24 Creative Instagram Post Ideas You Can Copy & Paste

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    “Instagram block” is normal, particularly if you’re trying to keep a steady flow of content and a busy calendar of content.

    What should you do that you are aware you need to write but aren’t sure what to write about?

    To spark your creativity, we will look at 24 Instagram post ideas on how to write for Instagram when you’re running out of ideas. Also, suggestions for keeping your filler content consistent with your brand.

    Instagram post ideas for business

    1. Workspace

    Instagram Post Idea
    24 Creative Instagram Post Ideas You Can Copy & Paste 8

    Your followers usually view the finished product of your efforts – projects and content. But not the actual environment you worked within. Therefore, give them a peek into your workspace! What are you required to carry around to get your work completed? What do you do with your time between delivering orders or making new episodes for your podcast? Let your followers have an insider’s view.

     2. Event

    Instagram Post Idea
    24 Creative Instagram Post Ideas You Can Copy & Paste 9

    It’s always enjoyable when connections are formed on the screen, and you can meet your social media friends in person. Are you planning an event you’d like to get attention for? Tell us the details on Instagram. After the event is over, share an overview and post some highlights.

    3. To-do list

    Instagram Post Idea
    24 Creative Instagram Post Ideas You Can Copy & Paste 10

    It’s always fascinating to see what other people are working on, particularly if you’re working with someone whose work admire. What’s on your list this week? Offer others a peek at your week’s activities by sharing a picture of your plan or a list of things to do. You can follow up with a blog on the progress you’ve made (there are two posts ideas in one! ).

     4. Challenge

    Instagram Post Idea
    24 Creative Instagram Post Ideas You Can Copy & Paste 11

    A monthly or weekly challenge is a great method to think of Instagram post ideas, particularly when you’re in a creative area. There are numerous challenges for you to participate in, or go the extra mile and begin your challenge!

     5. Tool

    Instagram Post Idea
    24 Creative Instagram Post Ideas You Can Copy & Paste 12

    What tools do you regularly utilize to do your job? People are always interested in learning more about your processes and how you develop your work. So, write about your tool and explain your experiences using it. (This is an excellent opportunity to utilize coupons for affiliates!)

    Creative Instagram post ideas

    6 Host a giveaway

    Instagram Post Idea
    24 Creative Instagram Post Ideas You Can Copy & Paste 13

    Offering a product or service by offering a prize is an excellent way to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

    If you invite people to tag their friends to share your post or follow your blog, you will make your content more popular and expand your reach for a reasonable price.

    In the realm of Instagram post ideas, this one offers the opportunity to earn a profit.

    7. Build branded content relationships

    Instagram Post Idea
    24 Creative Instagram Post Ideas You Can Copy & Paste 14

    Instagram offers a brand-named content partnership feature, which makes it simpler for creators to increase the visibility of their branded posts in their feed.

    Through building connections with creators and working for Instagram post ideas, it is possible to get more attention for your services and products.

    Be on the lookout for the new feature on Instagram, allowing brands to use information and filtering to identify the top creators for future campaigns. The feature is currently being tested with a small group of U.S. creators and brands.

    8. Contests on Instagram

    Build your following and draw the attention of your brand through contests. Marketers refer to this as a way to engage!

    A quick and easy method to manage contests is to use an application like Wishpond.

    9. Display your knowledge visually  

    Display your knowledge visually. This is a great idea for designers and photographers. Any business could be a hit with its customers with simple graphic designs.

    Design a template and blast out a few of them! You can share one each #TipTuesday.

    Test it at no cost! Free-forever version includes five downloads.

    10. Benefits and features of the product

    Make your product a part of your brand’s values, increase the exclusivity of your product, or explain how it can solve the pressing issues of your customers.

    This will create excitement among the people your product is most suitable for!

    Be sure to determine the most optimal time to publish your content on Instagram to increase your chance of success.

    11. Memes

    The benefit is increasing engagement and establishing a memorable image and brand voice.

    They are engaging and entertaining and can aid in engaging your audience effectively. You can also use them to get the public to see your brand as enjoyable and funny.

    Regularly using memes or other humorous content in your content establishes the tone and voice of your brand. Certain brands employ humor in all their content to ensure the same tone of voice and keep their brand’s image.

    12. Product launches

    Promote new launches for products as well as classics getting an upgrade. Inspire anticipation!

    13. User-generated Content

    You don’t need to handle it all on your own! Instead, use your best customer content to share with your customers (with your customers’ permission).

