10 best YouTube videos on Amazon Brand Registry in 2022

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    In this article, we will list down the best videos about Amazon Brand Registry. You may be just starting as an Amazon FBA seller, or you have been in this industry for years; everyone is looking to boost their business. Many YouTube channels and blogs offer great advice for Amazon product sellers. You can learn from YouTube channels that are reputable if you want to have success with Amazon.

    Sharon Even – 8.03K subscribers

    Sharon Even is an Amazon seller, a brand builder, an amazon FBA coach, and a founder of the alpha community; she has been in the product business since she was 15 years old. In this video about 11 marketing Benefits you have access to once you are Brand Registered on Amazon, she has discussed the tools that can help to increase brand awareness and sales

    Just One Dime – 245K subscribers

    Just one Dime is a premium coaching company for inline entrepreneurs. In this video, they have shown you six steps on how to get Amazon seller trademark registration for beginners 2021. They discussed about how to add • Adds credibility to your brand, how to raise the value of your company, how to increase your earning potential and, much more

    Dan Rodgers – 30.6K subscribers

    Dan Todgers is a business trainer who loves to talk about crypto and eCommerce, and he is not a business coach who is selling his course all his videos are free on youtube

    In this video, he discussed how to create a brand name for Amazon; specifically, your Amazon store name is also your seller name or display name. He also covers domain names and trademarks, which will be essential for brand registry

    Jungle Scout – 179K subscribers

    Jungle scout is now big reputed, all in one platform for selling on Amazon, there have covered almost all amazon related queries for amazon seller through there vides and blog.

    This video is a step by step guide to Amazon Brand Registry; you’ll learn all about the new & exciting ways to boost your sales & brand recognition, you’ll walk through all the Amazon Brand Registry benefits you’ll gain access to, such as A+ content, adding videos to your listing, creating storefronts, additional product protections & Amazon Attribution.

    Camron James – 32.6K subscribers

    Camron James is himself an amazon seller, with 1.3 million revenue in his 1st year; he helps normal people how to scale on amazon through his videos. In these videos, he had given a quick tutorial on how Amazon FBA business works 

    Brian Noonan – 4.57K subscribers

    He has discussed How to sell on Amazon with your brand, How to obtain an Amazon Brand Registry and when to apply for a Trademark. In his channel, he has covered all the topics that amazon sellers want, ranking fast, tools to use, selling more, etc.

    Dan Rodgers – 30.6K subscribers

    Dan Todgers is a business trainer who loves to talk about crypto and eCommerce; he is not a business coach who is selling his course; all his videos are free on you tube.

    This video covers branding, trademarking as well as how to do an Amazon brand registry application and the benefits of doing so.

    Retail Global – 2.08K subscribers

    This is the official YouTube channel of retail global. Retail Global is the world’s leading conference, and exhibition focused on marketplaces and cross-border retail. TheseThese events are built by online retailers for online retailers and are frequently mentioned as the best e-commerce events by leading publishers, including Entrepreneur Magazine.

    In this Video, Peter Kearns will review Amazon’s brand registry and protection tool and how it impacts the relationships between brands and re-sellers.

    Amazon Seller University – 85.2K subscribers

    This is the official channel of Amazon Seller University. It’s the amazon dedicated channel that discusses everything about Amazon as its name suggest; it’s like a university; you will get a deep knowledge about amazon as a seller if you start watching its videos

    In this video, you will learn about Engaging content and storytelling can help you build your brand in Amazon’s shops. This will foster an emotional connection with customers. Learn how Amazon’s tools and services can help you make a cohesive brand experience to increase sales, brand awareness and customer engagement.

    Travis Marziani – 168K subscribers

    Travis Marziani is a 7 figure earner amazon seller, a coach with 500 plus students. In this video, he has discussed what brand registry, why it is essential on amazon, how to apply for it is. He will explain everything you need to use for and receive a brand registry.

    Watching videos of these channels will definitely increase your knowledge. It is not easy to become an Amazon FBA seller. However, it is possible to thrive if you have a solid support system. To become a successful Amazon seller, it is important to join like-minded groups such as Facebook groups, Reddit communities, and even an Amazon Prime Course to gain insight into the workings of advanced sellers.

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