Best Tax Software 2022: Free Tax Software for Simple Tax Filing

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    You can track how much you owe in each country or state, automate tax returns based upon orders in your Amazon seller accounts, and generate invoices to make it easy to keep records. This tax software can transform one of the most frustrating and tedious parts of managing an online business into something that you barely have to think about.

    Stay with us, and will be yours soon. We’re discussing the 5 best tax software for Amazon sellers.

    Which taxes do Amazon sellers need to pay?

    All Amazon sellers who make money are subject to income tax and sales tax. When filing taxes, there are many forms that sellers should consider. 1099-K Form (sales tax, shipping fees); Schedule C or Form 1040

    What is form1099K?

    The IRS Information Return Form 1099-K Payment Card and Third Party Network Transactions are used to report payment transactions for tax compliance. You should normally receive Form 1099K no later than January 31 from payment card transactions or in settlement of third-party transactions exceeding $20,000 and more than 200 transactions.

    Amazon issues a 1099K form regarding taxes for Amazon sellers. Amazon FBA tax filings to IRS are done monthly or annually and include Amazon sales tax and shipping costs. This means that Amazon must complete a 1099K and send it back to IRS.

    Who receives a 1099-K from Amazon?

    Amazon issues 1099-Ks to sellers who earn more than $20,000 in gross sales unadjusted and make more than 200 transactions, as per IRS regulations.

    Amazon will require tax details from sellers who do not meet these criteria but make more than 50 transactions per year. This is not an IRS regulation.

    This information could be provided by sellers in their Seller Account under the “Tax Information” heading.

    Amazon sends 1099K to sellers who earn more than $20,000 in gross sales unadjusted

    Where can the seller find his 1099K form?

    As you can see, Amazon tax information should already be available to sellers. Even though you may not know it, Amazon most likely sent you a 1099-K. To find it, log in to your Amazon Seller account and go to the Reports> and Tax Document library>. The 1099-K from the previous year will be found there.

    Is it necessary to have a business license for Amazon sellers?

    If you sell on Amazon, there is no need for a business license. It may be required in certain states. It could be dependent on your business’s size, whether you have a staff or not. The license is not necessary if you are a small business owner or self-employed. The IRS states that you could be subject to local and state taxes, as well as other requirements like business licenses. You should always verify the regulations in each state where you are operating to ensure you’re safe.

    If you already have a business license, why file for Schedule C?

    You will need to file Schedule C of U.S. Form 1040 if you own a business in your state. Individual Income Tax Return. This form is used by taxpayers to file their annual income tax returns. You can find all information about your Amazon tax return on the IRS website.

    An LLC allows sellers to take advantage of many tax deductions.

    What is Amazon’s Sales Tax and does an FBA seller need to charge sales tax?

    best tax software
    Best Tax Software 2022: Free Tax Software for Simple Tax Filing 7

    Amazon seller sales tax is charged on items that are not essential. Each state determines the exact list. In states where you sell to two criteria, sellers must collect Amazon FBA sales taxes.

    5 Amazon Taxes Software every Amazon Seller should use

    1. Avalara

    Tax Software
    Best Tax Software 2022: Free Tax Software for Simple Tax Filing 8

    Avalara, a tax compliance program that lets you enter numbers and figures quickly and then file your taxes immediately, is the best Tax software. You can also use the manual option to ensure you have everything right. Fill out the form and then send it to them for a final review before you send it off. If you are unsure about tax laws or regulations in different countries, this is a great option.

    Avalara allows you to file taxes for Goods and Services Tax (GST), Communications Tax, Value-Added Tax, Excise Tax, and many other categories. It is compatible with all Amazon marketplaces, and you can use it on other platforms like Walmart, eBay, and Etsy.

    The pricing is also reasonable. For small businesses, plans start at $50/year. However, there are huge discounts all around. Avalara AvaTax or AvaTax with Returns, as well as Avalara CertCapture, offer 15 months of service at a cost of only 12 months. AvaTax Cross Border or Avalara Consumer Use will reduce your annual fees by 15%.

    2. TaxJar

    Tax Software
    Best Tax Software 2022: Free Tax Software for Simple Tax Filing 9

    If you spend even 5 minutes researching tax software for Amazon sellers, TaxJar will be a frequent search result. It is one of the best tax software available right now. It makes it easy to file your Amazon taxes. You can sync your Amazon account to the software, and you are halfway there.

