The Best Way to Use Google Lens on your Devices in 2022

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    Google Lens is my top choice for finding objects, plants, and animals. However, it can do far more than that – providing quick solutions to problems such as translating Text on the go and copying content from PDFs, textbooks, or printed materials!

    Google Lens is easy to utilize and completely free, yet most people aren’t aware of this valuable tool. So we’re here for you!

    This primer for Google Lens explains how Google Lens functions and how to start and gives plenty of tricks and tips for making the most of it.

    search image with google lens

    What is Google Lens?

    Google Lens enables you to use your phone to point at something, like an exact flower, after which you can ask Google Assistant what the object you’re pointing to is. It’s not just a matter of getting what the object is; receive suggestions based on the object, for instance, nearby florists, for instance, flowers.

    Another example of the capabilities of Google Lens is snapping pictures of an SSID sticker on the rear of the WiFi router, following which your device will instantly connect to WiFi networks without having to perform any other action. No more stumbling under the kitchen cupboard to find the password while typing it into your phone. Instead, you can simply use your finger to shoot with Google Lens.

    google lens
    google lens camera

    How Does Google Lens Work

    Lens gives context to users by comparing the objects in their photos to those on Google’s database. It ranks photos according to their similarity and relevancy to the image taken by the user. In addition to images, it utilizes metadata for an image, such as language and words, to identify the likely results of a search.

    This technology for image recognition reduces the results to give pertinent details. For instance, if a user points their camera at the dress of their choice, the application will display results that include details about the dress. The information can include information about the brand, product reviews, and shops that sell similar products. Furthermore, this feature can be used for home decor too.

    Furthermore, Lens also has a smart text selection feature and a search feature. Users can highlight or copy Text by pointing their phone’s camera at an item or mark. This can be useful in an establishment like an eatery or hotel. Instead of typing the WiFi password manually, Google Lens can extract the Text from the sign or the document. Then, users just copy and paste it into the WiFi’s password.

    Different ways to use Google Lens

    1. Identify Clothes and More With Google Lens

    The Lens application allows you to search everything in your surroundings by scanning the Text you place in front of it or a selected photo or one you’ve taken. The future is here. We never dreamed that we’d love to witness this day.

    Are you interested in checking out an item your friend is currently in love with? Pick the book off the shelf and snap a picture. You’ll learn more about the book’s story about the author and how to purchase or borrow the book on the internet. You could even find the source of a quote you discover anywhere in the world.

    2. Use Google Lens to Add Events to Your Calendar

    If you’d like to add an appointment or an event you’ve seen advertised on your calendar, it is as simple as snapping photos using Google Lens and following the instructions.

    We’ve probably all been there to the numb feeling you get when quickly jotting down details on your phone while the people behind you get frustrated and unruly. So what is Google Lens good for? It’s basically the best small-time secretary that can aid you in keeping your affairs well-organized at all times.

    3. Restaurant Reviews

    If you’re in town and you’re interested in local restaurants you see, You can use Google Lens. Google Lens app to find them on the internet in just a few minutes. First, take a picture of the front of the establishment and make sure that you turn on the Lens app’s location mode by pressing the button on the bottom and then to the left side of the UI.

    4. Translate Text

    There’s no need to spend hours struggling to remember the fascinating Latin bumper sticker that adorns the vehicle in front of you. In the event that you’re stuck in the middle of traffic, you can pull open Google Lens, grab a photograph, and then be able to automatically translate the Text using Translate mode.

    It can be applied to almost anything that’s visible, be it an exotic meal that makes you curious on a night out, as well as the intriguing tattoo your friend decided to have tattooed on his body in the language of another country. If it’s visible to read, you should know what it means.

    5. Identify Buildings and Landmarks

    If you’re a fan of travel, You’ve probably been to more breathtaking places than you remember. The good news is that Google Lens can help you to get the most from each trip without the need for a tour guide.

    6. Use Google Lens to Copy Business Cards to Address Book

    It’s a great Google Lens idea that is especially beneficial if you’ve been to an exhibition, conference, or any other event for networking. The unlucky stack of business cards you collect will almost always meet with a terrible fate before reaching home to be cataloged.

    How can I use Google Lens on my phone?

    google lens
    google lens icon

    How to get google lens on iPhone

    • Google Lens in the Google app is available only in English.
    • Open the Google app on your iPhone.
    • On the Search bar, tap Lens. If you’ve never previously used Lens before, press Turn on the camera in order to enable Lens.
    • On your screen, click the item. To highlight the Text, tap the word, tap it again, and drag the blue dots.
    • At the top, press on a result or search.

    For Android:

    • If you’re using an Android phone, you can open Lens.
    • With Google Assistant: Say, “Ok, Google.” On the bottom, right-hand click Lens.
    • On certain Android phones, such as Pixel Google: Open the Google Camera app > More > Lens.
    • If you aren’t able to notice that Lens symbol, Lens isn’t able to find any information on the objects you’re around on your phone.
    • Take a picture of something.
    • On your screen, click the item. To highlight the words, tap one, after which you tap it again, and then move across the dots in blue.
    • Tap Speak.

    Disable Chrome’s Lens Search Option on Android

    • To disable the Lens search feature for the Android phone, you must first start Chrome on your phone.
    • When you are in Chrome, press on the address bar, type in the following, and then enter:
    • In the ” Experiments” page, in the upper right corner, click on the “Search Flags” box and input the following information:
    • In the search results, look for “Google Lens Powered Image Search in the Context Menu.” Under this option, click “Default.”
    • In the menu that appears, Choose “Disabled.”
    • In the lower-right corner of Chrome’s menu, there’s a button that says “Relaunch.” Tap this option to close and then reopen your browser.
    • It’s all ready. Beginning now, if you click and hold an image within Chrome, you’ll get the classic “Search Google for This Image” option.

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