9 Best Website Builder: Succeed with Website in 2022

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    Each of the eCommerce website builders is not created equal. Some were designed specifically with eCommerce in the back of their minds (such as Shopify), and for others, the functionality for eCommerce was added at the last minute (like Wix).

    Certain e-commerce businesses stick to the basics and do not sacrifice flexibility to give you a more basic shopping experience (such as Zyro). Others offer you the ability to personalize your store to your preferences but will not offer assistance (like WooCommerce).

    Furthermore, certain online store builders are best suited to certain companies. So there’s no universal type of solution.

    To assist you in choosing the best e-commerce platform for your company, We’ve selected the top eCommerce website builders for this year.

    Best Ecommerce Website Builder

    1. Shopify: Best eCommerce Website Builder for Most

    website builder
    top website builder

    Shopify is a plug-and-play eCommerce site builder. Everything you require to start your online shop is covered as well as 24/7 support for customers. There are no activation charges or lengthy waiting times to begin making sales. Paid plans start at 29 dollars per month.

    Shopify is a one-stop shop to create the online stores you want to sell. Whatever size and size your business is, Shopify offers the features you require to help your business flourish.

    The feature-rich platform, as well as an easy-to-use page builder that drags and drops, gives the user an easy way of beginning and launching their website, even though they do not have previous knowledge.

    There are a variety of themes, both free and premium that can be used to begin the process of designing.

    Without touching a single piece of code, you will create a professional online store with tax, shipping and fulfillment, inventory management, and assistance for sales via social media and in-person sales all in one spot.

    2. Wix website builder

    website builder
    website builder for businesses

    As a follow-up to the current trend in E-commerce, Wix now offers online stores via its easy-to-use website builder. It is possible to use Wix’s simple drag-and-drop editor to design an online site tailored to your requirements. In addition, Wix has custom templates and domain name registration, and web hosting services to allow you to launch your online store quickly and easily.

    You can set up an eCommerce site for no cost; however, you won’t be able to sell anything till you have upgraded to a paid subscription.

    Wix offers a variety of useful tools for managing your e-commerce business. It lets you keep track of orders, accept online payment, sell through various channels, and even create a campaign to get abandoned from your cart. Unfortunately, the basic Wix plan does not include several vital inventory management tools, including alerts for low stock, tax calculators, and dropshipping features.

    3. Squarespace website builder

    website builder
    The best e-commerce website for creatives

    The next builder of e-commerce sites on our list of choices comes from Squarespace. The drag-and-drop builder makes it simple to use without any technical expertise. However, like Wix, it was a standard website builder, not an eCommerce platform; therefore, there is a slight learning curve at the back of creating your online business.

    Squarespace has well-designed templates that you can use to help you design your online store. When you have selected an option, you can alter the colors, images, and text to reflect your brand. But, you aren’t able to sell anything on the internet till you sign up for a premium subscription.

    When you use Squarespace as your e-commerce platform, You can only accept payments using Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Afterpay. You can also sell gift cards and subscriptions when you enroll in Commerce Advanced. Commerce Advanced plan.

    Its features are:

    • Drag and drop website builders with customizable templates and templates to design your online store
    • Automatically responsive web designs and image scaling
    • Customized editing of WYSIWYG to support different layouts and content types
    • Ability to sell an unlimitable quantity of items
    • Automated sequences of post-purchase emails
    • Shipping, finance, marketing, and sales extension

    4. Zyro: The Best for Integrating Social Selling

    website builder
    website builder ecommerce

    We’re all aware that e-commerce does not only happen through online stores. You must have a website for your storefront. However, the most successful businesses can attract customers who don’t even know about your website or where to find it.

    Zyro does, too. They offer one of the most affordable packages for creating your e-commerce website and selling through other platforms.

    Zyro’s Online Store plan from Zyro includes their famously user-friendly website builder. Its drag-and-drop interface, coupled with more than 100 professional templates, makes the website’s building process so simple that 9 percent of Zyro users can be online in under an hour.

    Add two of my top things that a website builder offers–a no-cost year with a customized domain and unlimited storage space, and you’ll be able to appreciate the value at less than $9 per month.

