Top 10 NFT marketplace Where You Can Buy NFTs

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    This world of NFTs has been growing exponentially since the record-breaking $69 million purchase of the digital art collage made by cryptocurrency artist Beeple in 2021. The biggest names in television and sports, and music continue to be a part of the trend. Just look at Mila Kunis, Tom Brady, and John Legend, who all have businesses capitalizing on the potential of NFT technology. It’s enough to make anyone desire to purchase an NFT device for their own.

    With all of that in mind, consider 10 marketplaces and the services they can offer sellers and buyers if you’re wondering how to begin.

    Top 10 NFT marketplace list

    Here are some top platforms you can utilize to participate in the NFT trend and more.

    1. OpenSea : largest NFT marketplace

    nft marketplace

    It’s perhaps the most sought-after — and, in fact, the biggest — NFT marketplace today. It’s the first alternative for peer-to-peer to purchase and sell non-fungible coins online. It has also recently reached a trading volume of more than $10 billion. Open Sea supports various blockchains and provides many NFT options, such as:

    • Items in-game
    • Collectibles
    • Artwork
    • Music
    • GIFs

    This is a great option for those seeking a solution supported by industry leaders such as Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Blockstack, Pascal Capital, and Dapper. Additionally, not only can it permit you to buy numerous NFTs as well, but it also allows you to add your own.

    2. Binance NFT

    nft marketplace
    Binance NFT

    Binance is among the biggest crypto exchanges, and Binance NFT is becoming one of the biggest NFT marketplaces. It is also supported by its cryptocurrency. Because of this, Binance NFT is considered to be among the top reliable NFT marketplaces.

    The size and scope of the marketplace make it possible to provide exclusive partnerships and special occasions that others might envy. For example, if you own BNB tokens (BNB), getting access to the marketplace is much easier as you use ETH, BNB, and BUSD to bid. You can also deposit ETH and BSC NFTs if you want to sell.

    3. Sorare

    nft marketplace

    Sorare is a crypto-based fantasy soccer league in which players can accumulate players’ cards as NFTs and use them for online tournaments. The website has more than 200 licensed clubs, including teams in Major League Soccer, and the transactions are conducted using Ethereum. While users can join the fantasy league for free by purchasing digital players, premium NFT collectibles beat out other players by using scoring multipliers.

    Category: Sports Collectibles

    4. CryptoPunks/Larva Labs

    CryptoPunks is among the first instances of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. It is comprised of a set of characters that are 10,000 pixels in size and have distinctive characteristics. At first, the CryptoPunk items were for sale but the only option to obtain one was to purchase the items. However, be aware that purchasing one can be expensive. The least expensive CryptoPunk costs 67.5 ETH, which equates to about $209,758.95.

    Larva Labs is the original designer of this collection of collectibles. It’s one of the top trading markets, with an estimated value of $2.02 billion. The NFT marketplace lets you bid on your preferred objects once they’re available to auction. In addition, you can purchase CryptoPunks from this site instead of using third-party vendors.


    nft marketplace
    nft marketplace means’s NFT marketplace allows customers to purchase and sell online digital items from famous brands and artists such as Snoop Dogg, Aston Martin, and UFC. You can make purchases using a debit or credit card; the balance of your account can be viewed on or using Pay, which is accessible through the app or wallet such as Metamask or WalletConnect that accepts ERC20 tokens.

    Category: Digital art, collectibles

    6. Rarible NFT marketplace

    nft marketplace

    The community-owned marketplace is among the most popular NFT marketplaces on Ethereum. It showcases a variety of collectibles and digital art and currently has a $291.14 million trade volume.

