10 Best Life Insurance Companies Currently in 2022

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    Getting life insurance is a must if you’re married with children or have a significant other or family members who depend on your financial resources financially. Life insurance pays the money, also called the death benefit, to the beneficiary you choose in the event of your death. It will allow those you cherish access to funds whenever they require it. We picked the Top 10 Life Insurance Companies for you

    10 Best Life Insurance Companies in 2022


    Nationwide earned the A+ (Superior) financial stability rating from AM Best, received very few complaints over the last three years, and was ranked second among 21 life insurance companies for customers’ satisfaction in J.D. Power’s U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study. Plus, It offers a wide variety of policies, riders, and generous benefits for living. For example, most policies have three rapid benefits for death riders for no upfront cost. In addition, they allow policyholders access to some of their death benefits when they are still alive and diagnosed with an acute, chronic, or terminal disease.


    life insurance
    indexed universal life insurance

    MassMutual is notable for several reasons, and that’s why it was ranked as one of the top companies in the reviews below.

    The most impressive feature is the A score of ++ by AM Best. This is an organization’s highest possible rating and signifies a “superior” ability to pay claims. MassMutual’s history of dividend payments increases its credibility each year; since 1869, eligible policyholders have been able to receive the life insurance payout. In addition, the company has received only a handful of complaints, per the NAIC complaints index, over the last three years.

    Pacific Life

    Cash value life insurance may boost retirement income, specifically for people who have reached the maximum of the 401(k) contribution. If you’re considering using life insurance to plan for retirement You’re usually looking for the right policy effective in increasing the value of cash. The money can be accessed by way of a loan to the policy or withdrawal.

    Internal costs are also low since the value of your cash will not be eroded by insurance costs.

    Pacific Life provides a crucial combination of competitive pricing and the reliable illustration of policies to increase the accumulation of cash value for most life insurance products. The company also has demonstrated excellent performance in the investment assets that are the fuel for the growth of cash value.

    Haven Life

    life insurance
    whole-life insurance

    Haven Life’s site is a model for what other websites offering life insurance should strive to be. The application and quote processes are easy and entirely online. The application process does not require personal details until you apply. Short informative blurbs can be used to answer any queries you might have. However, if you need assistance, an agent is just a few clicks away with live chat, or you can contact us instead.

    If you’re looking for fast, affordable protection, Haven is an excellent option. It is tied for the lowest term price together with Protective and Banner. In addition, if you purchase an insurance policy with no medical exam, it can be approved on the same day.


    The universal life policies of Protective provide competitive rates for internal policies for the majority of age groups and health concerns, and, therefore, more of your premium could be put towards cash value. The company has demonstrated better performance for mortgages and bonds, which have cash value as the underlying asset and the universal insurance policy examples are generally solid.

    Guardian: Recommended for those who have a history of HIV

    life insurance
    life insurance protection

    Universal, term, and whole. Guardian is not just selling various basic policies but also provides life insurance with a term or whole for those living with HIV.

    You can obtain an online quote, without entering your contact details. You can also toggle between various coverage amounts to calculate your expected premium.


    As legalization spreads to marijuana in the U.S., growing numbers of consumers who smoke marijuana are likely to purchase life insurance. Some Life insurance providers will take marijuana users or provide affordable rates. However, some life insurance companies provide only “standard” rates at best and they will not offer “preferred” rates.

    American General offers relatively friendly underwriting to marijuana users.

    The purchasers of cash value or term life insurance that use marijuana less than eight days per month may be eligible for the lowest rate class offered by American General.

    People who smoke marijuana for vaping might be eligible for “standard tobacco” rates.

    However, life insurance customers who frequently use marijuana (more than sixteen days a month and more than 4 days per week) can expect to be rejected at the discretion of the American General.

    AARP : A great option for people who wish to avoid the medical exam

    life insurance
    senior life insurance

    If you’re an AARP participant aged 50-80 to 80 (50 up to 70 to 75 in New York), you are eligible for the company’s¬†guaranteed acceptance of a life insurance policy, regardless of health. The coverage amount can go up to $25,000, and premiums are constant throughout the insurance policy term.