    This is a bargain for an online store regardless. However, Zyro does not stop there.

    The Online Store plan allows you to connect your Zyro website store with the Facebook Business page and Instagram account. Facebook Business page and your Instagram account.

    Connecting with Facebook is crucial, as it provides not only another source of revenue but also the Zyro platform allows you to track the inventory and order from the two platforms, Facebook and your online store, all in one place.

    5. Weebly – Best for Solopreneurs

    website builder
    website builder software

    Weebly is a well-known web builder. It’s inexpensive and easy to use. If you’re running a business and want something that doesn’t require any maintenance, it’s a great alternative.

    It’s not going to allow you to sell thousands of products with hundreds of variations, like BigCommerce However, if you do not require that, you’ll be impressed by the modern platform. Drag and drop’s site builder lets you start your online store with little effort and no programming. Creating a beautiful website and an online store takes minimal time.

    Weebly makes it simple for entrepreneurs to establish an online presence and grow by incorporating e-commerce. It allows you to accept payments through the most popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

    6. BigCommerce: Best Site Builder for Multichannel Selling

    website builder
    Site Builder for Multichannel Selling

    BigCommerce can be described as an authentic and trustworthy e-commerce website builder.

    It’s also extremely versatile. It has B2B-specific functions like quote management, bulk price rates, customer groups, and customized price lists. BigCommerce is a specialist in multichannel selling. Each plan includes the possibility of selling through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, and POS.

    BigCommerce should be at the top of your list for those looking to maximize multichannel selling. The website builder is easy to use and comes with an easy drag-and-drop interface that makes building a website a breeze.

    BigCommerce comes with a variety of features that are essential from the beginning. BigCommerce is the largest list of features available compared to other platforms in this listing.

    7. SeedProd website builder for wordpress

    website builder
    wordpress website builder

    SeedProd can be described as a high-end WordPress template and page-building plugin. However, unlike other page builders, it allows you to create custom WordPress themes without writing code.

    You can select from various stunning pre-designed layouts or create your custom website templates using a simple-to-use drag-and-drop visual editor.

    There are ready-made templates that can be used for sales, landing pages, thank you pages, webpages for webinar registration coming soon, maintenance pages, mode pages, and many more.

    SeedProd is designed to optimize your website’s speed. It ensures that your web pages are fast, meaning you’ll achieve higher rankings in search engine optimization.

    8. Square Online

    website builder
    a free website builder

    Square is known best for its processing of payments capabilities and the POS solution. The platform also offers entrepreneurs the option to set up a free website for their business.

    If you’re a bricks-and-mortar business selling through Square POS, you can easily increase your online footprint by creating an online store with Square Online.

    Let’s look at the various advantages and features you’ll receive when you sign up for Square Online:

    • Rapid setup and no code required
    • Built-in payment system
    • Automated sync to your Square POS system
    • Support on-demand delivery
    • Integration with Instagram
    • Tools for managing inventory

    The process of launching an online store using Square Online is free; you’ll only be charged transactional charges (starting at 2.9 percent + $0.30). For more advanced features, the paid plans start at just $12 per month. Test it for absolutely free.


    website builder
    customizable website builder

    Excellent choice for multichannel sales. has developed an all-in-one kind of system where you can handle all the day-to-day chores of running an online business by using its software for e-commerce. provides two eCommerce plans: “eCommerce Essentials” and “eCommerce Premium”. The name implies that”eCommerce Premium” is the “essential” one that contains all the basic features needed by small online businesses, including an hour of professional support for design, a cost-free registered domain for private use, a complimentary SSL certificate, more than 150 mobile-optimized templates, and the list continues.

    Additionally, you are able to advertise your items on your website and the massive internet marketplaces (like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy) and connect with more customers. To simplify,’s e-commerce drag-and-drop builder allows you to manage all of your orders from customers from one central location.

    It also lets you handle fulfillment, product listings, restocking, reports, and much more. Like Wix’s e-commerce platform, lets you customize features like sales banners and “Buy Now” buttons. For nearly every feature, you just need to click the button, and then a dialogue box appears, which lets you change the color borders, text, border styles, drops shadows, and so on.

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