Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses

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    Maintaining a high level of control over your social media activities isn’t easy. Even small-scale businesses have to keep a presence on major social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter However, managing these accounts and posting regularly is time-consuming.

    With the aid of tools for scheduling social media, it is possible to plan your strategy on social media before the time and make sharing across different platforms simpler and more efficient.

    We’ll list the top social media scheduling tools specifically designed for use to help you choose the one that is best for your company.

    Best social media scheduler

    1. Falcon

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 14

    Falcon focuses on providing professionals in social media with access to a set of tools that allow them to be engaged, listen, track the impact of their content, and schedule it for publication that has a positive impact. Falcon provides two plans. The Essential plan is designed for individuals and small teams and is focused on a content calendar and campaign planner that includes sophisticated analytics and community management.

    The Full Suite is designed for larger organizations with multiple markets and teams. It incorporates everything in Essentials Plan (although it permits unlimited channels, reporting, and teams) and includes social media advertising, benchmarking of competitors, and collaboration and approval processes.

    2. Loomly

    Loomly is a highly effective social media management and scheduling platform with a sleek and intuitive interface. It provides four pricing tiers after a free 15-day credit trial. The prices range from a basic $20/month base plan for people with ten or fewer social accounts to the premium plan of $228/month that allows as many as 26 accounts and sixty accounts on social media.

    One of the benefits of Loomly is the ability to configure different workflows for your calendar. The default workflow for teams with more than one co-worker is:

    • Draft
    • Pending Approval
    • Requires Edits
    • Approved
    • Scheduled
    • Published

    3. Sendible

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 15

    Sendible is described as “The #1 Social Media Management Tool for Agencies”. Although it offers its $199 Medium Plan that is “For Growing Agencies” as the most popular plan, it caters to other companies, with an affordable Micro plan of $29 for solopreneurs and the $99/month Small plan designed for small-sized businesses and the $299/month Large plan for teams of large size.

    4. NapoleonCat

    Over the past seven years of the business for more than seven years, NapoleonCat has built an impressive client base that includes companies like Avon, the World Wildlife Foundation, Avon, and Allianz. One of their most well-known claims is that they help social media marketing teams gain back 70 percent of their work time effort. If this isn’t the case, simply looking and engaging with the gorgeous platform will make the work seem less like an effort.

    5. AgoraPulse

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 16

    Agorapulse offers low-cost social media scheduling and a tool to manage teams and agencies. It has four plans starting at $39 per month targeted at Solos. However, it also offers the $239 Enterprise plan. The major difference between the plan is the number of users and social profiles covered; however, there are other differences related to data retention and monitoring of comments.

    6. Iconosquare

    While Iconosquare is best known for its extensive social analytics, it has expanded its offerings to include multi-profile social management and an effective scheduling tool. The tools are available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but fewer options are currently available for LinkedIn and Twitter. The few Iconosquare apps that can be used with your LinkedIn account are focused on analytics.

    7. ContentCal

    ContentCal can be described as the ultimate calendar for content and social media calendar system that aids thousands of individuals as well as businesses and agencies in their content planning and social media. It also allows users to define permissions, simplifies the approval process and manages multiple accounts from one central location, and allows you to work with your team regarding forthcoming content. Through ContentCal Analytics and Respond, you will also be able to monitor the performance of your content and discover ways to improve your content for the future.

    8. Planoly

    If you’re searching for an Instagram posting and scheduling tool with an effective app, be sure to try Planoly. The company was established in 2016 by a jewelry company, Planoly started as an online planner designed for Instagram. Since then, it’s added options to incorporate tools that allow social media marketing using Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

    9. Onlypult

    It claims to be the only platform that allows agencies, brands, and businesses to collaborate using social media. It offers many more features than this, as it lets users work with videos and photos and publish to blogs, social media, and messengers. You can schedule the post for: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & all other popular social media platforms

    10. differs from the majority of the other products we’ve included in this report because it doesn’t concentrate on social media posts and scheduling. Many companies use to do things that aren’t social media. Its primary goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees. It is perfect for people who want to establish a systematic process to manage their social media accounts.

    Social media scheduler free

    1. Later

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 17

    Instagram is among the most well-known social networks, with over 1 billion people using the platform every month. It was initially launched as an app specifically designed for Instagram as a tool for scheduling first; however, since the beginning, it has been able to support other social networks and continually expand its features. The app is a firm concentration on video content. It is possible to schedule in-feed images and video content, story, or carousel content. Later can accommodate all of these choices. Later is a free service that you can keep for a lifetime; however, you can avail yourself of features like analytics and schedule stories, saved captions, and much more with paid plans. The plans for paid users begin at $9/month.

