Best Time To Post on Instagram for Maximum Reach in 2022

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    Instagram is an app that has become as popular as Facebook. People love sharing pictures on Instagram. The platform has grown immensely in the past several years. If you are looking to grow your Instagram following, you must be wondering the best time to post on Instagram. This blog will look at the best time to post on Instagram in 2022.

    Best time to post to Instagram:

    Best Time To Post on Instagram
    Source- Sproutsocial
    • 2 PM – 3 PM on Thursdays  
    • 11 AM on Wednesdays
    • 10 AM on Fridays 

    Best day to post on Instagram:

    • Thursday – 2 PM – 3 PM

    The Best Time to Post on Instagram by Day

    Best Time To Post on Instagram
    Source- Later
    • Best time to post on Instagram on Mondays: 5 AM
    • Tuesday: 6 AM
    • Wednesday: 6 AM
    • Thursday: 5 AM
    • Friday: 6 AM
    • The best time to post on Instagram Saturday: 6 AM
    • Sunday: 6 AM

    The Worst Time to Post on Instagram by Day Wise

    • Monday: 2 PM
    • Tuesday: 1 PM
    • Wednesday: 10 AM
    • Thursday: 11 PM
    • Friday: 9 AM
    • Saturday: 8 PM
    • Sunday: 4 PM

    Things to consider when looking for the Best Times to Post on Instagram

    Day of the Week

    There is a variance in the Instagram engagement even when it is at the same time on different days. For instance, you may be shocked to find 5 AM included in the list above. This is because people tend to check their phones for messages when they awake during the week. This means that they browse their Instagram early on Mondays to Friday than during weekends. However, there is less engagement even on Mondays because people are trying to start their week and are less likely to browse Instagram before work on Monday.

    Breaks in the Workday

    It is common for users to check their Instagram during breaks from work, especially at lunchtime.

    Similar to this, people’s interest in their jobs wanes in the late afternoon, and quite a number of them turn their attention to Instagram instead.

    Use Time Zones to Your Advantage

    The greater the geographic reach of your audience, the less important setting times for posting become. If, however, your viewers are in one region, be sure to use the time zone of that location as the basis for determining your Instagram posting times, even if it’s not your time zone.

    If you are planning to post an Instagram post that is posted when people wake up, you should make it when most of your followers are rising and getting ready for work.

    Follow Your Specific Audience

    follow specific audience
    Follow Your Specific Audience

    It’s fine to adhere to these “best practice” posting times. However, if your target audience isn’t like a typical group, the posting times are not relevant to your account.

    If you have a business Instagram account, you can gain the option of accessing Instagram Insights. Visit the Followers of Instagram Insights section, and you’ll discover data on when your followers are most active on Instagram. It is logical to plan your posting strategies to reflect this.

    Frequency of Posting on Instagram

    It is essential to update your Instagram account regularly to keep Instagram account looking new. It could be as high as three to one post each day. Use a mix of posts, but make sure you don’t appear overly focused on selling. It is important to create quality content ahead of the bulk volume.

    Different Sectors Prefer Posts at Different Times

    To make matters more confusing, the best time to post on Instagram will be determined by the industry within which you work. For instance, HubSpot’s data provides a clear distinction:

    Wednesday at 10 AM for Technology Companies

    Saturday at 11 AM and 1 PM for B2C Companies

    Monday at 8 PM for Educational Organizations

    Tuesday at 1 PM for Healthcare Companies

    Tuesday at 3 PM and 9 PM, Wednesday at 3 PM and 4 PM, Thursday at 2 PM & 3 PM, and Friday at 10 AM & 2 PM. for Non-Profit Organizations

    Sprout Social looks at a couple of other sectors:

    Wednesday at 3 PM for Consumer Goods Companies

    Friday at 9 AM for Media Companies

    How to Capitalize on Your Best Time to Post on Instagram

    Here are the top tips to remember:

    Tip 1: Schedule Your Posts for Prime Times

    schedule time
    Schedule Your Posts for Prime Times

    Posts scheduled to be in line with either our global top times to post information or your own personal most effective times to publish are the best option for increasing the engagement of your posts and impact.

