Top 11 Best Mobile Tracker For Android And iPhone

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    Mobile phones are now a necessity for everyone. People are enthralled by the power of interactive mobile apps that connect them to the mobile world. But, do you often lose your mobile phones? Then, you can easily track them! Get your smartphone with the latest modern mobile tracker at no cost! Most users worry about their phones since they don’t remember where they left them the last time.

    So, we have an answer to this issue. In addition, users can monitor their smartphone to see if it was stolen. The top ten mobile phone tracking apps for Android have everything you need. They range from advanced GPS navigation systems to advanced features such as Geo-fencing, Stealth security features.

    How to find someone’s location using their cell phone number?

    Using an excellent phone tracking app, it is easy to track anyone’s cell phone without their knowledge. These apps can be useful tools that work quietly on the mobile they are installed on. They operate in the background in total secrecy, record the device’s location, and then send the information to you in real time.

    Best mobile tracker app for iPhone

    1. mSpy – Best Overall iPhone Tracking App

    mobile tracker
    mobile tracker apps

    MSPY is among the most effective iPhone tracking applications that let you locate your family members’ secrets. It also lets you view additional things, including deleted, received, or sent messages, incoming and outgoing calls, and GPS location.

    2. LocaToWeb

    mobile tracker
    gps mobile tracker

    This great live location tracking software can display your current location and then stream on the web for your loved ones to watch. LocaToWeb will track your exact location and provide information on metrics such as duration, distance, speed, and altitude. Privacy features are also accessible on this page, allowing you to conceal your trail or location from the world. Of course, you can always return to your Settings page and make any necessary privacy-related changes.

    This is possible without a thorough sign-up procedure that makes it much easier. It is also possible to set up race groups to keep track of each participant using a side-by-side track on your phone’s screen. It’s an impressively designed application, and in terms of accuracy, it’s hard to outdo this app. Although the app costs $0.99, that’s a reasonable price considering the value it can bring to the table. Indeed, one of the Best iPhone Tracking Apps.

    3. uMobix – Ideal for offering support for every iOS versions

    mobile tracker
    download mobile tracker free

    UMobix is a sophisticated mobile phone tracker application that monitors real-time children’s iPhone or iPad device activities. It lets you monitor sent and received messages and also deleted SMS. It also offers real-time information about location and the record of the places you have visited. Users can also record screenshots directly on the phone of the target.

    4. GPS Phone Tracker

    mobile tracker
    GPS Phone Tracker

    This is a modified variant that is slightly modified version of the GPS tracking app we discussed earlier. It will allow you to track the 24 hours a day of your loved one via your phone. This will require users to grant the tracking of their locations, and they can revoke permissions at any point. This crucial security feature permits users to restrict access to anyone who could be aware of their current place of residence.

    By using this app, you’ll be in a position to find other users with a remarkable precision of just 30 feet. It’s an extremely well-engineered application overall. But users must be aware that apps such as these could take a lot of battery from their phones. Therefore, make sure to play in the battery settings to alter the activities of the GPS on your phone. In terms of comprehensive tracking, users can search for their location from the last 24 hours. It is also possible to select times to determine what time the person was at certain times in the day. This app can be extremely useful for worried parents. GPS Phone Tracker It is free to download from the iTunes App Store and comes with in-app purchases.

    5. ClevGuard – Best for taking screenshots and photos

    mobile tracker

    ClevGuard assists you in tracking the target iPhone devices without being aware. It provides a high degree of security for your children in today’s digital world. It also lets you locate a phone’s position in the dashboard. It is a top mobile spy app that allows you to keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls, which include the names, duration of calls, and time stamps.

    6. Famisafe – Best for tracking daily reports of your kids

    mobile tracker

    FamiSafe can be described as an iPhone spy software that allows you to monitor screen time, as well as live location, and assists in identifying inappropriate content your children are viewing on their iPhones. It provides crucial features like SafeSearch, Web Filter, Blocking apps, and more.

    Additionally, it has advanced features for tracking levels, including an App blocker and an activity tracker. You can also keep track of daily reports of children’s video views and time spent on TikTok.

    Best mobile tracker app for Android

    1. Google find my device

    mobile tracker
    free mobile tracker app

    Google Find My Device is a free application that lets you trace your phone. It is possible to track any device connected to your Android phone with this app. To secure the information you have, you can make an account password. The app also comes with the ability to remotely lock and delete your data.


    • Monitors for tablets, phones, or smartwatches
    • Indoor maps for big malls, airports, and malls
    • Google Maps support is available
    • Lock or erase a device
    • Compatibility with Google 4.1 and up

    2. Hoverwatch

    mobile tracker

    Best for superior geolocation features.

    When it comes to mobile trackers, they are not more standard and practical than Hoverwatch. Like the other apps listed in this list, Hoverwatch is operational immediately after its installation. It can monitor the activity of all mobile phones but remain totally invisible to the person who is monitoring the phone. The app can monitor up to five devices simultaneously.

    The app is particularly impressive because of its amazing geolocating capabilities. It uses WiFi and GPS as well as cell towers to precisely pinpoint the exact location of a tracked device. Hoverwatch monitors phones even when the phone user changes the SIM card. It will alert you when a sim card needs to be changed.

    3. Spyine

    mobile tracker

    Ideal for easy mobile installations without rooting or jailbreaking.

    Spyine is regarded as an industry leader in the mobile spyware application business. Spyine’s spyware-based technology is easily installed on Android and iPhone devices without jailbreaking or rooting a device. The app begins to monitor the device targeted and will send updates in real time; it is accessible through a web-based browser-based dashboard at any time.

    The application lets you monitor and read the target phone’s text messages, social media chats, and many more. You can also view the call logs on the phone, along with important information like call time duration, frequency, and date stamps. The application also lets you draw an area on an electronic map to be alerted immediately when someone is in or out of the area.

    4. Glympse

    mobile tracker

    Glympse is a fun all-around GPS tracking application for Android with unbeatable power to monitor your location without compromising privacy. This app is ideal for groups of colleagues or friends who want to only temporarily share information about each other’s locations. You can easily track the delivery progress, precisely where your friends and colleagues are, or notify those you know about their current location.

    5. uMobix – Best for Real-Time Monitoring

    mobile tracker

    The uMobix mobile tracker application is targeted at parents who want to set parental controls on their children’s mobile devices. This app can show all texts, messages, photos, and videos the phone is tracking. Additionally, it has keylogger features that allow you to view all the messages the owner types on the phone. Additionally, it provides GPS location tracking, and full accessibility to all social media applications for a device tracked.

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