8 Best Live Chat Software for Ecommerce & Why Its Important

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    In 2023, more consumers will prefer to buy online and get their purchases delivered from their homes instead of traveling to a physical shop. Digital natives are also growing up with technology, and communicating with technology has become routine. Customers are used to receiving the answers they require quickly and expect businesses online to meet the expectations of their customers. Kustomer research finds that 89% of people believe that contacting customers should be easier and more convenient.

    However, many businesses are only slowly getting used to the online trend, and even the ones that do include any form or live chat feature they’re employing a tiny fraction of its full capabilities. For example, suppose you’re trying to stay ahead of your competitors and stand out. In that case, implementing an online live chat for your business service on your site is one of the most effective methods to make a mark and turn people skeptical of your business into satisfied customers.

    Live chat is in the future, and it is in the best interest of every business to keep up with the changing trends of what customers want to use.

    What is Live Chat?

    Live chat is an online communication application that allows your website visitors and you to chat in real-time.

    Chat rooms are a fantastic alternative to email or phone calls. All you have to do is enter the message into the chatbox and then send the message.

    Today, 79 % of users use live chat for other forms of method of communication.

    Why would you need live chat support for your online store?

    1. Live chat keeps customer communications on brand

    live chat
    8 Best Live Chat Software for Ecommerce & Why Its Important 10

    Incorporating live chat directly into your online store means that the customer experience is seamless for your customers.

    Other services will require your customers to contact you by phone or email your company from an additional “contact us” page, which is a step away from the slick customer experience you’ve created on your website.

    Since live chat is a written communication, it continues the conversation on your site that began without any adjustments to the mindset required for the customers. Therefore, live chat operators can be directed to respond in the same manner as other pages on your site.

    2. Help customers find the best products for their needs

    You can make your live chat an intelligent product recommendation engine by incorporating automated self-service in your live chat.

    For instance, in the below conversation, Jacob (a potential customer) is in the market for perfume.

    You can utilize the self-service function in the chat tool to look for scents depending on the person the scent is intended for, how strong it ought to be, and the kind of scent family he would like to have.

    After that, the self-service tool can provide him with recommended products. If Jacob is a regular valued customer, a member of your support staff will be able to jump in and suggest products that he’s most likely to want.

    3. Live chat provides invaluable insights into your clients’ behavior

    Live chat is a great way to communicate with customers. You can ask your customer for feedback after you’ve resolved their issue within the chat. This is much more efficient than a telephone call or a survey via email.

    Additionally, since it occurs in real-time it’s a chance to capitalize on the momentum of an exchange that took place just moments ago.

    In addition, live chat provides you access to analytics that you would not get with telephone or support via email. For example, it is possible to track customers’ behavior when they occur on your site. This can provide insights into how visitors use chat, revealing the most frequent friction points in your website’s customer experience and the user interface.

    4. Live chat adds a human touch to your store

    A chat room that is friendly and friendly offers immediate support from a live person. It’s more like a typical shopping experience rather than merely having an address that customers can contact by phone or using email address to reach.

    Additionally, live chats can be programmed to show up with a welcoming “How can I help?” question, akin to the traditional store experience.

    8 Best Live chat software for ecommerce

    1. DelightChat

    live chat

    DelightChat can be described as an online customer support tool developed specifically for SME companies that allows them to offer out-of-the-box customer support. It is designed using a conversation-first approach to help you handle your store’s support needs and quickly resolve customer issues using just one screen.

    2. LiveChat

    live chat
    free live chat

    LiveChat is among the most effective eCommerce chat software solutions that focus on customer service. It is the perfect software when you need to offer prompt and efficient support through chat. LiveChat allows live chat and lets you send targeted and automated messages to site users. In order to ensure you won’t be unable to capture the opportunity to make a sale.

    The program is enhanced by extensive reports, team management tools, and many chatbots specifically designed for eCommerce companies.

    3. Tidio

    live chat

    Tidio is a fantastic eCommerce live chat application that can help you engage better to your buyers. It can help you communicate with your customers and resolve their questions in a prompt and efficient way. It’s the top-ranked live chat application available on the Shopify store.

    4. Gorgias

    live chat

    Gorgias is a customer support software that is designed specifically for stores selling e-commerce. It is integrated into Shopify, BigCommerce & WooCommerce. They have a fantastic integration with Shopify, allowing support agents to provide excellent customer service seamlessly.

    5. Intercom

    live chat

    Intercom is a communication platform that provides support, engagement, as well as marketing tools, such as live chat. Intercom’s Messenger tool lets businesses create chatbots that are targeted at particular segments of their audience and send tickets that require assistance from a human to the right channels.

    Intercom is a business resource that covers all sizes of businesses from small-scale to an enterprise. Intercom also provides examples for eCommerce, finance education, healthcare, and other sectors.

    Intercom caters to all sizes of business, from small-scale to large-scale, and also explores possible uses for eCommerce and finance, as well as education and healthcare.

    6. Drift

    live chat

    As with most live chat services, Drift offers both automated chatbots and live chat capabilities. What distinguishes Drift is the emphasis on B2B and SaaS companies and its method of customer support based on data.

    Its Visitor Intelligence software integrates information from your business software (CRM marketing and sales tools, and more) and databases such as Clearbit or Crunchbase to determine the number of visitors on your website and make it easier to tailor interactions. Drift also provides chatbots powered by AI and machine learning that duplicate the actions and results of your most efficient sales and customer service representatives.

    7. Richpanel

    live chat

    Richpanel assists e-commerce companies in effectively managing their customer service. With Richpanel, you’ll be able to quickly track, manage and solve issues in a matter of minutes. In addition, it is possible to manage all possible support methods, including live chat and emails, WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram. This helps save time and helps support representatives be more efficient.


    live chat

    The live chat available for websites selling e-commerce is totally available for use at no cost and is an ideal solution for start-ups and small businesses. It provides monitoring of the activities of your site’s visitors to offer personalized and prompt assistance. can also allow you to employ agents per hour through their platform if you require support in providing quick customer support. You can also utilize this live chat feature on your mobile device. Both iOS and Android applications are available.

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