BigCommerce Review: Why you Should Use it for Ecommerce in 2022

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    BigCommerce is an online eCommerce platform that lets users build their online store, display products, handle orders, and interact with their customers. In addition, BigCommerce provides the three Essentials subscription plans and an impressive set of built-in features, making it an ideal alternative for small companies of any size and shape.

    bigcommerce reviews

    What is BigCommerce?

    BigCommerce is a pay-per-use hosted ecommerce service that allows business owners to establish an online site and then sell their goods online.

    “Hosted” means that BigCommerce operates through its servers; you don’t need to purchase web hosting and install any other software onto your PC to run BigCommerce. If you’re connected to a web browser and the internet, you can develop and manage your online store from any location.

    The BigCommerce platform

    bigcommerce for wordpress

    BigCommerce is a software as a service (SaaS) solution -This means that BigCommerce isn’t your software; instead, you pay a monthly cost to access it.

    The platform offers several templates you can customize to help you build your online store. You can sell physical or digital products. In addition, there are tools available to help you promote your shop.

    BigCommerce is designed for those who do not have design expertise. However, it lets more experienced consumers and programmers take their business even further, allowing them to alter their store’s HTML and the CSS of their online stores.

    Like the other hosted online stores and website building solutions -including Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Jimdo, etc., if BigCommerce was to cease operations or alter its features dramatically, you might be in a situation that requires you to move your store to a different platform.

    Bigcommerce key features

    bigcommerce shipping

    An amazing single-page checkout Check to ensure that your checkout process is fast and easy for your customers by using an easy checkout tool that can take credit card and PayPal payments.

    Unlimited products regardless of what you spend on the pricing plans for BigCommerce, you’ll be able to create unlimited products and have all the storage for files and bandwidth you’ll need. There’s no limit to be concerned about, even when using an option like the BigCommerce Standard package.

    A responsive site perfect for SEO, BigCommerce gives you a responsive web design that looks great on mobile and desktop.

    Shipping quotes that are real-time Delivering your products to your customers fast is vital if you hope to make it in the online world. The BigCommerce plan will give you the most affordable shipping rates.

    No transaction costs The monthly cost from BigCommerce does not contain any requirements for transaction charges. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are taking advantage of the pro or Plus plans. However, you may have to pay a fee for the payment gateways you use.

    24/7 priority assistance: BigCommerce ensures that every pricing plan includes professional customer support, including the standard plan. This means that you’ll be able to quickly find answers to any queries you may have.

    Whose BigCommerce Best Suited For?

    BigCommerce provides a solution for every person.

    It’s an ideal solution for launching your online store for the first time, growing your online company, and even satisfying the requirements of enterprises.

    The platform provides many e-commerce options that allow you to manage your products and orders, and customers (there’s an integrated CRM), marketing tools, and analytics. Everything is designed to hold endless products in the database. So it will allow you to make your work on the platform easy.

    BigCommerce created the user experience to ensure that users with no technical background can utilize every feature of the platform while offering a useful device for those who are tech-savvy and would like to personalize their platform to meet the needs of both kinds of users.

    When you look at all the options available, BigCommerce would be the ideal choice if:

    Are you need strong tools, features, and features to help grow your business as quickly as possible (since BigCommerce provides everything you require)?

    Create a B2B-focused business using business-class offerings, since BigCommerce is among the few platforms with an array of B2B functions.

    BigCommerce Pricing Plans: What’s the Deal?

    bigcommerce cost

    At first glance, it appears that BigCommerce’s pricing plans are easy to understand:

    • The standard plan costs $29.95. the standard plan costs $29.95 a month
    • Its Plus plan costs $79.95 a month
    • The Pro plan costs $299.95. The Pro package cost $299.95 a month
    • Enterprise plan is priced at a specific amount per month

    It is necessary to reach out to BigCommerce to discuss pricing options and you’ll get to receive all features of the Plus Plan features, along with an individual SSL or IP address configuration and data migration, priority support filters for products, advanced report tools Google reliable stores, and many more. Many of our customers have stated that BigCommerce is urging customers who have successfully taken advantage of the Plus Plan. In other words, if you’re making more than $125,000 of revenue each year (or more than 3,000 transactions each year), you could end up paying anywhere between $900 and $1,500 each month.

