15 Best Shopify Apps that will Fastrack your Ecommerce Growth

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    Shopify has more than one million merchants on its platform. Around 25% belong to the fashion sector. It’s among the most popular sectors and also one of the most competitive. Although setting up an online store on Shopify can be straightforward, choosing the appropriate applications for your store could be a difficult and overwhelming task. To aid you with this, we’ve listed the most popular 15 Shopify applications to help ecommerce shops.

    15 Best Shopify Apps for your ecommerce store

    1. Printful

    shopify apps
    must-have shopify apps

    Pricing No monthly or initial costs.

    Printful is among the most popular applications within the market for print-on-demand. For example, suppose you’ve always wanted to manage your own clothing company but aren’t in a position to develop your product from scratch. In that case, you can use print-on-demand technology to instantly create customized clothing for your customers.

    Printful allows for simple printing-on-demand dropshipping, an online fulfillment warehouse, and an order production warehouse that you can access. To help make your life more simple, Printful also integrates with top eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify.

    You could even incorporate your Printful technology into your company if you’re shopping through online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. This is an excellent choice for people with innovative minds who wish to make selling clothes online more convenient.

    2. HubSpot CRM

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    best shopify apps to increase sales

    Prices: free, and the option to pay for additional features

    HubSpot CRM includes everything you need to manage, organize and maintain prospects and clients. The best thing is that it’s free for life.

    The HubSpot Shopify application integrates your store’s data into HubSpot and makes use of it to tailor your marketing strategies and automate them. For example, HubSpot lets you step up your marketing and sales strategies by sending emails to users who have abandoned their carts on your site, so you can encourage them to make a purchase.

    HubSpot CRM records all your interactions with customers, and the information associated with it is stored automatically in an organized timeline. This helps you to customize your approach to communicating with potential customers.

    3. Plug in SEO

    shopify apps
    best free shopify apps

    The plugin SEO monitors your website shop and ensures that your SEO is in good order. Once installed, the app will automatically identify all SEO elements of your shop, such as keywords speed, the speed of your site content from blogs, broken links, and other SEO issues, so you don’t have to look at each page individually. As a result, it’s among the most effective Shopify applications for improving search engine performance.


    • Sends out email alerts when there is an SEO issue
    • Offers free guidance, as well as code snippets to fix the SEO
    • Improves SEO and checks to increase organic traffic

    The use of social media in marketing is a fantastic method to attract customers to your site However, search engines can aid in getting more stable traffic that is easy to convert. Incorporating SEO is ideal for people who wish to manage SEO without much additional work.

    Price: You can perform basic SEO-related scans at no cost. You’ll have to purchase a premium edition for $20 per month on the website to unlock additional options.

    4. Oberlo

    shopify apps

    Oberlo is my top pick of the best Shopify applications. It’s a dropshipping service that lets users discover popular items on the internet and begin selling them immediately.


    • Find the latest products for dropshipping from suppliers around the world.
    • Directly from the supplier to the customer, without delay
    • All orders can be tracked in just only a couple of clicks

    This application is ideal for those looking to create Dropshipping models instead of inventory modeling. You can easily monitor the shipment through the integration with Oberlo.

    Price: You can use Oberlo to create your eCommerce store for no cost. But, as your business expands, you’ll require a premium plan beginning from $29.90 per month to access the most important features.


    shopify apps

    It’s a pushowl notification application that functions as a marketing channel that aids your acquisition, retargeting, and loyalty. With this app, you can send out sales messages and various other notifications that keep your prospective customers interested. You can track the results of your marketing campaigns.

    • Examine how customers respond to your messages
    • Send out targeted offers to customers based on their previous buying habits
    • Check out the changes you’ve made and assess how each one of them impacts your performance
    • Provide inventory updates to customers

    6. Shopcodes

    shopify apps

    It is not difficult to see that QR codes have become an integral element of our lives, with the aid of Shopcodes, one of the top applications for Shopify that can create QR codes in just a couple of minutes. Utilizing Shipcodes users can scan their mobiles using QR codes to make the purchase.

