Bing SEO: Outrank Your Competitors in Bing in 2022

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    Bing is responsible for 26.5 %  of desktop searches across the U.S., according to Comscore (April 2021). In the current work from home, more people spend more time with their desktop computers. This could also suggest more individuals are using Bing.

    If you don’t do anything and you don’t do anything, you’re allowing your competition the chance to beat you in the results of Bing’s share in desktop queries. However, If you design your content by keeping Bing in mind, it will also optimize your content for DuckDuckGoYahoo, Ecosia, and Qwant, as Bing runs these search engines.

    What is Bing SEO?

    Bing SEO is a digital marketing strategy that aims to increase the accessibility of website pages on Bing index. This method helps increase the number of visitors to your website by making your pages simpler for Bing to classify while improving their user experience.

    Although Google is the most popular search engine traffic, Bing still represents more than 10 %  of all desktop search traffic.

    Major factors that Bing considers to rank web pages

    Each search engine uses a distinct method of ranking content and assigning importance to various elements. The most significant Bing ranking elements comprise:

    • Social media presence and interaction  
    • Page authority score
    • CTR performance (CTR) performance
    • The user experience and engagement of the audience
    • Backlinks presence

    The Benefits of Bing SEO

    Since all advertisers are chasing Google, Bing has lower competitors and an estimated market share of 6.79 % for desktop users. Although it may seem small compared to Google’s 86.64 %, the Bing desktop searches market has been growing by 41.03 % since the beginning of 2019.

    Bing traffic may also have less bounce. According to Matthew Woodward, his Bing traffic is more reliable than Google. Bing users saw more pages and clicked on more affiliate links as well.

    Additionally, most SEO techniques are identical to the ones used by Google (although the algorithm is different). What makes Bing distinct is that the search engine is more transparent about its ranking factors than Google, which means that you can take a bite of the Bing pie with less effort and yet reap the benefits.

    Now that you’re aware of Bing SEO’s benefits Let’s begin putting all your effort into the internet search engine.

    Bing traffic converts faster than Google’s.

    Source: link-assistant

    Perhaps, Bing traffic typically has an improved conversion rate over Google. This is a claim that several marketers have made, me including. Here’s an image of a Google Analytics report for one of our websites:

    It is evident that both Yahoo and Bing have around a 20 percent conversion rate; however, Google’s conversion rate is 16.5 percent. I’m not sure what the reason for this is, and it could be that the Bing audience is generally older (for the vast majority, 35+) and has greater money available to spend.

    How to Improve Bing SEO?

    Since the sections above have already reviewed each other, Google and Bing, with respect to a number of factors and criteria, it’s not easy to choose one.

    But, several methods will increase the number of views of the website via Bing. Bloggers may know that a higher score on SEO results in increased site popularity with users.

    It’s safe to say that everybody wants their website to be at the top of the list of results from search engines. So, here are a few of the collected Bing SEO tips that will increase the ranking of the web pages.

    1 List Website on Bing Places

    People commonly try everything to enhance their Bing SEO, but they fail to achieve the desired results. The main reason for this is the inability to properly claim the site’s existence as a Bing Places listing. Bing Places.

    Like Google My Business, this platform gives special access to websites that increase the local ranking of the website’s content. Furthermore, it also ensures the status of being a prominent part of Facebook rankings, and Bing will consider these rankings.

    2 Use Popular Keywords

    Keywords play a significant part in determining the overall SEO score of a website. Therefore, it is suggested to incorporate some of the most frequently searched keywords in your content without making it clear.

    This could trigger Bing SEO’s algorithm Bing SEO to promote the web pages in search results. Therefore, avoid using long keywords since they could cause negative rankings.

    Furthermore, altering URL slag, the first paragraph, or subheadings according to the requirements will increase search engine optimization.

    3. Utilize Bing’s Connected Page feature.

    Suppose you want your content to increase its authority on the market and to become regarded as an authority, Connected Pages. The connected Pages option is a fantastic way to prove to Bing who’s responsible for the information.

    Connect your website to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts so that the platform recognizes that you’re an authority in the field. Connecting your social media accounts helps to build cohesive branding, too.

    4. Be Socially Active

    social media
    microsoft bing

    It is not unusual to think that social media play an important role in increasing the website’s traffic. Therefore, users must be able to make a significant social impression across various platforms to boost SEO, specifically on Bing.

    The search engine analyzes the popularity of posts on social media and regulates the similar trend. Therefore, be sure to identify the audience interested in the content since it will give more visibility on social media.

    5. Generate Quality Content

    There is no secret to knowing that content with quality will get more views. Therefore, it is a crucial component of increasing Bing’s SEO score up to the limit, as Bing’s search engine can detect popular content.

    Thus, quality should be more important than quantity since it will attract an audience. A typical article or blog that is not more than two hundred words is sufficient to ensure that viewers stay on the site.

    The longer posts lower the level of engagement for users and ultimately, it results in the loss of viewers.

    6. Consider the user’s engagement

    Bing analyzes the engagement of users with your site by studying the pogo-sticking. This is a term used to describe a scenario where a user clicks the link on your site, does nothing, and then returns to the page they were on.

    This is an obvious sign of a bad experience. You must make sure that the user is able to find the content that is relevant to the content they’re trying to find to avoid sticking to pogos.

    7. Backlinks

    If a person isn’t familiar with backlinks, they will be directed to the websites that link directly to the content. These websites also improve the overall quality of content that the users publish.

    Even though Bing isn’t perfect in finding these backlinks in the content, it’s recommended to utilize it whenever you need to. If a parent website is linked to the page, this could be the ideal option to backlink the project.

    8. Use Bing Webmaster Tools

    There are hundreds of compatible keywords and backlinks for a specific style of content. It’s a challenge to locate and incorporate every source into the website.

    The best method to accomplish this is to sign up for a free account on Bing Webmaster tools. Users must register their website to an email address for a business established earlier. This will allow Bing to thoroughly comprehend the content and rank it accordingly.

    Google Vs Bing – A Comparative Analysis

    bing search engines

    1) Speed

    It’s a trend to provide the fastest speed in business, regardless of whether it’s a search engine or some other online instrument.

    People are always searching for fast ways to boost the speed of their search, especially when there are many queries to manage. This is the reason why search engines are not able to beat the speed of Google.

    Even Bing is prone to some delays when contrasted to the most popular search engine. This is why Google is the preferred search engine for those needing rapid and immediate solutions.

    2) Search Suggestions

    Are there many users who wonder how search engines come to know what it is planning to search without entering the whole sentence? This is referred to as autocomplete or search suggestion.

    The primary goal of this method is to offer the most frequently searched-for queries similar to what users are looking for. When we talk about Google users, they get just four autocomplete options.

    While, on the other hand, Bing allows users to pick from eight search options. This is why Bing is a step over its competitors.

    3) Image Results

    Images are among the most important elements of results generated by each search engine. They help users better understand the exact search results, which is why users would prefer an extensive images section.

    There isn’t much difference if it is possible to compare both search engines’ ability to display images. While their layouts for images differ, the other elements are almost identical. So, there is no comparability between the two in this instance.

    4) Shopping Suggestions

    Shopping online has become an extremely profitable business for a lot of producers. In addition, the purchase of goods has been significantly easier for buyers since they can buy items from their homes.

    In addition to searching directly for the item they are interested in, attractive ideas also entice consumers. Furthermore, nothing is more effective than offering better suggestions for shopping by looking at past search results.

    Google is just a bit better than Bing in terms of enhancing the search results that are provided to the customer. That’s the reason why Google prefers Bing in this situation.

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