10 Best Font Changer app for your Smartphones

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    Fonts are among essential elements of documents, notes, or messages. A font that is well designed is more appealing to people. More people will be drawn to take them in if you’re using a fashionable, contemporary, and distinctive font style for documents and notes. With a well-designed font and style, the Font can alter the appearance of your document, note application, or website. If, however, you’re using a sloppy font, it’s unlikely to be attractive and readable. Keeping these things in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most popular and best font style applications. It is easy to utilize any of these apps to create font styles to create distinctive font styles on your phone.

    Best Font Changer app

    1. iFont (Experts Of Fonts)

    font changer
    advanced system font changer

    iFont is among the most well-known and widely downloaded font installer applications on the Play Store. Its goal is to enable beautiful custom fonts for your smartphone. With iPhone, you can change the fonts that are installed on our Android device is simple. 

    The application has hundreds of beautiful fonts and comes with various options. You can download and utilize most of the available fonts for no cost; however, you must pay. Samsung users will surely be pleased since iFont lets any Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and Note II users modify their default fonts without rooting. There’s also no requirement to reboot your device following. iFont gives more clarity on customization since it lets you alter the font size, and you’ll be in a position to test, backup, and install fonts on the memory card.

    2. FontFix : online font changer

    So far, FontFix offers its application the best user interface and experience. It’s simple, and anyone can modify the Font of their Android device.

    FontFix has over 4300 fonts. They update each day, allowing you to improve the look of your Android and make it and make it more appealing to users. Additionally, the app is compatible with both non-rooted and root Android devices.

    Another great feature is the ability to test the Font before installing it and not worry about restarting it each time you want to view it.


    • More than 4300 fonts are accessible.
    • Quick preview without restarting your device.
    • Automatically backup your default font just in the event something goes wrong.

    3. Stylish Fonts

    font changer
    font changer for android

    When you first launch the Stylish Fonts, It will present you with several options to choose from different font designs. For instance, you can use different font designs to write an email with a lovely background or even create a text that you later send to someone else via WhatsApp. It’s not a keyboard application like the other option on the list.

    You can select from various fonts you can share via WhatsApp, copy and paste it elsewhere, or utilize the share option within the stylish text Maker choice.

    When selecting the Stylish Font Image Maker option, first select a font type before selecting the background you want your message to use. Next, you can select from the integrated images or upload one that you already have on your device’s gallery. There’s also a customized style editor to design your styles.

    4. Romance Font for FlipFont

    Price: Free

    Another excellent font that works with FlipFont. This app can be used as a plugin to your FlipFont or make use of it in settings if you have a compatible smartphone.

    To alter the fonts of the Samsung Galaxy device, navigate to the display settings within the system settings of your device. The display options allow you to alter the font style to one of the 50 Romance fonts available for Android.

    The app is not compatible with devices developed by developers such as Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy Nexus or AOSP Galaxy S4 Google Edition since it is not compatible with an application called the FlipFont program. Check that your phone can change its Font. Find the font style option within the screen display or your phone’s settings section.


    • No root or restart is required.
    • Contains less intensive ads.
    • The Best Romance Fonts can be found in different types.

    5. Phonto – Text on Photos

    font changer
    font changer copy paste

    Phonto will be an application that will only be helpful if you just want the addition of text on images. It comes with over 200 fonts. If you’re looking for more, then you can download additional fonts. Once you’ve entered your message, you’ll be able to perform things like tilting it, altering the color, changing lines and spacing, or utilizing Blend Mode.

    The app has a variety of simple images to select from. It will also include a tab for you to view the templates you have chosen. The app is free; however, certain options will not be available because you’ll need to buy the images. For instance, certain image packs are priced at $1.99. After you’ve completed your design, click the download button, and you’ll be able to choose between downloading the image in JPG or PNG format.

    6. GO Launcher

    GO Launcher is a launcher targeted at those who prefer to modify their phone. It also allows you to change font styles. To switch styles of fonts in GO Launcher, copy the TTF or OTF Font files on your phone. Press long on the home screen and then choose GO Settings. Choose Font->Select Font . Select the Font you would like or tap Scan to include files on your device to add files stored on it. It won’t be an all-system change but will be a change to menus and icons of apps.

    7. HiFont: font changer generator

    font changer
    font changer instagram

    Price: Free

    Root required: No (Samsung only)

    HiFont is one of the most effective font changer apps for Android. It supports various devices, from smartphones to tablets running Android.

    There are a lot of awesome free fonts to be downloaded on your Android device. You can alter the Font you want to use, and also, the fonts you can download within this application are original and elegant.

    Additionally, you can design your custom fonts and apply them to your Android device without having to root the device. In contrast to certain Samsung devices, this application requires root access.


    • Create your fonts, and utilize them on your Android device.
    • Cute emojis and smileys are also included.
    • The root is required on all devices except for Samsung devices.

    8. Fontster (Root)

    Fontster  is one of the top font changers for Android. Fontster provides a solid interface that lets you easily alter the default fonts of any Android device. It is different from other font-related apps. Its unique features mean that it will allow you to change all font styles that are available on your Android handset, unlike other font installers like (Go Launcher Fonts) which just replaces some of the font styles on your phone. 

    Fontster will alter all font styles available on your phone and give uniformity to your text. In essence, Fontster will change every typed element within your device’s user interface with the Font you prefer. This includes widgets, the digital clock widget, keyboard, widget, and even websites. Fontster offers more than 150 font families in full, adding new ones regularly. It is possible to backup and restores and preview fonts before installing them, and all of this requires root access.

    9. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

    font changer
    Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

    Action Launcher: Pixel Edition Another option is to make your phone more personal. To alter your Font with Action Launcher, head to Action launcher settings-> appearance -> Font Choose and choose the Font. There are not a lot of options. However, it’s a change that affects all systems.

    10. Embiggen

    Although you can alter the size of the Font Embiggen’s biggest distinctive feature is the size of the text, regardless of the word number. If you’re looking to display an individual text from afar, Embiggen is the best choice. Because it’s completely free of ads and minimal design, it’s a simple method to get noticed.

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