10 Best Shopify Alternatives for Ecommerce to Right Now

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    More than 1.7 M sellers are selling their products on Shopify. It’s likely to be one of the most reliable online shopping platforms. However, there are many reasons to look into changing platforms or launching your store with a different platform.

    If, for instance, you do not want to pay commissions for sales or you have a small budget, you may discover a Shopify alternative that’s better suited to your needs.

    This article will evaluate the best alternatives to Shopify and highlight their strengths and weaknesses.

    10 Best Shopify Alternatives for Ecommerce in 2022

    1. BigCommerce

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    shopify kit alternatives

    One of the best acknowledged Shopify rivals, BigCommerce is a top eCommerce platform for large businesses. If you’re looking for a seamless user experience with no sweat and the versatility of a drag-and-drop editor, BigCommerce may be just the tool you need. It’s a well-known service that offers an all-inclusive option for managing your eCommerce website.

    The themes are amazing; however, it’s only seven themes available in all fields. So be prepared to purchase premium themes if your needs are more than the minimum free.

    Multi-channel sales are made easier through BigCommerce because you can control your online stores through Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Pinterest through BigCommerce. In addition, your inventory is synced across stores, ensuring you do not oversell.

    Prices vary between $29.95/mo and $249.95/mo; however, the cost could be hefty. The additional annual limit on sales volume is a part of every plan; that’s why if you’re hoping for more than $50k in sales per year, you’ll need to upgrade. If you’re in excess of the limit, BigCommerce automatically upgrades you to a more expensive plan, doubling your website’s monthly expenses.

    Make use of BigCommerce if you wish to operate a huge ecommerce website and SEO is crucial for your success.

    2. Sellfy: is the easiest to set up, ideal for selling print-on-demand and digital products

    shopify alternatives
    shopify vs other platforms

    Sellfy is a simple, user-friendly eCommerce platform distinct from other eCommerce solutions. Yes, its configuration is a lot simpler than Shopify’s.

    Sellfy was designed to be an eCommerce solution to sell digital goods. It’s the undisputed leader within this market. But don’t get me wrong. Sellfy has all the essential features required to sell physical items in addition to subscriptions. In addition, it is well-known for its exceptional ease of use. However, Sellfy takes ease of use to an entirely new level. It is possible to construct a functioning store in just five minutes.

    Furthermore, Sellfy also has an integrated print-on-demand service that doesn’t require integration. With Sellfy’s PODservice, you can make and sell your custom-designed clothes, home decor, and other accessories in addition to physical and digital items.

    In contrast to Shopify, Sellfy offers a large plan for gree. You’ll be able to build an entirely customizable storefront, include 10 physical items, and design and market personalized print-on-demand merch.

    Sellfy also has a broad array of features built into the platform. A few include integrated email marketing features with unlimited subscribers and template discounts that include timers for scarcity and digital subscriptions, a “pay what you want” option, and many more.

    3. Zyro

    shopify alternatives

    Regarding Shopify competitors, Zyro is a low-cost alternative with many similar features at less cost. The basic plan is priced at just $5/month. The top plan starts at $15.90/month. Even when you consider the monthly plan price, advanced store plans are priced less. Advanced Store plan is priced less than Shopify Basic.

    Similar to Shopify, It also offers the drag-and-drop builder for pages and an app marketplace with additional features and various themes available to select from. In addition, the marketplace app includes dropshipping support and print-on-demand printing marketing, and much more.

    4. Wix

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    Wix is a quick fix by offering all the features you require with an intuitive interface, topped by low-cost plans. In addition, more than 100 attractive templates, a variety of applications and themes that are highly customizable, and a modern editor make it the ideal option for both newbies and experienced users alike.

    Wix offers two ways to create your website – ADI is more of an automated system that suggests the best configuration for your site based on the answers you provide in the questionnaire. Wix Editor provides complete control for the user and full modification and is mostly drag-and-drop. This means that you can put any content you want on your site.

    Wix app store offers over 280 apps, add-ons, and plugins that allow you to embed live chat, social media payment gateways, coupons, and more. It also allows you to embed HTML codes or light boxes, and use different styles of buttons – at a very low cost that will give Wix an advantage over Shopify.

    A plan that costs $5/month comes with 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth and the capability of connecting to a customized domain, making it a preferred choice for most online business owners. Wix eCommerce plan at $16.50/mo comes with 10GB bandwidth and 20GB of storage, a free domain, a few add-ons, and VIP for $24.50/mo (cheaper than Shopify) offers unlimited bandwidth.

    5. Shift4Shop (formerly 3Dcart)

    shopify alternatives

    Like ShopifyShift4Shop (previously also known as 3dcart) is an all-inclusive hosted eCommerce platform. This means you can build and create your own online store completely from the ground up. Additionally, it provides an excellent free plan to US citizens who can live using only an existing Ship4 Payment gateway.

    Shift4Shop paid plans to allow you to connect to more than 300 payment service providers and access features such as real-time shipping with the most prominent partners. The platform is a solid inventory system, as well as a vast array of helpful features, e.g., SEO functions that assist you in ranking better in search results. It’s also less expensive than Shopify. Even with the basic plan, Shift4Shop provides more built-in features, only available in more expensive Shopify plans.

    However, you must be aware to realize that creating a store using Shift4Shop could be a difficult job. There’s no drag-and-drop functionality for building websites, which could be a bit difficult for those without internet experience. Additionally, the product pages appear much more daunting than they need to. Finally, there’s a chance you’ll need help dealing with some technical difficulties. Reports have shown that the technical support offered by Ship4Shop isn’t always helpful.