    2. TweetDeck

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 18

    People who depend on Twitter to convey their messages will appreciate the many features of TwitterDeck. TweetDeck is an application for free that lets you control several (unlimited) Twitter accounts from one interface. It is possible to create your own custom social media dashboard that lets users send and receive tweets and monitor and control your Twitter accounts. TweetDeck can be used TweetDeck as a browser app or a Chrome app. It is also a desktop application. TweetDeck can be configured to send scheduled tweets and make lists of Tweets and others. Plus, the best aspect is that it’s completely free.

    3. Canva

    Social media is becoming increasingly visually appealing. Canva can be an excellent tool for those managing accounts on social media to utilize. It allows you to create professional-looking marketing tools with any of the unlimited pre-designed designs for you. You can now connect your social media channels and schedule or publish directly using Canva. There’s a no-cost version that offers decent access to excellent templates. The premium plan provides access to all templates for just $12.95/month.

    4. Hootsuite

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 19

    Hootsuite is among the most well-known and popular applications for scheduling social media and marketing. Due to the built-in teamwork functions, it can be used to schedule posts, get comprehensive reports, and even collaborate with team members. It allows you to see multiple streams simultaneously and monitor your customers’ comments. There’s a free, limited plan for three social profiles with up to 30 messages scheduled.

    5. Buffer

    Buffer is one of the most effective apps to manage your social media profile and post your content. It also includes analytics tools that let you monitor your audience’s activities and determine what the most appropriate moment to post in the near future is. We particularly like the Chrome extension that incorporates it seamlessly and doesn’t get blocked, yet it’s always there whenever you require it. It’s a simpler and more efficient method to manage your social media, and you’re only one click away from establishing whatever you need. Buffer is compatible with more than 7 platforms. You can even increase the number of platforms you can use on the free plan.

    6. Planable

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 20

    Planable is a tool for social media collaboration aiding marketers to work more efficiently and faster. If you’re looking at effectiveness, then this tool is one you should consider. One of the top visual platforms allows marketers to design plans, organize and collaborate on, analyze, and plan social media posts. It is compatible with the most well-known social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and Google My Business. Planable is completely focused on collaboration and approval, so it lets you receive feedback on every post, engage in conversations and request approval for your posts, and then schedule them automatically. There’s a no-cost plan that will get you up and running. You can try all features on your first fifty posts.

    best social media scheduler for Instagram

    1) Combin Scheduler (Best Overall)

    Best for Individuals and Small to Medium-sized Businesses.

    Price: Free

    Combin Scheduler is the platform to schedule ahead and for immediate posting.

    You will be able to fully automate publishing directly from your desktop. This solution for content planning on Instagram lets you alter the size of your images. It works on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu platforms. Users can also visually decorate their grid using the mobile preview.


    • Combin Scheduler comes with features such as editing image size as well as location and users taggers, hashtags, accounts, and hashtags, including hashtags management, bio link, and uploading bulk stories.
    • The free plan will be limited to 1 Instagram accounts management. It includes three Instagram posts and 15 stories per week.
    • The free plan comes with the benefits of location tagging, bulk uploading of images, and hyperlinks in bio.
    • If you sign up for the premium plan, you’ll get unlimited posts, stories, unlimited users, and tag locations.

    2) Semrush

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 21

    Ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and smaller to larger businesses.

    Semrush Prices: You can try the Semrush platform at no cost. There are three pricing options available, i.e., Pro ($99.95/month), Guru ($199.95/month), and Business ($399.95/month).

    Semrush Social Media Tool will assist you in identifying your competitors’ social strategies. It lets you schedule and publishes posts to five different social media networks. It comes with a built-in image editor as well as a link shortener and UTM builder. It will perform an analysis of your social performance and identify the most effective content.

    3) Tailwind

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 22

    Ideal for Freelancers as well as Small to Large companies.

    TailWind pricing: Tailwind provides the opportunity to test the service. In the case of Instagram, Tailwind will cost users $9.99 per month per account.

    With Tailwind, it is in a position to plan your Instagram feed using nine grid previews. In addition, it lets you plan the times of Instagram posts. It can be utilized via mobile apps, desktops, or tabs.

    Tailwind offers actionable information to gain knowledge faster, dig deeper and track trends. It features a drag-and-drop intelligent calendar that lets you plan Instagram stories, posts, and videos in a way that is automatic. You can pick the precise times and dates for posting.

    4) Sked Social

    Ideal for large and small-sized companies.

    Sked Social Price: Sked Social offers four pricing plans: Essentials ($25 monthly), Essentials ($75 per month), Professional ($135 per month) along with Enterprise ($260 per month).

    Sked Social is an Instagram Scheduler, which has functions for scheduling stories and posts as well as reposting, planning feeds and reviewing the results automatically.

    It is possible to schedule or automate the posting of Instagram stories quickly and easily. There is no need to be any intervention for the automatic posting of stories, photos, or videos. The mobile application is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices.

