amazon

    Sign up for an Amazon Account

    When you create a registry on Amazon, it is necessary to have an account. Although having an Amazon Prime account isn’t required to set up an online wedding registry, if you do not have one, you must determine whether you are eligible to get a cost-free Amazon Prime account.

    Wedding Registry
    Create an account

    Create an account

    1. Visit the Amazon Wedding page and click to create your registry.
    2. Sign in, if necessary.
    3. In this step, you’ll be given a formal form to outline your wedding. I’m not going to list every step because it’s pretty simple to understand, and the template will likely change as time passes.
    4. After you’ve completed the steps after which you’ve clicked to create your registry, you now have amazon wedding registry login & you can begin adding items!

    Manage your registry    

    Wedding Registry
    Image source- howchoo

    Amazon gift registry

    If there’s one thing Amazon excels in, it’s the ability to show you the products you’re likely to want. After you select “Get Started,” you’re directed to a webpage with suggested items and even a Guide to Gifts which can assist you in planning your gift. It is easy to add suggested items from this page.

    You’ll most likely need to look for certain products. It is also possible to utilize the search function to locate items and then add them to the page of the product. Follow the same procedure as you would when buying an item, but instead of selecting “Add To Cart as well as buy now on the product’s page, Click “Add to” on the Wedding Registry Below.

    View  your registry

    If, at any point, you would like to look at every item on your registry, select the Account drop-down and then select wedding Registry within your lists section. It will bring you right back to “Gift Advisor,” and you can select “Your Registry” to see the registry items you have.

    Delete items in your registry  

    On your, Your Registry page, Find the item you want to eliminate and select to edit the item. After that, click Remove the item.

    Share your registry with family and friends.   

    Wedding Registry
    Image source- howchoo

    On the “Gift Advisor ” or “Your Registry” page, which was discussed in the earlier step, click “Share” in the top menu. This will bring you to a page that offers options for sharing.

    Share the URL of the registry.

    This page will provide the URL for your registry. It’s a URL that can be sent to your friends and family via email or text or included in the invitation.

    Change your registry’s URL

    It’s possible to find that the registry’s URL is uninspiring and long. You’ll likely want to alter the URL of your registry to something a bit “cuter” 🙂 Simply select “Change My Link” next to the URL to change it. This will allow you to use something that is shorter, simpler to read, and easier to communicate. This is particularly crucial in the event that you’re planning to add the URL to an email invitation.

    Delete your registry    

    Wedding Registry
    Image source- howchoo

    In the future, you’ll need to erase your registry. To do this, you need to select “Settings” from the registry page. Next, you’ll see various registry configuration settings. And at the bottom is an option that reads “Delete Registry.”

    Click the button, and then confirm. Your registration is complete.

    Is the amazon wedding registry free?

    Yes! Registering on Amazon is entirely free. You’ll also receive a final discount following your wedding day.

    How do you find someone’s registry on Amazon?

    It’s as simple as visiting Amazon Wedding and clicking “Wish List” at the top of any Amazon page. Choose “Wedding Registry” from the drop-down. Enter the couple’s last name within the “Find A Registry” search to reduce it to the first name, the location, or wedding month.


    What is a wedding registry?

    e wedding ceremony. It’s not uncommon for the gift to be beneficial to the couple while they begin their new life together. Amazon wedding registry is an opportunity to manage the process, both for the couple and guests. 

    How to inform guests of my Wedding Registry?

    Through a personal wedding site, you can easily let your guests know about many important wedding details, including your registries.


    Amazon is an excellent option If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process of creating your registry. It’s simple for couples and the guests they invite to register, and their lists are curated to help you narrow down the massive variety of gifts you can put on your registry. However, the world is yours, and you’re able to register for almost everything on Amazon.

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