    6. Shopify Alternatives: Squarespace

    shopify alternatives

    Squarespace is among the most popular websites available currently and is particularly for small-sized businesses due to its simplicity of use. If you’re searching for an online store solution that can enable you to sell unlimited items online and offline, then Squarespace could be the perfect solution for you. It is ideal for integrating a range of plugins and social media platforms. Squarespace offers access to an array of useful features.

    It also has a cover page design tool, G-Suite integration, and Getty installation of images. You can also use more effective blogging software that works with Squarespace than you can get with the most popular Shopify options. If your goal is to establish a trustworthy presence on the internet with amazing quality content, then Squarespace might be the best tool to use.

    Squarespace is ideal for businesses that want the flexibility to adjust their websites and ensure they are distinct from other sites. It’s a fantastic tool with the same builder used by Wix and is simple to use; however, it’s not as comprehensive in its capabilities compared to other options, such as Shopify. In addition, there are no features of e-commerce using Squarespace.

    7. BigCartel: most affordable way to begin selling online

    shopify alternatives

    BigCartel is yet another solution that is distinct from different eCommerce platforms. In this instance, we are provided with an option that is specifically targeted at artists who want to sell their work online.

    The website claims to be as simple as possible while providing the essential features needed to run the online shop. The list of features available is, however, quite simple.

    One major advantage of Big Cartel is that you can start an online store without having to pay anything. However, you’ll be permitted to sell five items.

    If you’re seeking a method to market a few products online, and you aren’t seeking something more advanced and sophisticated, you’re in the right place. Big Cartel might be the best option.

    Pricing: Big Cartel offers a free plan; however, it also offers premium plans that include more options.

    8. Square : Shopify alternatives

    shopify alternatives

    If you’re a big lover of the Square assortment of eCommerce and selling items, you’ll be thrilled with this alternative for Shopify selling. Square Online is the no-cost online store creation service included with your Square Point of Sale. This solution allows you to create a fully immersive website for no cost; however, you’ll have to purchase hosting on your own.

    Square Online is most suitable for people who are at ease, comfortable, and familiar with the Square experience. If you operate a brick-and-mortar shop and are using your Square system to accept cash payments on the spot, Square will also assist you in changing your online landscape.

    While Square is completely free to use, there are fees to pay, such as 2.5 per transaction.

    Square Online also comes with access to many extensions to improve access to the internet. However, it’s not the most user-friendly option for those who haven’t used Square before.

    9. Volusion

    shopify alternatives

    Volusion is a well-known platform that offers a comprehensive solution for online stores. It is a great platform for analysis tools and data tools that can assist you in tracking and expanding your business.

    Similar to BigCommerce as well as Shopify, Volusion is an e-commerce platform with a specialization. It’s hosted for you and offers the tools you need to make the first steps in selling online as smooth and successful as possible.

    Volusion’s greatest strength lies in its amazing analysis and data reporting tools. For example, you can analyze customer behavior, monitor the level of stock, track the total and revenue of orders, and keep track of conversions.

    It’s simple to an eye on and analyzes your data since Volusion gathers all your sales into one place. This is particularly helpful if you’re selling on several channels, such as Facebook.

    10. WooCommerce with

    shopify alternatives
    Shopify alternatives India

    The solution to providing WordPress websites with the ability to sell online can be done with WooCommerce, the WordPress plugin WooCommerce, which is currently powering around 29% of the online stores in the globe. is an open source platform, which means that you’ll need technical skills to build the e-commerce website you’ve always wanted or have the ability to engage an experienced web developer to construct your site. But don’t be discouraged! WooCommerce’s support and assistance are among the top we’ve tested and scored a perfect five out of five!

    Four reasons why you’re probably looking for a Shopify alternative

    After we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s look at why you may be interested in using a different platform to manage your e-commerce business.

    1. Aren’t keen on using Shopify Payments.

    One reason is that you are able to select the payment processor with no additional charges. However, with Shopify, even if you don’t use their payment gateway, Shopify Payments (powered by Stripe) will be charged transaction charges that can be as high as 2% for every purchase.

    Additionally, in refusing to utilize Shopping with Shopify Payments, you’re not gaining access to some options, like the capability to trade in various currencies. Also, if you are selling something that is riskier, like vaporizers, even if you would like to utilize Shopify Payments, you can’t.

    2. You want more control over your site’s SEO.

    Optimizing your website for search engines (SEO) is an important part of the marketing options available in an eCommerce service. While Shopify does an excellent job in tackling the basics of SEO, you may want greater control of your site, particularly when you heavily rely upon organic searches.

    For instance, Shopify doesn’t allow users to edit and access robot.txt files. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it is the file you utilize to inform Google which pages to include on its site so that only your website’s pages that you wish to show up in search results.

    While this might not be an issue for you at first, when your website expands, it will likely require more control over how Google spiders crawl and rank your site.

    3. A vast and complex catalog.

    Let’s say that you own a clothing store and you’re trying to be inclusive. You offer:

    • A variety of sizes starting from small to way to 6XL
    • Many color options available for every item
    • Different designs, like tanks and long sleeves
    • There are options for women, men as well as children and babies

    The catalog for your products is getting very complex and Shopify may fail to maintain pace as you’re only allowed 100 SKUs for each product and just three options per product.

    4. You’re annoyed in a particular way or manner.

    There may be something else you’re unhappy about that’s causing you to investigate other eCommerce platforms. Maybe you don’t like the layout that’s available in the Shopify Help Center, you’re unhappy with customer service, or you’ve heard about a customer’s poor experience and are concerned that the same thing might occur to you. Whatever the reason, there are different options to consider.

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