    73% of those surveyed have said that”user content” (or “UGC”) confirmed their decision to purchase the product. Try it!

    14. Caption This

    Benefit You will receive more comments.

    These are posts where you share some random, sometimes bizarre images and ask people to write a caption. If the photo is intriguing enough, then it is likely that they will. They can also be utilized as filler posts that you could post periodically to increase your engagement rate.

    15. Celebrity and Influencer endorsements 

    There is no need for an immense budget or company to use the impact on the influencer market. Every industry has its particular “tastemakers” whose fans hang on every word.

    16. Marketing based on the cause

    You shouldn’t focus on your business. Show the ideals and values your business represents by promoting or donating to a reputable non-profit.

    17. Events and holidays

    My absolute favorite! Alongside major holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, small companies can successfully gain engagement through many festive holidays that are pertinent to your business and the people you serve.

    18. Creative product displays

    If you’re sharing catalog photos of your items on Instagram, it’s time to change your feed immediately. Instagram can be a visually appealing platform, and there is nothing more effective than an attractive photo. Explore Bira‘s account as they post intriguing product images that tell a story and allow the user to imagine what it’s like drink an experience with Bira beer.

    To make your photos of products more engaging, include props, a human element, and make elements of the story you’d like to tell. Then, take a look at the video to learn how you can take more appealing lifestyle photos to use on Instagram. Instagram feed.

    It is also possible to create beautiful video clips of your items to increase the dynamic of your feed. Like a photo, Make sure to include elements that will enhance the look of the image and include animated text or music and effects. When you post a video, there will be more engagement because the viewers will spend more time with it. It is also possible to use footage from stock if you don’t have the funds to begin shooting immediately. Visit the video’s Instagram page to get ideas and better understand how you can integrate the elements mentioned above into your own videos for products.

    19. Pop Quizzes and Puzzles

    Benefit Increase engagement with posts.

    If you’re looking to get more comments and likes for your blog post, there’s no better way to do it than asking your readers an inquiry. They work since they engage your readers but also prompt participants to share their thoughts.

    It’s the same with puzzles since they spark an interest in people looking for and sharing the solution. The sense of competition created in the minds of people is what makes the posts so effective.

    20. Answers FAQ

    Instagram is among the most popular platforms for a company or brand to connect with its followers and resolve their issues. It is only just with features for FAQs. You can make use of feed posts to address important questions your customers have.

    Let’s see what Penguin CBD, the beauty and wellness company, does it – easy and direct.

    You can begin by posting an image and encourage your readers to leave their concerns in the comments, similar to CheekyGlo, and you could also consider posting videos to your feed, such as the Q&A video with Grace Kao.

    21. Show behind-the-scenes

    Let your viewers into your workspace and explain the process of creating your product. Behind-the-scenes-style videos are getting much attention since it’s fascinating for viewers to understand the process behind creating the products they love and appreciate.

    Watch this video made by Nike in their show Behind The Design.

    Here’s another illustration of how Netflix lets its viewers go in the background of some of their favorite series on Instagram.

    Take a look at this video template ready to use. It can be fully customized to fit the style of your brand.

    22. Introduce your team

    Place your focus on the team as you let your followers know the people who are behind the brand. It could be as easy as sharing photos of the team, like this one from Ikea, or showing your team’s favorite music in a playlist that you can share with your customers to listen to like OnePlus Nord did.

    InVideo, we put the opportunity to spin things around and let the world observe our team members as they compete against one another to make cool videos within 15 minutes or less.

    You can make an amazing video such as this in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is edit the text and images, then modify them to reflect your company’s colors and fonts, and you’ll be ready to be uploaded onto Instagram. Instagram feed.

    23. Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

    Benefit: Drive engagement.

    This kind of post is perfect for providing your customers with new and creative ways to use your products. It’s not like showing your products being used. However, it is actually thinking of creative ways to use them in new ways.

    Many Instagram accounts are focused on these DIY-based projects and have gained a lot of followers just by posting these types of content. However, this isn’t limited to DIY-only pages, and anyone is able to use this kind of post to interact with their followers. This is an excellent example.

    24. Cause-Based Marketing

    Advantage: Build a strong brand image and build a relationship with the consumer.

    They are typically an ongoing campaign that utilizes causes-based marketing. The purpose behind these ads and posts is to hit the right chord with your intended audience and to improve your brand’s image.

    Dove, for instance, is a popular brand that frequently has posts like this. Dove has been long associated with women’s empowerment and has broken the beauty standards. Their primary clients are women who are a part of the cause. Therefore this strategy is beneficial to the brand.

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