Free YouTube Thumbnail Maker: Create an attractive thumbnail for your video in 2022

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    Thumbnails are factor, that decide the user will click on your video or not.Your channel’s growth may depend on how well your thumbnails are doing. YouTube thumbnails can make a huge difference in whether a viewer clicks through to your video or not. We have discussed best youtube thumbnail maker that can make amazing thumbnails without any design experience

    How to create youtube thumbnail

    1. Take a look at the competition

    Research is the best friend of a YouTuber newbie. This simple tip can help you when you’re just starting to learn how to create YouTube thumbnails: Search for similar videos to see which channels make their thumbnails.

    How to make YouTube thumbnails – Check out the competition

    You can learn how to make YouTube thumbnails by looking at what thumbnails appear at the top YouTube search results for similar video topics.

    You will eventually develop your own style in thumbnails. You may even be a master at video thumbnail making! For now, you can search YouTube for inspiration.

    It is useful to check out other channels’ thumbnails even if you are proficient at creating them. Similar topics attract similar audiences. By looking at thumbnails from popular creators, it is possible to see which thumbnails are used to attract viewers and optimize your YouTube thumbnails.

    2. Make sure to use recognizable faces, especially your own!

    We are wired as humans to respond to certain signals. Even something as simple as eye contact could make a huge difference in your thumbnails.

    Research has shown that eye contact with the eyes activates the part in the brain responsible for processing emotions and social interactions. YouTube thumbnails that include eye contact are more likely be seen by your audience.

    How to make YouTube thumbnails – Recognizable Faces and Eye Contact

    YouTube thumbnails that include eye contact can be used to help users engage directly. (Clockwise from top: Jacksepticeye., ImagineDragons., Shonagh Scott., Sexy Confidence.

    Include a familiar face in your thumbnails, especially your own! To increase brand recognition and attract viewers to your content,

    3. Be emotive

    Video engagement can also be enhanced by strong emotions being displayed in thumbnail photos. People learn emotional cues from others; strong emotions (or exaggerated ones) can help viewers connect with your content.

    How to make YouTube thumbnails – emotive thumbs

    To create eye-catching thumbnails, be emotionally sharp. (Clockwise from top: Viewership and Markiplier, Video Influencers and Katy Perry.

    There are many ways to do this depending on the topic. You could share your excitement with viewers by making them laugh or showing them raw emotion.

    Your goal is to make potential viewers feel emotionally connected to your content before they even start watching. It’s a great way for you to spark curiosity and encourage click-throughs.

    4. Provide Clear insight

    Your thumbnails should give a clear idea of the content of your video from the first look.

    We can make sure viewers get a “sneak peak” at the video by creating a custom thumbnail. This allows us to ensure that we are giving them a true glimpse into the video, while also using all the right techniques to get noticed.

    Here’s an example. Let’s say you were looking for how to make a unicorn cupcake on YouTube.

    YouTube thumbnail creation – An honest sneak peek

    YouTube thumbnails customized can have a magical effect on your videos.

    The thumbnail of the first video to appear in the search is shown on the left. The right image is a random screenshot from the same video. This thumbnail might be provided by YouTube as an auto-generated option.

    Let’s face it, the left image is more compelling.

    This YouTube creator has created a custom thumbnail to help her create a visually appealing and informative image for her video. It promotes the final product and gives an honest depiction of the video.

    Video creators might be tempted by the simplicity of an auto-thumbnail. As this example shows, a personalized thumbnail is more effective in attracting attention. You can create YouTube thumbnails to act as a billboard for your videos. This can be done using bright backgrounds, clean imagery and text.

    Your thumbnail represents the actual content so people who click on your video are more likely stay. This increases your video’s retention rate.

    How to create youtube thumbnail
    How to create youtube thumbnail

    5. Use color wisely

    The power of color can communicate your message or the meaning of your video in a powerful way.

    Bright colors can be stimulating for your viewers. Graphics can stand out if there is good contrast. Different colors can be used on a nonverbal basis to communicate different values. Think about how green is associated with nature and health, red with love or aggression, yellow with happiness, warmth, or warmth.

    YouTube thumbnails: Use color sparingly

    Your YouTube thumbnails should be rich in color to communicate your brand and make you content stand out. (Clockwise: Game Guy DIY, Backlinko, Peter Hollens, Viewership.)

    There are many ways to use color to enhance your thumbnail photos.

    Bright backgrounds are a great way to stand out from the white YouTube screen. Bright colors can also be used in your thumbnail to draw attention from nearby videos.

    Use contrasting colors to really make your thumbnail stand out. You can use a color wheel to help you choose the right complementing and contrasting colors for your thumbnail design. Look at the example in the top left; green and purple make a great complement!

    Use your brand colors in all your video thumbnails to increase brand recognition

    Make sure your video content is in the right mood. Take a look at the image above. The thumbnail at the bottom right has chosen darker and more moody shades. This look might not be appropriate for a happy love song, but it is perfect for a collection of “villains” songs.

    When you think about creating thumbnails for YouTube, remember to pay attention to color. To draw viewers to your content, it can be subconscious or conscious.

    6. Include text

    When creating YouTube thumbnails, a common question is: Should I include text?