    BigCommerce has an upper limit on sales for their plans. When you’ve exceeded the limit on the plan that you’re currently on, BigCommerce will automatically bump you to a better plan:

    • The Standard plan’s sales threshold can be set at $50K per year.
    • Its Plus plan’s threshold for sales can be reached at $180K per year.
    • Pro plan Pro plans sales limit will be $400K per year.

    Bigcommerce: pros and cons


    Secure Performance

    Security is an important aspect and must be considered when it comes to establishing your online brand. BigCommerce’s security and hosting features provide unlimited bandwidth, quick content delivery, a variety of domain names, and a shared SSL certificate.

    Multi-layered security makes sure your store is secured. Server-specific and perimeter firewalls, file integrity scanners, intrusion detection software, and human monitoring 24/7 are all in place to block unauthorized access to your site and any potential threats. The more advanced plans include DDOS security to secure your website.

    SEO Benefits

    BigCommerce’s SEO capabilities allow for easy continuous optimization. When you create a custom website with BigCommerce, the pages are constructed using HTML elements and hierarchies.

    Product pages are also built-in microdata that takes ratings and pricing, brand, and stock level into account. Optimized URLs, rewrites, and redirects enable users to make changes to your website without putting themselves at risk of error 404. Auto-populated URLs can quickly adjust according to the modifications you’ve made. Additionally, the themes ensure your content is available and not duplicated by providing each page with an individual URL.

    “BigCommerce’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) is focused on the speed of your site and helps to reduce loading times, which results in more satisfied visitors to your site and better search engine rankings.

    Omni-Channel Selling

    BigCommerce’s omnichannel selling platform elevates your business’s reach by connecting it with the modern-day buyer. The software integration provides a multi-channel experience and can reach customers wherever they prefer to shop.

    The seamless design lets you expand to multiple platforms while managing everything from one easily accessible location.

    BigCommerce Channel Manager BigCommerce Channel Manager makes selling across multiple channels easy. The channel manager functions as the central point for all your channels. Wherever you market your product, BigCommerce will handle it through the channel manager using automatic syncing to avoid excessive swelling and facilitate an easy expansion.

    The feature links online markets with physical stores, online media, and online advertisements. By listing your items on websites like Amazon and eBay, The Omni-selling feature will allow you to contact customers immediately when they start their search.

    Customization & Functionality

    BigCommerce’s software was designed to enhance every aspect of the online business. It lets you modify your website to ensure it’s personalized to your own personal tastes and branding.

    The built-in features increase revenue and traffic, taking B2B and B2C companies to the next stage. This is right…it can be used for B2B and B2C.

    If you’re just starting or moving using another system, BigCommerce makes it easy to create a site that is noticed and showcases your company and all that you provide.


    Plans restrict annual sales volume.

    Each BigCommerce plan is limited to the number of sales per year your online store can handle. If you exceed the limits of your plan, BigCommerce will automatically upgrade you to the next level of the plan.

    Although these restrictions based on volume are not uncommon among e-commerce platforms, they could be limiting for companies trying to grow rapidly. There are also alternatives, like Shopify or Square Online, which don’t have these restrictions.

    Learning curve to start

    BigCommerce is easy to use; however, it might not be the ideal choice if you wish to begin selling online with as little hassle as possible. Although you may be able to establish another option like Big Cartel or Shopify in a matter of minutes, it could take longer to set up an online store on BigCommerce, especially for people who are just beginning to learn about e-commerce.

    To get the most value from BigCommerce, it is essential to learn everything BigCommerce can offer and adapt all the relevant functions to suit your company’s specific needs.

    bigcommerce vs shopify

    Alternatives to BigCommerce


    shopify to bigcommerce

    One of BigCommerce’s most close rivals, Shopify, can be a better choice for those who are new to e-commerce. Shopify has a comprehensive feature set at a similar cost to BigCommerce but it could be simpler to start selling online with Shopify.


    BigCommerce Review: Why you Should Use it for Ecommerce in 2022 6

    WooCommerce is a completely free shopping cart plug-in that is able to be downloaded and then added to an existing WordPress website to transform it into an online shop. It is an open-source plug-in. WooCommerce is an excellent choice for business owners seeking an option with greater customization than BigCommerce.

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