    AARP does not need a medical test to be eligible for one of their life insurance plans which is unusual for a business that provides whole and term life insurance. Life insurance plans offered by AARP are available to those over 50. One of the major advantages is its simple underwriting process, which means you don’t have to undergo a medical exam for life insurance to be eligible. However, the acceptance of certain policies might be based on the information you provide about your health. New York Life provides all policies.


    Bestow is the best option for people who wish to obtain life insurance but don’t want the hassle of having a medical examination. Bestow sells policy options for term life insurance (and only these), and you can apply online and buy the policy without having to visit a physician or have tests like blood tests. In addition, the policy can provide as much as $1.5 million of coverage, which is more than other no-exam insurance policies.

    The company utilizes the information you provide about yourself and responses to questions about your background, health, hobbies, and activities to determine your coverage for life insurance and the rates you pay. Bestow promises that you can get an estimate and purchase an insurance policy in just a few minutes, all via the internet.

    Fabric: Great for an online experience

    life insurance
    life insurance with a cash value

    Fabric claims the application process can be completed online in less than 10 minutes. In addition, the fabric uses sophisticated algorithms to determine eligibility and costs, which means medical tests are not required for all applicants.

    Life insurance policies for fabric are offered from Vantis Life, a subsidiary of Penn Mutual. The term policies are available for 10 15 20 or 30 years. The coverage can range from $1 million to five million.

    Why Life insurance is so important for you

    1. It can help to financially protect your family

    Life insurance is intended to safeguard your family’s financial stability. Even if you’ve got savings, it’s unlikely that you’ll have enough money to pay for your family’s needs for several years or years if something happens unexpectedly. Generally, you can think about three kinds of life insurance: term life, full life, or universal life.

    Term Life Insurance

    Life insurance covers an agreed-upon period, typically 10, 15, or 20 years, but it can also be 15, 20, 30, or more. It expires at end of the period.

    Whole Life Insurance

    This kind of insurance isn’t a relic so long you pay the monthly premiums

    Universal Life Insurance

    The type of life insurance is comparable to a full life insurance plan in that it doesn’t expire for as long as you pay the premium and includes an element of cash value. When you purchase a universal life insurance policy, you generally have the option of adjusting the amount of premium and death benefit

    2. It can replace lost income

    Whether you work from 9 to 5 jobs, work for yourself or run an entrepreneurial business, your earnings may be enough to cover a small portion of the entire family’s demands.

    The cost of food, housing, utilities, and clothing, as well as health care and maintenance of your vehicle premiums, are probably all the expenses you pay for in your budget. Even without income, your family will have to pay these costs. The death benefit of life insurance policies will help to provide the funds your family might need to pay for these expenses. When weighing your choices, you might be interested in using the Life calculation tool to figure out how much will require.

    3. It can help you pay off debt

    Certain types of debt do not disappear when you die and your loved ones might need to draw funds from your estate or sell off other assets to pay for these debts. This may leave fewer funds to cover the expenses.

    Life insurance is a great way to assist your loved ones in paying any debts you’ve left behind, including credit card debt, business debt, educational loans, personal or professional, and mortgage loans. In addition, when family members are struggling with the loss of their loved ones and grief, life insurance could assist in easing one of the burdens they could be facing after your death.

    4. It can cover funeral or marriage expenses

    Funerals can be costly. Stressing financially could cause emotional stress to your family could feel. However, your family may be able to use a portion of the death benefits from the life insurance plan to pay for these costs. In order to do this, the policy’s beneficiary can direct a portion of the benefit for death to the funeral house or pay the funeral home out of their own pocket and then use the death benefit to provide payment to cover these expenses.

    5. It can help to pay for future education expenses

    If you have kids, the life insurance policy can assist your family with future expenses for childcare and education, particularly for college. Even if you’ve already begun contributing to the 529 college savings plan the death benefit from the life insurance policy could be used to fund your children’s education in the event that you die.

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