8 Best Creative Business Card Maker Online + Free Templates

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    The most reliable online business card maker makes it straightforward to order business cards that offer top-quality design and printing and competitive pricing.

    This is crucial since, even in this day and age of connectivity, business cards are still a crucial element of any marketing plan and are essential for those seeking new leads at gatherings.

    To make your life easier, here are the top platforms and tools that can assist you in creating a website yourself or get an expert to do it.

    Best Business Card Maker

    1. Gimmio

    business card
    business card designs

    Gimmio can be, without doubt, the best Free business card printer because of the many options it offers. It’s the top choice in business card software! You can design almost any design for business cards using this tool, which is why numerous graphic designers and marketing firms use it to design business cards for their customers.

    Their agency plans permit users to white-label their interface, which allows marketing firms to customize it according to the brand that their clients are familiar with.

    One of the unique characteristics of this program is its layering feature (like Photoshop) that lets you put elements on top of other elements. You can also alter many options like the placement of objects (using grids) and transparency of images as well as background colors, dimensions of the elements, and a lot more.

    In addition to these beneficial tools, you can move elements around in the right position using alignment grids or freehand. There are also various option templates for business cards to pick from before you start designing your business card and make the entire process easy.

    The user-friendly user interface allows even most novice designers to design stunning business cards. The company also delivers business cards across the globe in only one or two days, making Gimmio the best all-around choice.

    2. Shopify

    business card
    business card creator

    Shopify is an eCommerce hosting site that provides a free business card generation tool. The user interface of Shopify is similar to the interface of an online data entry system based on forms.

    Once you have logged into the website, scroll to select your preferred domain from the vast range of options such as food, beauty and nutrition, living, professional services, abilities, and more. However, the final visitor card has a basic white background. Just fill in the form for visiting cards that requires your first name as well as your last name of yours, email address, the name of your company, job title or company name, etc.

    3. Business Card Maker

    If you’re a fan of making Google Slides, you’ll love Business Card Maker tool. It offers a variety of ready-to-use templates in its left-hand side panel. In addition, it allows you to edit the designs by clicking on the components.

    Select a design you like, then double-click the text to edit it. You can upload your image or logo for your brand by clicking the field for logos. It’s free; you can download a watermark-free version of your card to be used in JPG or PDF format.

    4. Canva

    business card
    digital business card

    You’ve probably heard of Canva because it’s the best design software available on the Internet. You can design almost everything you want using it, starting from banners, logos, advertisements, and more. You can name it, and Canva can create it.

    Concerning the business card area, there is a myriad of templates you can use to get an advantage in the design process. You can change each element or keep it as is after you have slapped your business information on it, whichever is most effective for you.

    The interface for editing is user-friendly, and you’ll be able to be certain that you’ll end up with a fantastic final product even if you don’t have any previous experience in design.

    The best part is that, despite these fantastic capabilities, Canva is free to use.

    5. Easil

    business card
    cheap business card

    You can access customized business card templates that can design stunning and visually appealing designs using Easil. You can use their drag-and-drop editor to modify fonts, colors, text, and other elements. It’s obvious, but you can add your logo and other branding elements.

    The template library includes a variety of designs, and you can select either horizontal or vertical designs for your first start. Most features are free to use; however, you can also choose paid plans that start at $7.50/month to access brand kits and more templates, customized fonts, etc.

    6. Zazzle: Best For Custom Business Cards

    business card
    create business card

    Zazzle offers complete customizing. They have many designs and kinds of paper. I highly recommend Zazzle to anyone looking for an original distinctive business card that is distinct from the crowd. Zazzle offers a variety of shapes and styles, including regular, square, mighty mini, folded, and Euro. Select from unique, professional contemporary, minimalist designs. There are over fifty thousand templates created by independent designers that you can modify. Zazzle is a great source for design templates that are specific to the industry.

    7. Elite Flyers: Best for Bulk Order Business Cards

    business card
    designer business card

    Elite Flyers provides top-quality business cards for sale at low prices. This is particularly applicable to large-volume orders.

    The printing company offers an array of business cards that you can choose from to make sure you leave the right impression when you first meet. They also offer soft-touch business cards as well as thick business cards. There are more than 30 different materials for business cards to pick from.

    In most cases, purchasing at least 1000 or 500 cards is necessary. If you’re looking for fifty or 100 cards, you’ll likely have to shop for another source.

    8. Vistaprint business card

    business card
    design a business card

    Vistaprint provides a wide selection of printing for business cards. They offer a variety of online template designs you can use. It is also possible to upload your design and have them print it.

    If templates aren’t your thing and you’ve not yet created your own business card to upload or upload, Vistaprint offers you the option of working on your own with one of your own designers. They’ll get the design you’d like to see set up and ready to print.

    Vistaprint is a brand that has been in existence for a long time, and the variety of services they provide is not matched by other card printing services available.

    Free Business Card Templates

    Templates can be extremely helpful when you’re stuck and must come up with an idea in a short timeframe. Here are some ideas to look into:

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