    Rarible allows you to purchase and sell all kinds of media. Sellers can make multiple NFTs for one piece and then sell it multiple times. To join this marketplace, you will need to utilize a variety of crypto wallets, such as:

    • Coinbase
    • MyEtherWallet
    • MetaMask

    7. Nifty Gateway

    nft marketplace
    Nifty Gateway

    The Nifty Gateway is perhaps the NFT marketplace with the most attention-grabbing large-money NFT sales. It’s also where two of the most expensive NFTs have been sold to date: Beeple’s CROSSROAD and Pak’s The Merge, which sold for US$91.8 million in December 2021 (that’s still the most expensive NFT as of the moment of writing).

    Twitter gets plenty of praise on Twitter and also draws celebrities NFTs. Don’t allow that to deter you. Nifty Gateway offers several standout features. The first is that it uses open editions, which allow unlimited editions to be created for a specific time period and sold for a set price. Once the timer is over and sold out, no more NFTs are ever issued. This creates a scarcity of NFTs and a huge demand for secondary sales.

    Nifty also permits collectors to purchase NFTs using Fiat (government-issued currencies). This means that buyers can purchase with credit cards, not crypto. This makes it more convenient for new buyers who may not be familiar with cryptocurrency wallets.

    8. SuperRare

    nft marketplace

    SuperRare is a marketplace for peer-to-peer selling and buying single-edition digital art. A window like an Instagram profile that showcases artwork as well as lists prices as well as sale prices, and also auctions with timed times. The website hosts an array of carefully selected brands and artists. It also has features such as an active social feed, a calendar of forthcoming exhibitions, and an editorial page that includes profiles and artist declarations. All transactions are conducted with ether, which is the primary cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network.

    Category: Digital art

    9. NBA Top shot

    nft marketplace
    NBA Top shot

    As the name suggests, NBA Top Shot offers licensed NBA NFT souvenirs. It’s built on Flow blockchain and is renowned as the only place to purchase exclusive video highlights of basketball ‘epic’ snippets. NBA Top Shot remains one of the top sports NFT marketplaces available. Its market capitalization is valued at more than one billion dollars, as per Statista.

    The collectibles are like trading cards; take baseball cards, for instance. Each sport’s highlight video has its serial number and limited editions, which help the market decide its worth and rarity. Users can also purchase sets of the collectibles on the platform or purchase through peers on the second market

    10. FTX

    nft marketplace

    FTX is an exchange that launched the NFT marketplace in the year 2019. FTX.US is praised for its low costs and cost-effective minting procedures as transactions aren’t on-chain. To mint an NFT, creators have to pay $3 for submission with 72 hours for review. If the application is approved, it is possible to sell the NFT in exchange for USD, SOL, or ETH.

    Off-chain transactions imply that FTX generally pays for gas charges. The sellers of the existing NFTs are charged 2% of their listing cost and royalties for the creator; however, this is less than other NFT marketplaces.

    There aren’t any deposit fees for blockchain transactions, except for the case of ERC-20 and OMNI. For ACH deposits, there is no fee for deposits that are your first or if the deposit exceeds $100 or the deposit is greater than $10 and made within the past week.

    What is an NFT marketplace?

    The NFT marketplace can be described as a virtual marketplace for selling and buying NFTs. These platforms let people keep, display NFTs, and offer them to other people in exchange for money or cryptocurrency. In addition, certain NFT marketplaces also permit customers to create their NFTs through the platform.

    For a cost, an NFT marketplace typically handles transfers of NFT from one company to the next.

    Every NFT marketplace has its own rules for the way it works. The kinds of NFTs offered, their costs, payment options, allowed blockchains, and more are contingent on the marketplace you choose to use.

    How do NFT marketplaces work?

    If you sign up for an account on an NFT market, you are able to look through their various choices for selling. You can also include the option of making payments that requires that you connect to a crypto wallet so that you can make payments using crypto, whereas others let you use credit cards.

    Some websites let you purchase NFTs directly at a fixed cost, while others make use of auctions.

    If you successfully complete the transaction when you have completed the transaction, you will be able to complete the transaction. NFT marketplace will register it on its blockchain, indicating the change in ownership.

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