Candle Business Name Ideas for 2022

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    Candles have been around over the years for thousands of centuries, but they’re still well-known today, with more than 1 billion pounds of wax candles produced each year. They come with more than 10,000 scents. Candles are available in almost every size and shape that you can think of. Candles can make a perfect backdrop for an intimate dinner, offer the gift of memory to your loved ones who have passed away, or let you unwind after a tiring day.

    With a value of more than $1.8 billion, The candle business is a huge market. Although they aren’t utilized to light up the dark in these times, however, they are commonly employed as a decor item or to enhance the aroma of bathrooms. If you are looking to start the doors of a candle company with a small batch, there are some of the most appealing names to help market the product offline or online.

    Candle business name ideas

    Boutique candle business name ideas

    1. Beanpod Candles
    2. Beartooth Candle Co.
    3. Botanica Mama Roots
    4. Calla Lily Candle Company
    5. Candle Berry
    6. Candle Light Shop
    7. Candle-Lite
    8. Cape Candle
    9. Charlotte Candle Company
    10. Chesapeake Bay
    11. Comfort Candle Company
    12. Eagle Rock Candle
    13. Firebrand Candle Company
    14. Golden Bee Candle Co.
    15. Goose Creek Candle
    16. Grandma’s Candle Shop
    17. Heritage Candles
    18. High End Candle Companies
    19. KC Candle Company
    20. Knight Light Candle Co.
    21. LuBella Candle Company
    22. Magic Candle Company
    23. Mason Jar Candles
    24. Oceans Boutique Inc.
    25. Old West Candle Company
    26. Portland Candle
    27. Raging Bull and Cheeky Cow
    28. Scent City Candle Company
    29. Seven Sisters Soap and Candle Company
    30. Silver Leaf Bath & Candle Co.
    31. Southern Elegance Candle Company
    32. Southern Scents Candles
    33. Sweet Dish & Darling Candles
    34. The Candleberry Candle Company
    35. Tyler Candle Company
    36. VA Candle Supply
    37. Wild Berry Incense
    38. Woodfire Candle Company
    39. Wooly Wax Candles

    Classy candle business name ideas

    1. Aztec Candle and Soap Making Supplies
    2. Botanica Lucky Candles
    3. California Candle Co.
    4. Candle Artisans
    5. Candle Lite Company
    6. Cathedral Candle Company
    7. Chandler Candles
    8. Colonial Candle
    9. Columbus Candle Supply
    10. Common Scents Candle & Sign Co.
    11. Community Candle and Soap Supply
    12. Discount Candles and Blessings
    13. Downtown Candle Company
    14. Excelsior Candle Company
    15. Factory Direct Candle
    16. Fragrant Passage Candle Company
    17. General Wax & Candle Company
    18. Gold Canyon Candles
    19. Kringle Candle Company
    20. Luminous Glow Candle Co.
    21. Marlowe Candle Company
    22. Natural Creations Candle Co.
    23. Okie Candle Shop
    24. Original Candle Co.
    25. Plymouth Bay
    26. Reed Candle Company
    27. Scented Swan Soap & Candle Co.
    28. Secret Forest Books
    29. Seventh Avenue Apothecary
    30. Southbeach Candle
    31. Southern Lights Candle Shop
    32. SoyBrite Candle Company
    33. Sweet Light Candle Co.
    34. The Country Candle Company
    35. US Candle Co.
    36. Waxman Candle Shop
    37. Wisdom Products
    38. Woodwick Outlet Candle Store
    39. Yankee Candles
    40. Zen Den Candles

    Catchy candle business name ideas

    white and gold ceramic mug on white snow
    candle business name ideas
    1. Armadilla Wax Works
    2. Aroma Thyme Aromatherapy
    3. Bee Healthy Candles
    4. Bluecorn Beeswax
    5. Broken Top Candle
    6. Burn Brites
    7. Candle County Candle Co.
    8. Candle Warmers
    9. Candles Luminere
    10. Citrus Blossom Soy Candles
    11. Cup of Ceremony
    12. Dreams & Rainbows
    13. Earth Gifts
    14. Even Better Scents
    15. Falling into Place
    16. Flame Allure
    17. Fragrance De-Lite
    18. Happy Nest Candles
    19. Illuminations
    20. Illumine Candle Co.
    21. Lavish by Nature
    22. Long Life Beeswax Candles
    23. Mad Glimmer
    24. Magic Fairy Candles
    25. Misty Candle Co.
    26. Nectar Republic
    27. Perfect Wick
    28. Purple Sun Candle Company
    29. Renegade Candles
    30. Rose the Candlemaker
    31. Scents from Heaven
    32. Soy Delicious
    33. Sweet Cakes Candles
    34. The Lucky Candle
    35. Tipsy Candle Company
    36. Virginia Candle
    37. Voila Flame
    38. Wax and Wick Candles
    39. Whiffs of God

    Creative candle business name ideas

    1. A Little Candle & Bath Shop
    2. Bee Lucia Wellness
    3. Blue Mercury
    4. Bright Glow Candle
    5. Cali Custom Candles
    6. Can Delites Candles
    7. Candle Cabinets
    8. Candle Desire
    9. Candles 4 Less
    10. Capri Blue
    11. Crave Candle Company
    12. Diamond Creek Candles
    13. Empire Candle Co.
    14. Flickers
    15. Frostbeard Studio
    16. Grass Roots Candles
    17. Ink & Peat
    18. Inner Flick Candles
    19. Just Candles
    20. Making Scents
    21. Mia Bella Candles
    22. Moutain Lux Candles
    23. My Fragrant Home
    24. Northstar Country Candle
    25. Olde City Candle Co.
    26. Pine Meadows
    27. Pure Light Candle Studios
    28. Scentsy
    29. Shorties Candles Co.
    30. Sierra Dawn Products
    31. Soy Works Candle Company
    32. Star Brite Illuminations
    33. The Frosted Candle Company
    34. Urban Burn Candles
    35. Village Candle
    36. Wicky Flame Candle Co.
    37. Wild Bee Candle Company
    38. Wishful Blaze