    7.Cross Sell & Cart Upsell

    shopify apps
    Cross Sell & Cart Upsell

    Suppose you run cross-selling and upselling campaigns regularly for your customers. In that case, there are a lot of chances of increasing the number of sales you sell, having larger shopping carts, and even increasing conversion rates. With this tool, you can make automated recommendations for different SKUs. You can customize the recommendations to your specifications with this Shopify application.

    8. Sendinblue

    shopify apps

    Prices: free, with the option to pay for additional features

    Sendinblue It’s an amazing email marketing application specially designed specifically for Shopify. The official app is powerful, user-friendly, and packed with features you should explore. It is possible to use this plugin to run effective SMS as well as email marketing campaigns. Increase the delivery rate and also track key metrics such as open clicks, open too.

    One of the great features of Sendinblue is that it makes sending emails via Shopify as easy as it can be. For example, you can link your Shopify list to multiple lists within the Sendinblue account and decide what kind of content to send to every potential client. You could also make use of it to mail confirmation emails every time customers purchase something new.

    9. Smile

    shopify apps

    Another effective method to drive more sales is to use referral marketing. Using Smile to encourage your customers to make more purchases by sharing the news about your store’s online presence is possible.


    • Develop a referral, points, or VIP-based loyalty program to increase sales
    • You can easily check the results using Smile analytics

    A smile is an excellent option for stores on the internet that would like to operate a loyalty program. A user-friendly backend can help Smile stand out from the rest of the top Shopify applications.

    Price: Smile is a freemium application, so you can start with the free version. Take a look at pricing on the plans for premium users to get more features.

    10. ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell

    shopify apps
    ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell

    ReConvert lets you build one-click upsells and other offers displayed on thank-you and checkout pages.

    Customers can add items from upsells to their cart with one click and then proceed to the checkout. It is also possible to optimize your thank-you page by adding upsells, cross-sells, pop-up discount offers, product recommendations, urgency timers, and survey responses from customers.

    ReConvert is fully integrated with the Shopify administrator panel, meaning you can build upsells from within Shopify.

    Key Features:

    • Advanced segmentation
    • The intuitive offer editor and thank you page editor
    • AI-powered product recommendations, as well as discount distributors

    11. Vitals All-in-One Marketing

    Vitals All-in-One Marketing is a real marketing machine. It is a Shopify application that lets you upload and store reviews of products, design cross-sell and upsell campaigns offer live customer support chat, decrease abandoned carts, boost SEO, and much more.

    And the best part is you can perform all this via the Shopify administration. Vitals is also compatible with other popular marketing tools, such as Facebook Messenger, Klaviyo, and Instagram.

    Key Features:

    • More than 40 apps within one suite
    • Future updates and enhancements will be included with your monthly subscription
    • Fast Support team

    12. Frequently Bought Together

    shopify apps
    Frequently Bought Together

    Frequently Bought Together offers Amazon-like product suggestions to Your Shopify store.

    The AI-powered suggestions are displayed in bundles, which are displayed on the product page, and include automatic bundle discounts to further attract customers.

    Frequently Bought Together is integrated into the Shopify administration panel.

    Key Features:

    • Fully customizable user interface
    • Multiple algorithmic recommendations
    • Bundle discount upsells

    13. Google Channel

    shopify apps
    Google Channel

    Shopify’s Google Channel allows you to advertise your items free on Google and run Smart Shopping campaigns.

    More customers can be reached through YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, and Google Display Network.

    A free trial is available: Free to install

    Pricing: Free; the advertising spend is directly charged to Google Ads

    14. CedCommerce

    shopify apps

    CedCommerce’s suite for Google Shopping Fed surfaces your products across various Google properties, including Buy On Google, Shopping Ads, Local Inventory Ads, and much more.

    A free trial is available: A free plan is available, a 7-day trial.

    Price: From $14/month

    15. Adroll

    shopify apps

    AdRoll can power remarketing and advertising campaigns for a variety of businesses. It also can manage campaigns that combine ads and email.

    AdRoll has AI-optimized advertisements across Google, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as over 500 networks.

    A 30 days free trial is available.

    Price: From $25/month, plus advertising costs

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