    Additionally, Instagram engagement has a positive effect on the overall.

    Suppose a post receives lots of comments, likes, and saves. In that case, this engagement could result in Instagram elevating your post in users’ feeds and possibly gaining a place in Instagram’s Instagram Explore Page. It will, in turn, bring about even more engagement for your post.

    It’s a cyclical cycle that results in greater visibility, which increases engagement, and ultimately, greater visibility. However, it all starts the moment you publish on Instagram.

    Tip 2: Prioritize Your Posts

    Once you have figured out your best time to post on Instagram and a plan for your post strategy, keep these in your head.

    For instance, you may be noticing that you’re less involved during weekends.

    You’ll want to still participate and share the content you’ve created with your friends; however, you can keep your most important content for an additional day.

    You should save your most important messages for the highest engagement slots for the best results.

    Tip 3: Don’t Forget Reels and Videos

    We’ve focused primarily on feed posts on this blog thus far. However, the same rules apply to Instagram feed videos and reels.

    Create all of your content to tap into the highest activity zones, giving it the greatest chance of success.

    The only exception to this could be Instagram Stories, which are more flexible due to their 24-hour lifespan. However, it is still beneficial to publish Stories when your audience is active and actively engaged.

    Best Time To Post on Instagram
    Schedule Instagram posts with the most popular scheduling tools


    Finding the ideal time to publish on Instagram is a challenge. Engagement and reach appear to be decreasing every day. The challenge of finding the most effective Instagram timings to post and optimizing content for your account is now more vital than ever. As we’ve already mentioned, each account has its own distinct audience, which is why figuring out the ideal time to connect and engage with Instagram users was always a major challenge…until the present.

    Sprout Social

    Best Time To Post on Instagram
    Best Time To Post on Instagram for Maximum Reach in 2022 9

    Sprout is a data science team that continuously gathers information from its customers. They gathered the data above on the ideal moment to upload your photos on Instagram, and also like Later, Sprout Social provides the most optimal time to post your photos.


    Best Time To Post on Instagram
    Best Time To Post on Instagram for Maximum Reach in 2022 10

    If you’re in search of an affordable and efficient tool that can put all of the social networks you use into autopilot, SocialBee may be a perfect choice. The tool allows its users to share their content on several channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business. The greatest benefit is that you can alter your posts to meet the specific requirements of each network, giving your content a greater chance to be as successful as is possible.


    Best Time To Post on Instagram
    Best Time To Post on Instagram for Maximum Reach in 2022 11

    It features an intuitive, “what you see is what you get” design. Planable lets social media marketers plan massive Instagram marketing campaigns and monitor their content as it will be displayed on Instagram’s feed. Deciding the ideal time to publish on Instagram isn’t easy, and so Planable lets users plan their Instagram content with minimal to no hassle. With the Calendar view in Planable, it gives users a birds-eye look at their Instagram campaigns and is able to plan posts around times when they are aware of when their followers are at their most active and engaged.

    What is the best time to post on Instagram?

    Best time to post on Instagram on Mondays: 5 AM
    Tuesday: 6 AM
    Wednesday: 6 AM
    Thursday: 5 AM
    Friday: 6 AM
    Saturday: 6 AM
    Sunday: 6 AM

    Is it bad to post on Instagram at night?

    It is believed that posting on Instagram at night doesn’t yield the required results. Some people might be active but it will only be a small proportion of your audience.

    what is the Best time to post on Instagram on weekdays?

    The best time to post on weekend is 6 A.M.


    Instagram is an amazing platform for businesses to reach their marketing goals; however, in 2022, it’s not enough to simply publish content when you feel like it.

    Utilizing your ideal timing when you post to Instagram and scheduling ahead to increase engagement, increase subscribers, as well as increase traffic!

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