    TaxJar basically takes over the reins once you have entered all the information. Do you need to file taxes in other states? They will file your taxes for you according to the deadlines of each state so that you are on time. Are you unsure which product tax code to use? The smart product classification feature suggests codes automatically so that you don’t need to search for them. TaxJar allows you to export your sales data in CSV format so that you can still file your taxes.

    This should give you some comfort knowing that TaxJar is used by big companies such as Coca-Cola and CBS, Microsoft, Eventbrite, and Microsoft. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be paying a lot, just because big names are using it. The Starter plan costs $19 per month (based upon monthly orders) and the Professional plan is $99 per month (based on monthly purchases) and that is why it’s on the list of best tax software. Both plans offer a 30-day free trial, and both have a setup period.

    3. SimplyVAT

    Tax Software
    Best Tax Software 2022: Free Tax Software for Simple Tax Filing 10

    It can be difficult for Europe-based sellers (those who are located in all 27 EU member countries) to calculate VAT based on certain products and countries. SimplyVAT helps you calculate how much VAT your business owes on both individual invoices as well as overall. What’s more, they provide a free VAT compliance check that cross-references your products with countries that collect VAT to determine if you have to pay it. That’s why its on the list of best tax software

    SimplyVAT is also available for those who are based in Canada or New Zealand. SimplyVAT can help you if you sell in countries that have VAT. No matter where you are located, SimplyVAT will file your taxes monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the requirements.

    Prices for plans vary depending on the size of your business, product inventory, and other factors. Call them or email to get a quote. It costs only $470 to have them handle your VAT registration once.

    4. Taxify by Sovos

    Tax Software
    Best Tax Software 2022: Free Tax Software for Simple Tax Filing 11

    We love taxify by Sovos for its flexibility. They can integrate with Amazon sellers, but they also provide more general-use options that automate and file almost any type of tax. You may also be eligible to receive free filing support if your business has been affected.

    You will find the following top features: sales and use tax software, which can be used in any filing method; e-invoicing compliance software that is compliant in over 60 countries; VAT reporting software and fiscal reporting software to ensure you are always in compliance with regulations; and tax information reporting software.

    Taxify the best tax software allows you to count Philips, Groupon, and CVS Health among your fellow users. You get a 30-day trial for free and prices start at $47 per month for the Starter plan, $97/month in the Standard plan, or $247/month in the Premium plan.

    5. A2X Accounting

    Tax Software
    Best Tax Software 2022: Free Tax Software for Simple Tax Filing 12

    Last but not least is A2X Accounting, which is Amazon’s top-selling best tax software. Although we are not thrilled about the fact you will have to manually file taxes, the abundance of features makes up for it.

    Let’s begin with the e-commerce tax options. There are tax solutions that can be tailored to Shopify or Amazon to ensure everything is correctly logged. A2X Expert is for those who have more experience and are familiar with the nuances of taxation. When it comes to filing your taxes, A2X can be combined with Quickbooks or Xero to automate the process.

    There are many ongoing discounts and prices that are very reasonable. You can get 50% off Xero or A2X for Shopify, but only for a short time. Plans are $19/month (Mini), $39/month (Basic), $69/month ($69/month Professional) and $99/month (Advanced). You can also test the plan/option that suits you best for a free trial

    How do I find Amazon FBA Taxes Costs?

    Amazon FBA taxes are the same as other taxes depending on adjusted gross income. The amount of refunds does not impact the amount, but sales and discounts are subtracted from this gross amount. You must find the 1099-K form information in your Seller Central. You might have to file the IRS Schedule C of Form 1040 U.S. depending on your business’s scope and location. Individual Income Tax Return. You may be required to collect sales taxes in certain cases. This list of best tax software provides a Dashboard that allows you to easily track how much tax you have paid on your Amazon FBA taxes. Some of the best tax software is completely free.


    We hope you found this list of the top Amazon tax management solutions useful in helping to simplify your tax returns. It’s amazing how time-consuming and difficult it is for governments to realize how important taxes are and what the consequences can be if you don’t pay.

    The companies that we have listed are doing everything possible to ensure you can concentrate on your business and not spend a lot of time working out tax rates or making sure you don’t miss any details.

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