15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads

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    Video advertising and video marketing are both powerful strategies that are becoming more and more popular every year. Online Video Makers are important than ever. It takes a lot to create high-quality video ads. We’ve compiled this list of top video ad creators to help you create high-quality video ads that resonate with your target audience and help you to get more success on Amazon.

    What is an online video maker tool?

    Online video maker allow you to edit or make a new video online. You must first upload files to the editor server before you can use them from your local computer. The remote server will handle all the work required to create or edited video. You can control the interface from any web browser.

    While some editors may be very basic, many others offer the same features as a downloadable video maker. These editors can convert between file types, apply basic filters, and export to a download, or to your favorite video-sharing platform.

    Why you need an online video maker tool

    You can see that many of the online video editor benefits had exceptions. You could spend much more overtime on an online video editor. Even though many people have fast internet connections, downloading large files can still take some time. It will take far longer than reading the files from a local disk with a downloaded video editor.

    Flexibility is one of the main reasons you should use a downloaded editor for video editing. Many third-party plugins are available to support almost every downloadable editor. These plugins add functionality to your editor, making it easier to work with, making shots more professional, and making workflows simpler. These plugins are not compatible with online video makers.

    Advantages of an online video maker

    Let’s move on to the reasons you might choose to use an online maker over downloading and purchasing video editing software. Online video makers can offer three main benefits depending on the use case.


    Online video makers generally works under a freemium model. Free videos can be created, or you can pay as you go to get HD videos and videos with more effects. This is great if you only make a few videos per week. If you intend to make videos frequently, it is worth doing the math and figuring out the best option.

    Cloud storage

    Although you can pay extra for cloud storage from a different provider and back up all your audio and videos with them, this is an additional cost and requires a few extra steps. Online video makers are in the cloud so all video files that you use with them will also be in the cloud. This can be an alternative to keeping large video files on your local drive. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each online video site. Some sites may remove your videos after a certain time period or if they haven’t been used in a while.

    Any platform.

    Although there were some limitations, this is a wonderful feature for online video makers. It’s not difficult to find a video maker compatible with your platform if you have a Windows computer. If you have a different system or switch between multiple systems, it is easy to find a solution that works in every browser.

    15 top Online Video Maker Tools in 2021

    1. Movavi Business Suite

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 16

    Movavi Business Suite, is an online video maker program for professionals and beginners, is an excellent choice. This video ad maker makes it easy to record and edit videos in just a few seconds. Movavi Business Suite allows you to add audio and comment, screen recordings, as well as more than 200 editing tools and effects. This comprehensive media editing platform lets you convert and record videos, as well as capture your screen.


    Built-in image, music, and video libraries

    Software learning courses are available for free and paid

    There are no subscription fees. You just need to pay for the lifetime license


    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 17 is a top online video maker for creating professional ads. It has a drag-and-drop interface that is easy to use, and tons of features that will make creating great video ads a breeze.’s free plan gives you access to a large, royalty-free collection of video clips, images, and five videos with a time limit of 15 seconds.


    • Change layouts, resize videos, add images and videos.
    • Add graphics, stickers and watermarks to your text.
    • Unlimited native social media shares

    3. Flexclip Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 18

    FlexClip is a powerful video ad maker that offers powerful editing tools and resources. FlexClip allows ad creators to add filters and transitions, as well as change the video speed. FlexClip offers a large media library that includes photos, videos, music, and other media to add to your video ads. FlexClip video maker has video ad templates that you can use, even if you don’t have a specific creative direction.


    • Rich media resources
    • Video advertisement templates
    • Exporting and editing are easy
    • Videos under 1 minute have no watermarks if they don’t make use of resources from the stock library.

    4. Biteable Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 19

    Biteable offers stock video footage as well as templates that you can use to quickly create video ads. Biteable is an online video ad creator that provides all the tools necessary to create ads, videos, and presentations for social networks. Biteable’s free plan gives you access to almost 2 million clips and images, and unlimited exports with watermarks. You can upgrade to a premium plan for custom branding, HD videos, commercial usage rights and many other benefits.


    • There are hundreds of animated and live-action footages.
    • Pre-made video templates
    • Drag-and-drop timeline
    • Music that is royalty-free
    • Share easily on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

    5. Wideo Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 20

    Wideo, an online video maker tool that allows users to access 80+ video templates via its online editor. Wideo allows you to add text and logos to your videos, and create engaging video ads that reflect your brand. Google can also help you find images for your video. You can’t use the subscription plan on the site for commercial licensing. To make a video advertisement, you will need to contact the sales department.


    • Tons of audio and pictures available for free
    • Share and download videos quickly
    • Images, animation effects, backgrounds and music tracks are all included in your video ads.

    6. Adobe Spark Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 21

    Adobe Spark is one the most impressive online video maker we have ever seen. It’s not surprising, given Adobe’s huge reputation. This is one of the most user-friendly video ad creators. It comes with numerous layouts, storyboards and themes that will allow you to create stunning videos in just minutes. You can also use the gallery, which contains many great templates. Adobe Spark includes a range of professionally-designed fonts that are available for free.


