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    Word count is only the length of a piece of work, whether it’s an essay, a novel blog post, an article, or a sales letter. The kind of work is crucial as the work’s word count is affected by the type of work. For instance, a novel would be more extensive (80,000-word count) than the average magazine article (usually 1100 words).

    Word count is essential as it allows you to select your readers. If, for instance, you write a book and it’s lengthy, like 100,000 words, then obviously there will be people for whom it’s not appropriate (just due to the word count).

    How do I check the word count in Google Docs?

    Google Docs can display the word count on a browser, and its Google Doc apps for Android and iOS. To see the word count, simply take these steps.

    word count
    word count google docs

    For PC: You can open the Google Doc in Google Chrome | choose Tools | choose Word Count. Alternately, press Ctrl+Shift+C or use an Apple keyboard Command+Shift+C.

    For your Android phone: Open your Google Doc within the app. click the vertical three dots menu (in the upper right corner), and then tap Word Count.

    For iOS: Open your Google Doc, tap the horizontal three dots menu (in the upper right corner) Click Word Count.

    You can obtain the word count using Google Docs in your browser (left) and on either your Android smartphone (middle) or iOS devices (right).

    The system displays word count, total character count – the number of characters, letters and numbers, and spaces, as well as characters, count without spaces and, in a desktop browser, and how many pages are contained in the Google Doc. Using Chrome on the internet also gives an option to display the word count as you type. This displays a currently active word count on the left corner of the web browser.

    How do I find the word count of a selected text in the Google Doc 

    You can also look up the word count for specific sections or sections of the document. Select a specific text from the Google Doc and then access the word count using the steps in the previous paragraph. The system will display the word count of the selected text as well as the total word count in that particular Google Doc 

    How to Check the Word Count in Microsoft Word

    You can obtain Word count information for the entire Word document and the word count of one specific area in Word for Windows.

    Word Count of the entire MS Word Document

    word count
    For entire MS Word Document

    The easiest method to determine the word count for the complete Word document is to look at the status bar since the word count will be shown by default. The word count at right below the status bar towards the lower right of your screen.

    If you don’t see the word count displayed in the Status Bar, this might be disabled previously. It is possible to bring words back by right-clicking on any part within the Status Bar and selecting “Word Count” from the context menu.

    To determine your word count, simply click on the “Review” tab and then select “Word Count” in the Group for Proofing.

    When you click on the Word Count dialog box will show. You will see the word count under Words.

    Get the Word Count of a Specific Section of a Document

    You can also find the word count for the specific section of the Word document. This is helpful if you want to keep the whole document within a specified word count, but you think you’re overly wordy in a particular area.

    All you have to be able to do is highlight the part in the document you wish to obtain the word count from by dragging and clicking with your cursor over the text. After the text is highlighted, the selected word count will show on the status bar with the form of a form of x and y format representing the word count that you selected and y representing the word count total for the document.

    word count
    For Specific Section of a Document

    Highlight the text you wish to determine the word count, choose “Word Count” in the “Review” tab, and then look up the number above Words on the pop-up box.

    Maximum Word Count For a TOK Exhibition?

    The TOK Exhibition commentary is a word count for the entirety of the Internal Assessment.

    Examiners don’t take into account word count beyond the specified limit. The evaluation criteria demand that they evaluate only the first of 950 words.

    Best Word count tools online

    1. Word Counter online word count

    Word Counter is a real-time word counter that can accurately calculate the number of words, sentences, paragraphs, characters, and even the average length of sentences (in character count). It also displays the words that are most used in your text (with the percentage of the usage of each word). The online tool also comes with an app for iPhone and iPad, widgets that work with WordPress, and an add-on for Google Chrome.


    word count
    my word count is a unique word counter site that has some pretty distinctive features. I believe it could be beneficial to certain of you. In addition to counting the number of words for you to count, Docwordcounter offers different insights like counting words that are standard and words that are not.

    For instance, it counts the number of actual words in any uploaded document found in the dictionary. It also counts how many email addresses, codes, bullets, numbers, and so on. A unique feature is undoubtedly the Ideogram option that lets you look at Chinese and Japanese words with one word per character rather than per space.

    3. is another word counter is in real-time but with an easy interface. It displays the word count and the character count beneath the text box in white text (highlighted with red and green for numbers). Although it is a basic interface, this is an important tool.

    4. WOW Count

    An online tool for free that can measure words, paragraphs, sentences, characters, as well as the density of keywords. Another great feature is the ability to upload bulk documents and count words and collect other statistics.

    5. TranslatorsBase

    word count
    Word Counter: Free tools to check word count 6

    TranslatorsBase isn’t your standard line, word, and character counting technique. It gives you the option to personalize what you would like to count. The numbers of lines and the pages can be selected (and you can also select the characters or words you want to count). You can also select whether or not you want to count with numerals. Simply press the Measure button, and the result is displayed in the following order: Word Space Characters, Count Pages, Spatial Characters, and Lines.

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