10 Best & Fastest Grocery Delivery Service in 2022

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    The majority of people have heard about the process of shopping for grocery items online and contactless delivery. But there’s more than just filling up an online shopping cart and arranging the delivery time.

    Most services don’t require membership, but for a few, it could be a good idea to save cash on the costs associated with one-time delivery.

    With so many options to select from, here are the top food delivery services that are big and small — and suited to all budgets.

    The Best Grocery Delivery Service

    1. Walmart+

    grocery delivery
    online grocery delivery

    Best for Walmart shoppers

    Walmart provides a variety of items to meet all diets, and since they do not outsource their delivery services, they can charge identical to those at the store.

    If you intend to utilize Walmart and delivery at least every month, purchasing an annual account is your best cost-effective choice.

    If you encounter any problems regarding your purchase, You can contact Walmart customer service via the app, email, or directly at the location where you placed your order. If Walmart has a shortage of the product you purchased from a brand name, the courier will agree to a substitute with you.

    2. Instacart

    grocery delivery
    Best for nationwide availability

    Instacart Instacart is a service for grocery delivery that partners with supermarket chains to offer delivery from a range of stores. In this way, they provide an array of items that can meet the needs of all diets.

    Some chains of grocery stores, such as Kroger, collaborate with Instacart to offer grocery delivery services directly via their websites or apps.

    Instacart personal shoppers can contact you when picking up your order, allowing you to make substitutions when needed. In addition, you may contact Instacart support via their app or email.

    One of the potential drawbacks for Instacart is that some products could be more expensive On the Instacart platform than in retail stores, as well as shipping and service charges.

    To get the best price from Instacart when you frequently shop, sign up for Instacart Express. Instacart Express membership and make sure that all your orders are within the minimum of $35 for delivery free.

    3. Best for Prime Members: Amazon Fresh

    grocery delivery
    same day grocery delivery
    • The minimum order is $35 to receive delivery free to most locations.
    • The delivery Fee is 10 dollars for orders under $35.
    • Membership is free for Amazon Prime members.

    To avail of the benefits from Amazon Fresh, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. You’ll be able to access an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, packaged foods, and more through Amazon Fresh, which is the Amazon digital interface you’ve come to recognize and appreciate. Prime members can benefit from a cash-back of 5% at Amazon Fresh when shopping with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, which could be a huge benefit if you shop at the online grocer.

    Many customers utilize the site to shop from Whole Foods, and Amazon Fresh has a broad selection of high-quality products at affordable prices. In addition, if you visit in person at any of Amazon Fresh stores, you can reduce your time in the store and also shop without using Dash Cart or Just Walk out the technology.

    4. Dumpling

    Dumpling claims to empower consumers to become business owners. If you’re feeling even a little uneasy about how certain companies make their employees miserable If so, Dumpling is a delivery service that you can feel comfortable about.

    Each shopper has their rates and hours and stores, and Dumpling’s services will differ greatly based on the shoppers you choose. The Dumpling application is less user-friendly and easy to use than the other big brands, but the shopping experience was seamless. For example, I received two delivery from various stores from one shopper whose inventory includes Trader Joe’s (which no other service can cover). The shopper was quick and responsive by texting me with out-of-stock items and asking about alternatives. The delivery took place punctually and in line with the latest health guidelines.

    5. Best for Northeast Area: FreshDirect

    grocery delivery
    groceries delivered to your door

    The popular service provides high-quality meat and produces (plus the Test Kitchen has groceries delivered by FreshDirect every once a week!). The service is available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, with Washington D.C.

    It is typical to place your order one day in advance, and any changes must be completed before the deadline for cutting off. They also offer the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means they’ll refund you for any disappointment with your product.

    Optional DeliveryPass allows unlimited delivery for free; $79 for six months or $129 for the year.

    6. Best Plant-Based: Hungryroot

    Weekly subscriptions start at $70 for a week.

    Hungryroot is a cross between a meal delivery service and a delivery service for groceries that caters to those who are health conscious and plant-based products. It starts by taking the questionnaire about your food preferences, and the service develops a food program and recipe to complete your shopping cart. Mix and match the ingredients as they’re common (like Zoodles and grains, for instance); however, the delicious sauces and dressings let you alter the flavor.

    7. Peapod

    Peapod is among the first food delivery services, but it’s currently unavailable in all regions. The company recently retreated from the Midwest and also the Washington D.C. area. Peapod has all the typical products like fresh vegetables and meat, fruit, dairy, pantry staples, and their own line of meal kits. There’s a decent amount of savings to be found as well: they increase coupons for manufacturers by as high as $0.99. Make sure to sign-up for their newsletters and receive discounts and specials.

    If you sign up for the first time to Peapod when you sign up, you can get 20% off your first purchase and enjoy 60 days of delivery for free with the coupon code 60DAYSFREE. Then, you’ll be able to receive free delivery using PodPass; however, only when making an order over $100. In other cases, the cost for delivery is based on the total amount of your order and the date and time you choose.

    8. Imperfect Foods

    grocery delivery
    online delivery services

    Imperfect Food is a great choice that is ideal for green people who want fresh food and pantry staples without having to go to the market for their own Food.

    The delivery service is in close contact with farms and food banks across the nation and creates partnerships that will eliminate food waste out of fashion. They’re focused on responsibly sourcing your produce and vegetables wherever possible and aiding local nonprofits or food pantries. For the consumer, this may result in oblong carrots or haphazard tomatoes that fail to meet the requirements for beauty inspections at conventional grocery stores will end up in your grocery store. Imperfect, yes. Yummy.

    9. The Thrive Market

    grocery delivery
    groceries to customers

     Membership starts at $5 per month, $5.95 fee for orders below $49

    It’s a great option for those suffering from food allergies, dietary restrictions, or just want a push to eat healthier but don’t want the budget. Thrive market is an online warehouse club that focuses on organic foods. It operates on a subscription basis. However, it offers more options than other organizations about natural and allergy-friendly foods.

    The site is user-friendly and allows you to shop based on dietary requirements and according to “aisle” or by category, including household, grocery products, and baby. They also have a carbon-neutral shipping model that makes it easier to justify the cost for smaller purchases.

    10. DoorDash 

    grocery delivery
    grocery delivery near me

    Free to use, and subscriptions begin with $9.99/month

    You can get groceries and food delivery in a flash by using DoorDash.

    DoorDash operates like other food delivery services and works with local eateries to deliver your order quickly and precisely. This is the case for participating supermarkets and local bodegas as they’re close to your delivery area.

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