9 Best Free Paycheck Calculator Online

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    Paycheck calculator is an effective tool to determine the employee’s pay check. Because the process of calculating payroll is complicated. It is important to include all expenses which include the federal tax, taxes for state residents and any other costs that are listed in the form W-2. You should also keep track of all other pay information to ensure that it is in line with federal or state rules. So we’ve created the top list of free online calculators for paychecks.

    The best free paycheck calculator

    1. Viventium

    paycheck calculator
    calculate my paycheck 

    Viventium’s Payroll Calculators for free allow you to calculate deductions and withholdings regardless of the state. Utilize these calculators to assist you in determining the effect of changing your deductions for payroll. Utilizing Calculator for Paycheck or Hourly paycheck Calculator, also known as the the Hourly Calculator for Paycheck You can fill in your current payroll data and deductions when comparing them to the planned deductions.

    Calculate any bonus payouts With Calculate any bonus payments using the flat bonus Calculate any bonus payments using the Flat Bonus Bonus Calculator. Our user-friendly tool for finding your 401k can help you plan your future. Utilize this calculator to determine how adding more contributions to the 401(k) will influence your salary and retirement savings. The Form the W-4 Assistant Tool will guide you step-by-step through the procedure of filling in a Form W-4. The form determines the amount of your wages is retained to pay Federal as well as, in some instances, local and state taxes.

    2. TimeCamp

    For precise, detailed calculations and to anticipate future payroll expenses, and keep track of the hours that are billable, you might be interested in employing more than the free calculator for your paycheck.

    TimeCamp is a no-cost time tracker that can help enhance payroll processes. It calculates all calculations for you and stores all the details about hours worked, annual salaries as well as the amount of money used for payroll work, as well as all the projects of the business.

    3. SmartAsset Federal Paycheck Calculator

    paycheck calculator
    salary paycheck calculator 

    If the employer determines take-home salary it will deduct funds to cover state and federal tax on income and the two programs of federal government: Social Security and Medicare. The amount of tax withheld from your paychecks to pay for federal costs will be contingent upon a number of variables, including your income, the number of dependents as well as your the filing status.

    Use the SmartAsset calculator to determine your take-home pay per hour for hourly and salary work, after taking into account federal taxes, state and local taxes.

    4. Payroll Guru app

    Payroll Guru is a mobile application which helps calculate an employees’ payroll checks. It is always updated with payroll tax calculations for every year.

    Payroll Gurus designed a pay calculators that can easily calculate net pay, net pay as well as all the factors that are needed to calculate the payroll.

    The specific Payroll Guru app allows for unlimited profiles. You can also make deductions specific to employees that are taxed similarly. It’s a great alternative to a paycheck calculator application. You can save and edit all employee information such as states, pay periods allowances and deductions.

    The app can provide up to eight pre-tax and tax-free deductions. The app has all previous calculations saved , and can also show the calculated pay in a pie-shaped distribution chart.

    It’s a great hourly wage calculator along with an app to calculate salary for taking federal tax deductions.


    paycheck calculator
    hourly paycheck calculator 

    This Salary Calculator converts salary amounts into their equivalent values depending on the frequency of payment. Examples of frequency of payments include biweekly and semi-monthly as well as monthly or biweekly payments. Results include non-adjusted numbers and adjusted figures which include vacation days and holidays in the year.

    6. QuickBooks Paycheck Calculator

    QuickBooks provides a free payroll calculator which is an easy solution that is a one-page layout. It can calculate the amount of your paychecks for your salaried and hourly employees. It is divided into four parts: taxes as well as overtime and commissions: pay information, additional pay, Federal Tax Information, and State Tax Information DE 4.

    All of these inputs are calculated automatically for you, with tax deductions automatically taken. You can easily calculate the net pay and federal tax.

    There aren’t any other inputs, so this tool is ideal for use with a basic understanding.

    7. Payroll Calculator

    If you’re searching for the most simple option, this could be the ideal solution. It’s a great payroll management tool that can help you calculate exact rates and costs for US employees. It’s crucial to select the state since the tax rates for income taxes in each state differ across states.

    It will provide all the necessary details you should know in order to calculate your net salary taxes, payroll taxes, and total income. It’s simple to use, intuitive and clear solution.

    8. PaycheckCITY

    This free payroll manager lets you to estimate various expenses. PaycheckCITY is a basic pay calculator that allows you to calculate different costs using various calculators: Salary Calculator and Hourly Calculator Gross-Up Calculator, W4 Calculator Bonus Pay Percentage Bonus Pay Aggregate 401(k) Calculator Dual Scenario Salary Two Scenario Hourly.

    It’s a paid app that calculates net earnings for a particular date. It has a couple of formulas that calculate income for you completely without cost.

    9. ADP free paycheck calculator

    paycheck calculator
    paycheck tax calculator 

    ADP can be described as an online pay manager that helps calculate taxes on payroll and manage taxes for employees, and streamline the entire process of processing payroll. It provides a variety of free on-line payroll calculators. You can calculate your the personal salary, retirement savings to save cash, and invest options. You can also select between Retirement Calculators & Tools, Salary Calculators, and Paycard Savings Calculator.

    The application helps you complete your payroll tax and precisely calculate the amounts for your paychecks and payroll. ADP will help you stay in compliance with the state tax W-2 and payroll tax, as well as making sure that all payrolls are completed in a timely manner.

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