How to create Amazon product listing that sells more in 2022

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    The Amazon marketplace is exploding and new sellers want to cash in on the action. If you want to get started selling on Amazon, the first thing you need to do is create a Amazon product listing that entices customers to buy. The easier you make it for people to find and buy your products, the more successful you will be.

    If you’re a vendor and searching ahead to developing your very first Amazon product listing, then this article is for you.

    Creating the best product checklist is the necessary phase of success on Amazon. But if you’re a beginner, you may additionally locate it a bit challenging. But, don’t worry; growing your very first product record is a great deal less difficult than you think, and we’ll talk about the whole thing you want to comprehend in this article.

    You want to put together a few matters in advance of growing a product listing. First, make sure that you have all the required information. I’m going to take you thru three vital things.

    Product ID

    If you’re promoting a product that’s by no means been offered earlier than on Amazon, then you want something referred to as product ID. It’s a special identifier for business products. UPC barcodes EAN are all versions of Global Trade Item Numbers or GTINs.

    Many websites promote GTINs for a low price. But, these are now not allowed by using Amazon. If you purchase it from these sites, there is a hazard that your merchandise may get suspended because Amazon may suppose your merchandise is fraudulent. Amazon suggests a GS1 platform to purchase UPCs from, or you can additionally purchase it from official GS1 sellers.

    Keywords for your Product Listing

    Keywords are necessary aspects that will increase your probability of being seen by your manageable customers.

    Researching key phrases can be a bit of a pain. So this is the place we come to. With SellerApp’s effective tools, you can look up the proper key phrases for your product record primarily based on CPC, search volume, relevancy, etc.

    We’ve already created a specified video on how to lookup key phrases for your listings on Amazon the use of SellerApp:

    You want a special set of key phrases for product title, bullet points, description, and backend search terms.

    Product Images

    Make certain you have the proper set of pix for your product. Images can have an impact on the shopping for choice of customers to a massive extent.

    So you want to make positive that you have the proper pictures that put your product in the quality mild possible.

    • Ensure the snapshots are of High-quality
    • Capture product in Different angles
    • Portray lifestyle pics in special use case scenarios
    • Highlight all the USPs.
    • Use Infographics to exhibit how your product is special from your competitors.

    How to Create Amazon Product Listing ?

    Now you have the whole lot you need, let’s have a seem at how to create a product record on Amazon.

    1. Sign in to Amazon Seller Central
    2. Add a New Product or Select Existing Product
    3. Select your product list Category & Subcategories
    4. Filling out Product Listing Information (Vital-Info)
    5. Product Listing Information (Variations)
    6. Select your Fulfillment Channel
    7. Upload Product Images
    8. Add Product Description
    9. Add Keywords

    Step 1: Sign in to Amazon Seller Central

    Amazon product listing
    Sign in to Amazon Seller Central

    Pick out Add a product below the stock drop-down menu.

    Step 2: Add a new product or Select a product that’s already on Amazon.

    Amazon product listing
    Add a new product or Select a product that’s already on Amazon.
    Amazon product listing
    Add a new product or Select a product that’s already on Amazon.

    Here you see 2 unique options. The first one is if you’re planning to promote a product that already exists on Amazon, then you can pick out the first option, which is to discover your merchandise in Amazon’s catalog.

    If you have any Product ID like EPC or ISBN, or ASIN number, you can find it in the search box.

    If you are planning to promote a product that’s no longer offered on Amazon, then click on ‘I’m including a product no longer bought on Amazon.’

    Step 3: Select your Product record Category and Subcategories

    Amazon product listing
    Select your Product record Category and Subcategories

    Once you click on the 2nd option, you’ll be taken to a web page with classes to select from. If you sense as your class may qualify for two exclusive categories, then the wisest factor to do would be to seem at the place the current marketers are listed and seem to be at their corresponding day by day income and income anything class is making the most quantity of sales.

    You can use the SellerApp Chrome extension to locate each day’s quantity of product income and income per seller.

    Step 4: Filling out your product checklist Information (Vital Info)

    Once you’ve chosen the right category, you’ll be taken to the most vital phase of the process, which is filling out the record records of your new product.

    This area is divided into unique tabs, and the first one is critical info.

    The Vital tab includes one of the integral components of your product listing, which is your product name, manufacturer, company name, manufacturer section number, package deal quantity, product id, and more.

    Step 5 – Filling out your checklist Information (Variations)

    Suppose you have distinct versions for the identical product that you’re selling. Then, primarily based on measurement, coloration, or items, you can pick out variations. For example, you can create a dad or mum ASIN and list all the baby ASINs below.

    Step 6 – Select Your Fulfillment Channel

    There are two choices in the achievement channel: the first one is action fulfills, and Amazon fulfills the 2nd one. If the seller pleases the orders, package deal everything, then it is service provider fulfilled.

    If Amazon is taking care of packaging, shipping, consumer service, and everything, it is fulfilled by using Amazon.

    Step 7 – Upload your Product Images

    Move on to the picture section. This is the place you can add all of your images. It is advocated to have at least 5 to six images, and Amazon permits up to ten images. It would assist if you made positive that pix are of notable excessive first-class and excessive resolution.

    You can have one product picture as a thumbnail image, and the relaxation can be product element images, infographics, and lifestyle images.

    Best Practice for perfect amazon product listing

    • Images ought to be at least 1000px on the longes aspect & 500px on the shorter side
    • Ensure your product occupies 85% of the house on the image.
    • Don’t add any watermarks or emblems to the product images.

    Once you have uploaded all the images, click on superior view. It will exhibit to you a couple of extraordinary choices that have been hidden.

    Step 8 – Add Product Description

    The description is tremendously essential as you will be coming into your bullet factors and product description.

    • You’re allowed to have 5 bullet factors to maximize your visibility
    • Add your key phrases in the description

    Create a desirable HTML product description for your Amazon product for free with the Amazon Product description editor. No HTML understanding is needed!

    Step 9 – Add Keywords

    Keywords are any other crucial phase of developing a profitable product listing. Tools like SellerApp can assist you in locating the ideal key phrases for your product.

    The first one is search phrases which are commonly referred to as backend keywords. If you have any synonyms or any different key phrases that you’d like to put into your listing, you can add these search phrases here.

    That’s it; click on Save and finish, and you have created your product listing.

    Amazon product checklist Restrictions

    you’ve created your 1st Product listing, make positive you keep away from the following.

    1. Don’t use phrases like best, free, purchase one get one or subjective phrases like cute, cool, etc.,
    2. Stay away from trademark phrases & Amazon phrases like extraordinary amazon deals.
    3. Don’t do keyword stuffing due to the fact neither amazon now nor the buyers like it.
    4. An incomplete list will be suppressed; fill out all the facts required.
    5. Don’t use time-sensitive information, like the first-rate product of the year.
    6. Don’t put transport important points in the description, like free transport or the transport duration.


    Let’s summarize you want to have the following records beforehand of developing a product list on Amazon, like your product ID, keywords, and images. Then you will signal into your vendor central account, select to add a product on the stock drop-down menu in the vendor central, pick out the choice to add a product that’s now not offered on Amazon before, and fill out all your important product points and pick the gorgeous class & subcategories.

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