9 Best Video Streaming Services You Should Use in 2022

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    The latest streaming TV services are coming out at a fast rate. With numerous subscription options in the market, streaming entertainment has become a common feature throughout U.S. homes as consumers spend a significant amount of money and time on streaming media.

    The COVID-19 virus accelerated the popularity of streaming entertainment. Home-bound millions of households across the globe subscribe to streaming services for the very first time around 2020. When economies are reopened after the pandemic and people spend more time out of their homes, there are many chances to invest in streaming. The promise of many years of growth will be ahead of the streaming sector.

    9 Best Video Streaming Services for 2022

    1. Netflix

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    best music streaming services

    Netflix is the leading provider of online video streaming services. It offers a wide collection of programming and features new series swapped for old ones every month. Then there’s the constantly expanding library of top Original programming that surpasses all other streaming services.

    Netflix is among the streaming providers that can support both offline downloads and 4K and HDR streaming.

    Netflix is a premium service available to those who can afford premium pricing. Netflix recently increased the cost of its two premium subscription plans. With $9.99 per month, you can stream unlimited standard-definition content from a single device. The Standard level, which costs $15.49 monthly (up from $13.99), can stream HD content and allows streaming across two devices at once. The highest-end Premium package is $19.99 monthly (up from $17.99). This plan comes with four streams concurrently and accessibility to the 4K content when it is there is a need.

    2. Amazon Prime Video

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    Suppose you view the Amazon Prime Video package as something like Netflix-lite; even when you’ve only used this once or twice, you’re probably underestimating the available possibilities. The ads-free (other than trailers) subscription is offered in conjunction with Amazon Prime, which you can buy for $15 per month or $139 per year. While the service was originally designed as a means to receive free shipping on other items, Amazon has tacked on additional benefits that include games, books, music, and even food items. If you’d like to have Prime Video only, it’s offered as a standalone service that costs $9 per month.

    Regarding the places you can stream Amazon Prime Video, the selection of choices is comparable to Netflix. Smart TVs and streaming boxes, regardless of whether they’re part of the Amazon Fire TV platform or not, are almost a certainty. Game consoles? Check. The only significant problem was with Google’s Chromecast, which was able to close the gap in the summer of the year 2019.

    3. HBO Max

    streaming services
    streaming video services

    The best streaming service is the box office at home

    Beginning price:$9.99 per month for ads

    Multiple streams simultaneously: 3

    HBO Max includes everything HBO has, plus a few more. Two HBO, both HBO and HBO Max pack current-run shows like Euphoria as well as the final episodes of Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Veep. However, at $14.99 monthly (or $9.99 with ads and no major Warner films), HBO Max can become a powerful rival to Netflix. However, as much as we enjoy HBO Max, we hate to see it go through hundreds of movies. We also hate the idea of paying more when the HBO Max and Discovery Plus merger is completed.

    In the last few days, HBO Max finally upgraded Game of Thrones to 4K with HDR 10 and Dolby Vision as well as Dolby Atmos, which means it’s an ideal time to back to the very deep and dark The Long Night episode. Recent additions to the list of TV quality are The Rehearsal and Harley Quinn season 2. Explore our list of the most popular HBO Max shows and movies to find out what they offer.

    4. Disney Plus

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    Disney Plus is one of the closest rivals to Netflix because it is. It’s the only platform to access most Disney and Pixar libraries, including each Star Wars movie, Marvel film, and new television show. National Geographic material and 30+ episodes of The Simpsons. Plenty of additional Star Wars and Marvel original programming will come in the coming years.

    At the present price of $8 per month, Disney Plus is still among the most expensive ad-free streaming options and is a good value. It’s essential if you have children or are a lover of one of its other series.

    5. Hulu

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    sports streaming services

    The most efficient streaming service for cord-cutters.

    Starting price: $8 per month starting Oct. 10

    Multiple streams simultaneously:2

    Live TV: Requires $65 per month Live TV package

    Hulu is one of the most intriguing options on this list. Hulu’s uniqueness makes it one of the top streaming services available. While it’s not able to offer more original programming than Netflix, its quality-to-quantity ratio is higher. However, its same-day broadcasts of both broadcast and cable shows make it a must-have for those who aren’t willing to shell out $35 or more for services like Sling. While it’s our top choice for value, a recent Hulu price increase will increase the cost to $7.99 each month, but it’s still lower than its $9.99 basic Netflix plan.