    5) Onlypult

    The best choice for small to large-scale companies and freelancers.

    Onlypult Prices: There are four pricing plans for Onlypult, Start ($10.50 per month), SMM ($17.50 per month), Agency ($34.30 per month) along with Pro ($55.30 each month). These prices are all applicable to the billing plan for an annual period. The monthly option for payment will also be available. You can try it at no cost for seven days.

    Onlypult is a management tool for social media. A tool that allows you to publish content on blogs, social media, and messaging platforms. It allows you to upload photos and videos. It also has features that support collaboration. It will allow you to control multiple accounts in one place simultaneously. It is not necessary to change users.

    6) Later

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 23

    Ideal for individuals and small to Large-sized businesses.

    Cost: For Individuals, it’s unlimited free. Another plan that is available for people is called Plus (Which starts at the amount of $9 monthly). It provides three plans for business, i.e., Premium (Starts at $29 per month) and Starter (at $29 per month), and Brand (Which starts at just $49 per month).

    Later is an Instagram Scheduler and Social Media Platform. It offers a platform for scheduling, Instagram analytics, User-generated content, as well as Instagram stories. Later will permit the scheduling of images and videos.

    7) Buffer

    Ideal for freelancers and small to Large-sized businesses.

    Cost: buffer social media schedular offers a free trial of the product. The trial time varies depending on the plan. Buffer offers three plans under its label Publish, i.e., Premium ($15 monthly) as well as Premium ($65 per month) as well as Business ($99 per month). It provides Pro ($15 each month) along with Business ($35 per month) plans that allow you to respond. There are two additional plans, i.e., Professional ($35 monthly) as well as premium ($50 monthly), that include the Analyze feature.

    Buffer provides a Social Media Management platform for posting posts tags, automated rules, advanced reports, deep social analytics, strategy suggestions, and much more. You can create the pre-set publishing schedules for every social account. The platform lets you establish your brand on your Instagram.

    8) Hootsuite

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 24

    Ideal for freelancers and small to Large-sized businesses.

    Cost: Hootsuite offers four pricing plans, i.e., Professional ($29 per month) and team ($129 monthly) as well as Enterprise ($599 monthly) and Enterprise (Get an estimate). The service offers a free trial for 30 days on plans for teams and professionals.

    Hootsuite can help you keep your social media accounts active 24/7 with its automatic posting of social media posts. It is a scheduling tool that can be used for content curation, posting to social media, analytics monitoring, and scheduling.

    9) Sendible

    is ideal for Freelancers as well as Small to Large companies.

    Pricing: Sendible offers a 30-day trial free of charge for all plans. It offers four pricing plans, i.e., Beginning ($29 each month), Traction ($99 per month) as well as Growing ($199 monthly) plus the largest ($299 per month).

    Sendible is an online platform for managing social media to help brands manage and increase their reach through social media. For the management of brands, it has features to plan, collaborate as well as engage. It allows you to schedule posts in bulk or to queue.

    10) SproutSocial

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 25

    Ideal for freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses.

    Cost: Sprout Social offers an opportunity to try the service for free for 30 days. It offers three pricing plans, i.e., Standard ($99 per month for each user), Professional ($149 per month per user) as well as Advanced ($249 per month per user).

    SproutSocial provides a platform that can be used for creating, scheduling, publishing, and queuing content. It will allow you to create, manage and distribute social media campaigns as well as content with cross-network scheduling. It can assist you with reviewing management and monitoring keywords, profiles, and places.

    Cheapest social media scheduler

    1. SocialBu

    SocialBu is an all-in-one Social Media Management and Automation platform. It allows you to control all social accounts in one location. You can create and schedule content, reply to conversations and messages, analyze your social media and even automate it.

    Compatible with: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business,

    Customer support via email or phone, 24 hours a day live Chat

    2. Social Champ

    This platform is used by brands, companies, and businesses, as well as influencers and digital marketing agencies, to assist them in achieving social media outcomes. With this application, you can organize, track and schedule every social account with a single click.

    Works with: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest

    Customer assistance: Email, Live Chat

    Pricing starts at $10 per month.

    3. OneUp

    Social media scheduler
    Social Media Scheduler: Best Tools for Small Businesses 26

    Automatically post your content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Plan images with Google Chrome extensions, mass upload posts, and auto-post through RSS feeds

    Works With: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram

    Customer assistance: Email, Live Chat

    Pricing starts at $9/month

    4. Stacker

    Stacker is the most efficient way to manage several Social Media accounts at once

    Works With: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest

    Customer support: Email

    Pricing starts at $10/month

    5. ViralPep

    Viralpep lets you manage more than four of your most well-known social media platforms in one location, allowing you to efficiently manage your entire profile together.

    Works in conjunction with: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

    Customer support: Email

    Pricing starts at $10/month

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