    • Choose from a range of free, professionally-designed fonts
    • Choose from thousands of photos available online or from your own personal collections on Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Lightroom.
    • You will find a variety of the best layouts, colors and fonts in this category.

    7. Animoto Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 22

    Animoto is another top online video maker we have found. Upload your photos and video clips, then add filters, voice-overs, etc. It is easy to use, and there are a few storyboards available (but not templates). It is easy to create customized video ads for each platform’.


    • Editing tool that is easy to use
    • Over 1,000,000 photos and video clips in our stock library
    • Drag and drop video clips and images right into your project
    • Cloud-based
    • There are thousands of audio tracks licensed

    8. Renderforest Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 23

    Renderforst, a cloud-based video ad creator that allows users to create infographics and commercials in just minutes, is called Renderforst. There are several templates for explainer videos, whiteboard animations, 2D and 3-D animations, and even 3D animation. There are many subscription options available. You can also pay per product if you wish to use that product.


    • There are many templates to choose from
    • It is simple to use
    • Voice-over options
    • You can adjust colors, fonts, length, and many other settings.

    9. Shakr Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 24

    Shakr is a top video ad maker for larger teams. It is fast and simple to use, allowing advertisers to create engaging social media ads in a short time using its automated capabilities. Shakr can be a great addition if you already have a video production team.


    • There are thousands of video templates
    • Direct video export to social media platforms
    • Perfectly optimized videos for social media

    10. Soapbox Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 25

    Soapbox, a Chrome extension, allows you to record, edit, share, and even share video ads. It records your screen and uses the webcam to make videos as needed. Once you are done, you can instantly share your video ads. Soapbox’s free version lets you share unlimited videos and generate custom thumbnails. You can also edit your videos after they have been shared. You will need to upgrade to a premium subscription if you wish to download your videos and add custom branding.


    • Everything can be done online
    • Collaborate with the entire team
    • Quickly build a content library
    • Fast, create relevant and timely content
    • Make custom video thumbnails

    11. Animaker Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 26

    Animaker provides simple editing tools as well as video ad templates that you can use for creating animated advertisements. Add voice-over narration to make your animated advertisement come alive. Animaker’s user interface is simple and makes it quick to create amazing videos. Animaker’s free plan includes a watermark on your videos and limits you to five downloads. You can upgrade to a premium plan to gain access to custom fonts and commercial rights.


    • For seamless performance in optimized browsers, runs on the HTML5 engine
    • There are tons of professionally designed templates
    • Largest collection of animated characters, properties and icons. Images, videos, and many more.
    • Live video editing and 4K quality
    • Subtitles, overlays and watermarks

    12. MotionDen Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 27

    MotionDen allows you to create video ads quickly and easily with very little effort. The video editing tool allows you to customize the video design that you choose. MotionDen lets you create up to five videos without having to enter credit card information. MotionDen will watermark your videos with the free plan.


    • There is no software to download
    • Professionally-designed ad templates library
    • It is simple to use
    • It’s easy to download and share

    13. Movidmo Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 28

    Movidmo, a video ad platform that allows you to create high-quality videos for your brand, is a great choice. It is an easy-to-use online platform and allows you to pay per video with no subscription. Movidmo offers a lot of stock footage as well as plug-and-play templates, making it easy to create video ads.


    • Make square or rectangular videos
    • Add branding, styling and messaging to your brand
    • Built-in music library
    • Integration with the Getty Image stock photo library

    14. InVideo Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 29

    InVideo is a top choice for video ad creators due to its AI-powered interface. You can easily add animations, images and music to your video ads with the help of a large library. You can export and create up to 60 watermarked videos per monthly with the free version. You can upgrade to the premium plan for more features such as a 15-minute video length and reseller rights, text-to speech, and other useful tools.


    • There are thousands of images, stickers and text boxes
    • Intro maker, intelligent frames and power transitions.
    • You can add CTAs at the end of your videos

    15. Magisto Online Video Maker

    15 Best Online Video Makers for Amazon sellers to create video ads 30

    Magisto is an online video advertising maker. It offers ready-to use video templates that can transform your videos and photos into stunning video ads in just a few mouse clicks. Magisto does not offer a free plan. You will have to pay for many functions, such as adding elements from your media library or choosing a style.


    • Smart video editor that is simple to use
    • There are tons of video ad templates
    • One click to share your video on Instagram or YouTube
    • Graphics, captions, branding and effects customized


    Paid and unpaid video ad creators both offer the tools and features you need to create compelling video ads that motivate your target audience. It doesn’t matter what type of video you create, it is important to show your brand, products and services in the best light. Our top picks for video ad producers can help you achieve that. Start today with one of these video ads makers to increase your audience’s time on your page, build trust and increase conversions, and much more.

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