    Attractive candle business name ideas

    1. Alchemy Arts Occult
    2. Bee Healthy Candles
    3. Bliss Nation
    4. Bridgewater Candles
    5. Bright Lights Candle Co.
    6. Candle Cave Candle Co.
    7. Candle Delirium
    8. Candlefish
    9. Circle E Candles
    10. Continental Candle Co.
    11. Desert Sage
    12. Dio Candle Company
    13. Embers Candle Bar
    14. Flame Flair
    15. Granny Novelty Candle Shop
    16. Great Bear Wax Co.
    17. Keystone Candles
    18. Laguna Candles
    19. Lucca Great Finds
    20. MagicGlo Candle Co.
    21. Maple Village Scents
    22. Mile High Soap
    23. Motive Votive
    24. Nest
    25. Our Own Candle Company
    26. Purple Broom Company
    27. Scentsationals
    28. Seawicks
    29. Shining Sol Candle Company
    30. Simple Body Products
    31. Starlight Candles
    32. The Candle Lab
    33. The Primitive Candle Company
    34. The White Barn Candle
    35. Unearth Candles
    36. Village Candles
    37. Wax Secrets
    38. White Pillers Candles
    39. Words Inspired Secrets Held

    Best Candle business name generator

    If your still confused after seeing above list of candle business name ideas then these generators will help you

    candle business name ideas
    Best Candle business name generator






    How to Name Your Candle Company?

    The candle business is huge. There are many competing companies, and every entrepreneur who is starting out wants to be successful.

    The choice of a name that is suitable for your company or business is the very first step. A well-crafted company name could be an advantage, while a poor name could turn off customers and make the task of advertising your company more complicated.

    The most important thing to do is select a name for your business with the correct keywords. This means that you’ll see greater targeted visitors to your website. The name must also be appealing enough to draw the attention of potential customers and, in general, be appealing to the eyes of your customers.

    It is essential to select the name that is appropriate to assist you in reaching your goals and goals. There are numerous aspects to consider when choosing a company’s name; however, trying to manage the various options could create stress and anxiety.

    To ease your way through this stressful period, We’ve put together our top suggestions for selecting a great business name. There are a few important aspects to think about:

    1. Location-Specific Terms

    Certain candle companies are confined to a specific geographic area of service. If this is the case for your company, you should consider using a local-specific word in the name of your business.

    • Consider things such as:
    • City nicknames
    • Neighborhoods
    • States or regions
    • And descriptive terms

    But, think about what the result is if you expand beyond your service area. Is the name becoming restrictive? If yes, you’ll want to steer clear of it if you are planning to expand or shift directions in the future.

    2. Avoid Business Names That Are Hard to Pronounce, Hear, or Spell

    Despite the advances in technology for voice search, assistants such as Siri and Alexa are unable to understand various slang terms and other jargon.

    This may limit the amount of time your business appears when you conduct a voice (and the text-based) search results if your business’s name is difficult to spell, pronounce or understand. This is why it’s essential to stay clear of complicated terms, industry jargon as well as use numbers instead of letters. While having a distinctive candle company name is great but being too distinctive might not be a good idea.

    Your business name should be as easy and simple to remember, so that prospective customers are able to locate your business.

    3. Consider Alliterations and Rhyming Words

    Alliterations and rhymes are enticing and simple to keep in mind. They can be great business names.

    It’s often easy to come up with ideas. Begin by selecting some of your most-loved words from your brainstorming list.

    You can then search “words that start with W” to create names like the word Wax Works and S for Sensuous Smells or any other letter you’re using to make an alliteration. You can also lookup “words that rhyme with ____.”

    It’s not easy, but it’s a great beginning point.

    Don’t forget to add any new discoveries to your list of brainstorming ideas while you’re doing it. Be careful not to think too much about the names you think of. Simply write them down. Some of the most interesting names may provide better ideas later on.

    4. Steer Clear of Initials or Obscure Acronyms

    The initials and the unusual acronyms can be hard to remember, which is why they usually don’t make for great names for businesses. They are also difficult to spell and confusing when searching for a voice.

    In addition, there are 325 distinct two-letter combinations that are available within the English language. The odds of your clients remembering the particular letters you picked are very low.

    5. Imagery Words

    white and black printer paper
     Imagery Words

    In the process of brainstorming names, it is important to think of words related to the industry which could make an excellent brand name or logo. For example, candles could choose to use a candle flame and center on the image to create the name.

    6. Try the Owner’s Name

    If you’ve come this far but you’re still searching for the right name, you could look into using the business’s owner’s name or that of a significant family member. It’s a great idea when the business owner plans to be the spokesperson for the company.

    One thing to remember is the fact that using the name of the owner as the name of the business can make it harder to sell the company in the future.

    7. Look at the Names of Other Candle Businesses

    Here’s a list of Candle Company names derived from business names to provide you with some unique names to consider. Although many of these names might be accessible to you, make sure you check them out.

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