    In addition, Hulu has a wide selection of original series (including collaborations with BBC, such as The Wrong Mans and season 4 of The Thick of It), a collection of quirky movies, and an impressive amount of old-fashioned anime. The most recent Hulu shows that have been popular consist of Only Murderers In the Building season 2, Fire Island as well as The Dropout. With a paid subscription, you will endure commercials, but much less than when you watch the same shows via cable. The live TV streaming feature is a great feature of the package overall and will allow you to enjoy CBS.

    6. YouTube TV

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    free streaming services

    Ideal to use for streaming media from more than 85 channels.

    For a long time, YouTube was and still is one of the best streaming services in high demand. It didn’t just bring many good videos that were free to the mobile screens of the majority of users of smartphones as well, but it also enabled numerous talented people with the opportunity to create creators of their own right by creating and publishing videos on their own, thereby becoming famous overnight.

    YouTube TV takes this concept and further expands it by requiring subscribers to pay a low cost to enjoy their content without the hassle of advertisements. But, it’s not enough to be a compelling choice; therefore, YouTube has also launched its own content-based programming to rival Netflix as well as Prime.

    YouTube TV now boasts of broadcasting over 85 channels through one platform that includes content from Sports, News, and Entertainment. You can capture your most loved shows with unlimited storage, and it comes with six accounts at one time.

    7. Discovery+

    streaming services

    If you like the content from the many well-known Discovery-backed cable channels but don’t have the time to watch these shows on live TV, This might be the perfect service for you. Discovery+ offers full seasons of the most popular TV shows, such as Food Network, HGTV, Magnolia Network, Discovery, History, TLC, and more. These include shows that feature prominent personalities like Guy Fieri, The Property Brothers, and Chip and Joanna Gaines are available to enjoy on this site. In addition, the $6.99 price for streaming that is ad-free is among the top available streaming services that offer ads-supported and free options.

    • Price Information $4.99 each month for an advert-supported membership and $6.99 for an ad-free subscription.
    • Free Trial Duration: 7 days

    8. Apple TV +

    streaming services
    Apple TV +

    The best choice for streaming original programming to Apple gadgets, Roku, Fire TV, and many more.

    Apple was already a leader in the realm of hardware. Therefore, it was the right time for it to dive into the world of streaming content. To date, reaction to its foray into the uncanny valley has been positive. Apple TV+ is an impeccable streaming service with a price that is surprisingly low that comes with it.

    The streaming service permits users to share a subscription between five members. It can also download your favorite shows to stream offline. This alone makes Apple TV + worth the cost.

    It’s the content aspect that there is much to be worked on. While the platform has brought big names and has produced several excellent shows, none has received the same attention as shows on the competitor platforms have managed to attract.


    • Offline streaming
    • Share with 5 people
    • Ad-free
    • Efficient account management

    9. Sling TV

    streaming services
    Sling TV’s new “Cloud DVR Free” gives 10 hours of Cloud DVR storage to all customers not already subscribed to the Cloud DVR add-on.

    The best live streaming service in general

    Features: 3 package options | Sports channels AirTV 2 as well as AirTV Mini devices for streaming

    Sling TV has an a la carte selection of channels that differentiates it from other providers and makes it our best overall choice. While other providers offer just two or three package options, Sling TV offers three basic packages, including Blue Orange, Blue, and Orange Blue, and numerous packages that bundle more than a dozen channels. This is not a perfect solution, however, since it can be a bit difficult to navigate. However, I love it because it allows me to access only the channels I’m interested in.

    It begins with two monthly fees of $35 for either the Blue or Orange channels bundles. Certain channels (TBS and TNT) are accessible in each Sling Orange, over 31 channels, as well as Sling Blue, over 41 channels. Orange is essentially an ESPN/Disney bundle, while Blue has a Fox/NBC bundle. The most affordable option to get the most diverse choice of channels is to bundle them into Blue and Orange. Orange & Blue package for $50.

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