    This will depend on the type of content that you produce and the thumbnail graphics. You may be able avoid text if your thumbnail provides a clear shot of the video content or contains engaging visuals.

    It can be very helpful to add some clarifying text to your thumbnail. This will make it clear to viewers what to expect from your video, without them even having to read the description or title.

    Top 10 Best YouTube Thumbnail maker for amazon sellers

    You now know how to create stunning, attention-grabbing thumbnails. Now you need the right tool that will help you quickly create them. These are 15 of our favorite online YouTube thumbnail creators.

    1. PlaceIt

    YouTube Thumbnail Maker

    PlaceIt allows you to create YouTube thumbnails that can be customized to your brand. Although you don’t require any design skills to use YouTube thumbnail maker, the tool can be restrictive if you are looking to express your creativity too much.

    PlaceIt costs $89/year

    2. Canva

    YouTube Thumbnail Maker

    Canva is a great online graphic design tool. You can create professional-looking YouTube thumbnails with Canva’s templates, regardless of your design skills. It can be used for any design job you might have. The package includes more than 1,000,000 graphics, templates, images, photos, fonts, and templates.

    Canva’s youtube thumbnail maker is completely free, but it has paid elements such as certain stock photos or clip art. All elements marked with dollar signs are indicated. You can also buy the Pro version at $120/year.

    3. Adobe Spark

    YouTube Thumbnail Maker
    Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark has customizable YouTube thumbnail maker templates that you can use to quickly create stunning thumbnails. Adobe Spark offers pre-made thumbnail layouts for free and even has a category for YouTube thumbnails. Although some might find these features lacking, Adobe Spark allows you to create custom backgrounds, colors and text so that your thumbnails stand apart. A premium plan costs about $100 per year.

    4. Fotor

    YouTube Thumbnail Maker

    Fotor has great thumbnail-creation tools. You can start with pre-designed YouTube thumbnail maker templates you can modify to your hearts content. You can easily edit your thumbnails using the intuitive interface. It also gives you access to all elements that will make your thumbnails stand out. Fotor allows you to add text, design elements, stickers, and emojis to your YouTube thumbnails.

    Fotor is completely free, but you can get $40/year for a lot more features and no ads.

    5. Snappa

    YouTube Thumbnail Maker

    Snappa is an online YouTube thumbnail maker with beautiful templates and tons of high resolution images. It also has everything you need for creating YouTube thumbnails that get clicked. Snappa is versatile and simple to use, making this a great option for non-designers. Snappa allows you to create thumbnails from scratch and add custom fonts, backgrounds, shapes, or other design elements.

    Snappa offers both a paid and free version of youtube thumbnail maker . You can get all the features you need with Snappa’s free version. However, you will have to pay $120/year for additional features.

    6. Visme

    YouTube Thumbnail Maker

    Visme is a simple-to-use YouTube thumbnail maker with tons of templates available in a drag and drop platform. Each template’s parts can all be edited to alter their shape, size, or location. To add custom text, icons and graphics to the panels on the left, you can create new sections. Visme makes it easy for you to use an existing color scheme, or make your own to match your brand colours.

    Visme pricing is based on three levels: education, business, and individual. Visme offers a free plan that can be used for up to five projects. Paid plans start from $168/year

    7. Creatopy

    YouTube Thumbnail Maker

    Creatopy offers all the tools necessary to create eye-catching thumbnails that will captivate viewers. The templates are designed by professionals so that they look great right away. However, you can customize them to match your brand.

    Creatopy youtube thumbnail maker offers a free plan that allows you to design up to three designs. Individuals can purchase a paid plan starting at $17 per month and billed annually.

    8. Fotojet

    YouTube Thumbnail Maker

    Fotojet is another excellent online youtube thumbnail maker. Fotojet not only provides the tools to create stunning thumbnails but also photo editing and graphic design. Fotojet offers more than 500 templates. It also has an advanced thumbnail maker that allows users to add filters and resize, crop or rotate images. You can access all this in a simple and easy-to-use interface without even signing up.

    You don’t have to pay a lot to upgrade from the free plan. Fotojet Plus is available for $40 per year.

    9. PicMonkey

    YouTube Thumbnail Maker

    PicMonkey youtube thumbnail maker has more than 100 professionally-designed YouTube thumbnail templates you can customize to match your brand in moments. To create your own, you can start with a blank canvas. You can add photos, text, graphics and your logo. You’ll find detailed instructions on how to create stunning YouTube thumbnails.

    PicMonkey’s basic plan is available for $72/year.

    10. PixTeller

    YouTube Thumbnail Maker

    PixTeller, a free online youtube thumbnail maker, allows you to create custom thumbnails that look amazing. You can create stunning YouTube thumbnails with just a few clicks using pre-made templates. PixTeller includes filters and fonts to make your thumbnail stand out.


    A thumbnail is a great way to get your videos noticed. A key part of creating a YouTube thumbnail is knowing how to do it. No matter if you are a pro at Photoshop or a novice to Canva’s youtube thumbnail maker, creating thumbnail images is something that every YouTuber should know.

    Your YouTube thumbnail can help you gain more views, increase your subscribers and grow your channel if it is done right. Your thumbnails should be captivating and communicate a lot about your content.

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